In Search of Jockey Bo’sun T-Shirts? Find Them Here

There’s no better way to start of the New Year, than by sharing a fun find.

A reader in search of a classic mock neck t-shirt from Jockey:


Do you recall the Jockey Bo’sun T-Shirts? Jockey likely quit making them, but there has to be something similar.

The Jockey Bo’sun T-Shirts were high neck (almost mock turtle) with a substantial cotton fabric. Most T-Shirts today are so flimsy.

I have tried to find even anything archived on Jockey Bo’sun T-Shirts…nothing.


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Would you have any information on this Jockey legacy product, or anything similar?

Thanks, John

Where To Buy Jockey Bo’sun T-Shirts

I’m fortunate to have some direct contacts at Jockey Corporate, and one of them happens to be Jockey’s official corporate historian.

I reached out to my pals over at Jockey, to see if they could lend a hand in locating the Jockey Bo’sun T-shirts. Here’s the reply I got:

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Hi, Tug

Along with being Jockey’s corporate historian, I happen to be a long-standing devotee of this particular shirt, so you really came to the right place.

Sold under the umbrella of “Jockey Life,” the Bo’sun shirt debuted in 1964, as a product aimed “at the young man who enjoys life.”  As it was aimed at a younger clientele presumed to be leaner than older consumers, the product was sized for a slimmer fit than other Jockey products.  It remained a strong seller through the 1980s.

The styling changed through the years, as the length of the shirt’s sleeves and tail were adjusted to be more congruent with other Jockey T-shirts.

In the early 1990s, department store buyers started to demur.  The overall Bo’sun styling seemed out of fashion, and many stores stopped carrying it.  A few (including Marshall Field’s of Chicago, Dayton’s of Minnesota and Hudson’s of Michigan) continued carrying this shirt because, they said, they knew that their loyal shoppers were still buying the product and it was still making money.  To bolster sales, Jockey began reaching out to sell direct to uniform supply stores and to fire and police departments, where the shirt was popular for its clean neck line.

By the turn of the 21st century, there wasn’t a single department store anywhere that would carry the Bo’sun shirt, and so it became an online exclusive at, where it was marketed as the “Mock Neck Tee,” which was more descriptive of the shirt’s unique design than the old Bo’sun name.

As Tim said, it can be found at or here on Amazon.

From a customer service standpoint, my only recommendation would be that shoppers buy one size up from their usual T-shirt size, bearing in mind that this shirt was sized smaller than average from day one.

Please let me know if there’s anything else you need.

Thanks, John (from Jockey)

Jockey Mock Neck T-Shirt Review

About 5 years ago, Claus from Grand Stream Dreams wrote a Jockey Mock Neck T-Shirt Review for my site.

At the time, he was very pleased with them and would recommend them.

In reviewing some of the more recent reviews, many folks give them high marks. Though as John mentioned, sizing up is a common recommendation of the reviewers.

Do You Wear Jockey Mock Neck T-Shirts?

If you were a former Jockey Bo’sun T-shirt or are a current Jockey Mock Neck T-Shirt wearer, would love to hear what you think.

Drop your feedback in the comments section below.


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15 thoughts on “In Search of Jockey Bo’sun T-Shirts? Find Them Here”

  1. Mock neck are not the same t shirt as the old bosun neck , not by a long shot ! I wore them every day for years , bought some of mock and boy was I disappointed. Sorry for my luck and , and of coarse yours.

  2. Wore them all through high school.I liked the high neck as opposed to “droopy necked T’s” I don’t need a tight fit just a neck that doesn’t sag or droop.

  3. Thanks for the information on this product. I have a 2 pack from the late 60s early 70s, never opened, that we found way back in an old dresser at my parents house.
    I was always curious about more detail.

  4. The Jockey Mock Turtle t shirts have gone to c@#$. Just bought some recently and I think the removed the spandex from the collar. The collars stretch out and sag almost instantly…used to love ’em, will never buy again !
    Any recommendations for some style…high neck mock that neck retains shape ?

    • heya peter! good to hear from you buddy.

      i’d recommend searching my site for “mock” (without the quotes) and you’ll find some articles with some alternate suggestions.

  5. Tug,

    The only thing I would add to this discussion is a caution … the neck line of these Bos’n T-Shirts is too high to wear them under a dress shirt. They will show above the tie and collar V. Not a cool look. THANKS again for locating these classy T-Shirts!

    – John

    • heya john, thanks for the info.

      do you mean the collar line on the jockey mock neck t-shirts are too high to wear with button up dress shirts?

      just wanted to clarify if you were referring to the original ones or the current ones

  6. Thanks for the heads-up on these shirts guys. Looks like just what I’ve been searching for. Ordered a set each, black & white. Will post my observations after a few uses.

  7. Hi Tug and John,

    Thanks for jogging my memory about these Jockey brand short-sleeve mock-neck T’s!

    I hadn’t realized it was back in early 2009 that I bought my sets (white & black) of them.

    I still love and wear them…the originals purchased back in 2009 and they look and fit great after all these years! Honestly, I’m wearing a white one right now under a Henley and cotton plaid long-sleeve.

    I generally pull them out and wear them through the fall/winter when I am still sporting my polo-shirts. I think they provide a sharp and crisp look.

    I’ve managed them pretty well I think. The whites probably need a good overnight soak in some Oxy Clean to remove some of the light yellowing to the collars and the blacks have faded a bit. Shrinkage is still minimal after all these years. I wash them normally (warm temp) but do air-dry them on a rack when done. The elastic has held up well and they still have a nice shape to the collars. The length has held up and they stay well-tucked in my jeans. That’s with me doing all my under desk/over ceiling crawling for IT support work.

    Mine from 2009 have lasted super-well with overprotective love and care.

    I’m not sure if the “modern” production runs Jockey uses match those I obtained back in 2009 so I can’t guarantee a purchase experience today would match the mileage I’m still getting out of mine. Maybe I got lucky.

    I will say this…Jockey seems to be one of the very few makers of this type of higher crew-neck collared undershirt there is on the market. I’ve continued to keep an eye out for them and I just can’t seem to find a style quite like them, nor at nearly the value the go for that Jockey sells them for.


    –Claus V.


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