India’s First Sweatproof Undershirt

For our friends across the pond, NGwear has created a functional sweat and odor fighting undershirt for those living in India.

If you are looking to get rid of excessive sweat that shows on your clothing, our sweat proof undershirt offers the perfect solution.

You can now feel comfortable, look great, and regain your confidence without worrying about sweat marks or bad odor.

NGwear undershirts are made to contain perspiration and protect your outer garments.

The fabric is super-absorbent and will prevent sweat from penetrating your clothes.

NGwear Product Video

If you’re interested in reading a written transcription of the above video, please read below.

NGwear Product Information

  • Website (link)
  • Price: ₹1,749.00 (on sale, around $25.50 USD). Regular price is ₹2,499.00 (around $36 USD)
  • Colors: White
  • Styles: Deep v-neck, shallow v-neck, crew neck
  • Fabric: 95% Micro-Modal and 5% Spandex blend
  • Underarm protection layers: MicroModal (inner), Waterproof MicroModal/Silver (middle), Outer layer
  • Note: there is a bit of a discrepancy with the information shown on their website regarding the protection layer composition

NGwear Product Photos

NGwear Video Written Transcription

Do you suffer from hyperhidrosis? Excessive sweating?

Do you want to prevent sweaty armpits and odor? Do you want to protect your expensive clothes from getting sweat stains?

Do you want added confidence to stay dry and fresh at all times? If the answer to any of the questions is yes, we can help you.

Introducing, India’s first sweatproof undershirt.

NGwear sweatproof undershirts fight odor, block 100% of underarm sweating, keeping you dry and fresh, regardless of the weather.

The perfect solution for excessive sweating.

Key benefits include:

  • sweat and sweat mark prevention
  • ultra comfort
  • slim fit for all body types
  • odor blocking technology
  • perspiration absorption
  • body temperature regulation
  • refund guaranteed up to 30 days from purchase date
  • soft lightweight and different designs―crew-neck, V-neck, and deep V-neck
  • Functional and durable

Our advanced multi-layer shirts are created with 95% micro-modal fabric, which is 50% more absorbent than cotton.

The shirt’s 5% spandex add some stretch, allowing you to get just the perfect fit, providing dryness and comfort, in tandem with functionality to create a completely absorbent undershirt.

Our secret sweatproof technology involves the addition of silver that is bound to our shirts fibers, thus allowing proper body temperature regulation.

Also, NGwear undershirts’ soft, thin, breathable material is invisible under any cloth, and also prevents the skin from irritation.

Try NGwear sweatproof shirts risk-free for 30 days. Don’t wait any more.

Buy the NGwear sweatproof undershirt today, and save yourself from the uncontrollable, annoying, and embarrassing, and isolating problem.

12 thoughts on “India’s First Sweatproof Undershirt”

  1. NGwear is the best undershirt, it has changed by life. I can now be in public without worrying about the sweat rings.

    BTW: I didn’t find the so called copied images on their website

  2. Do you know if there’s a way to ship to the US? At checkout I can’t change the country from India to the US. So, I’m wondering if these are really available outside of India.

  3. Tug! Good to connect again, been a long time! Hope you’re well. I suppose flattered is a positive and polite way to put it :) Couple other “F” words come to mind to! Take care Tug!

  4. Billy, can you sue or what happens in these scenarios?

    We actually visited India last summer and back again in 4 weeks, love the place. What surprised me was the visible sweating, i thought the locals would be more used to it than they were. However the price they want to charge (about £20 sterling) is massive for India. They may sell some but its not that huge a market in reality.

    • Hi John – yep, they copied us (Thompson Tee), no license. They even use our close up pics for their product shots which is completely false advertising. If a company can’t even take photos of their product then clearly they can’t reliably offer a quality product backed by exceptional customer service. Thanks for noticing John!

    • definitely noticed that the images were a copy-cat of the images i’ve seen used on thompson tee’s website, but i didn’t realize they used the actual close up pics.

      wow, billy — you guys must be flattered that they copied you guys so blatantly (:


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