In Search of Hanes Premium Tagless A-Shirts

Welcome! If you’re looking for the original Hanes Premium tank tops, read on to learn more.

Original Hanes Premium Tank Tops
Original Hanes Premium Tagless A-Shirt from a couple years ago

But, never fear, I’m here to help.

If you want to know when I find a suitable replacement tank top, post a comment below and keep the “subscribe” box checked and I’ll notify you when I find something.

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Another tank top question comes in from a reader.

He’s looking for the Hanes Premium Tank Tops, but it appears the ones currently on the market do not have the same design as the one he’s looking for:

This is a tank top that I have been looking for up and down with no luck…

According to this guy Jim Stoppani they are “Hanes Premium Tagless A-Shirts” but cant find them anywhere.

Since this is your expertise, can you help me out?


Finding Hanes Premium Tank Tops

After consulting with my tank top expert, “C” in Cali, I emailed him back:

Hey Tino,

Here’s what my tank top expert said:

The Hanes Premium tagless A-Shirt is readily available at Target and, most likely, other box stores.

It is usually packaged in two or three at a very reasonable price.

Over the past six months, the Hanes Premium A-Shirt has been re-designed. It is still a good, serviceable product.

In the past, each of the athletic shirt straps was sewn to form a single thick band with no fabric between the edges of the strap.

Now there is fabric between the edges of the straps.

The other re-design is in the fabric edge at the neck. In the past, this edge used more and, in my opinion, sturdier fabric.

Now the neck edge is like that of all other Hanes (non premium) and FOTL shirts.

As a matter of taste, I preferred the older style.

Your reader will only find the legacy shirts, if at all, in Target if the stock is stale.

Sorry to say, but it looks like those Hanes Premium Tanks aren’t available any more.

Have you checked closeout stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Tuesday Morning, Dollar Stores, outlet malls, etc yet?

The Dialog Continues

Tino emailed me back and asked if there were any other A-Shirts around that were similar to the original Hanes Premium Tanks.  

This is what guru “C” had to say:

I haven’t found any that are similar in construction to the Hanes Premium Tank. Too bad.

They were always a welcomed “outlier” with a different look from the typical box cut athletic shirt.

Maybe they were discontinued because the thicker material led to more “show through” behind dress shirts.

I’ll keep looking.

Photos of Hanes Premium Tank Tops

As I was writing this article, I realized that I picked up some of these tanks some time ago.

So, I went through my undershirt stash (which now takes up several large boxes), and decided to take a couple close up photos.

Hanes Premium Tank Tops

Thicker straps on the Hanes Premium A-Shirt

Rats! We couldn’t find something for Tino.

If you know of a tank that was like the original Hanes Premium Tagless A-Shirts, let us know here.

110 thoughts on “In Search of Hanes Premium Tagless A-Shirts”

    • Their actually using the picture from the emporio Armani tanks. Those are the ones I wear now. Their really great. If these are made like that I think you’ll like them.

    • honestly, to me, these don’t look anything like the hanes premium a-shirts.

      the straps are too thin, and the tank is not ribbed. between those two things, i highly doubt these would be a fair/reasonable alternative to the hanes premium ribbed tank tops discussed in this article.

      • They run really small and kinda look like blouses. Not made for bodybuilders. I bought 2 packs so ill ve wearing blouses to the gym

      • Yea, after a few more looks you’re right. I’m gonna refrain from purchasing them and wasting money.

        It’s funny how Hanes never reintroduced the original premiums, or their weren’t any valid copycats, seeing as how popular they seem to be. Weird. I guess the search continues…

    • So I order a couple. I should have known better when I saw they were Italian made. Their very nice but the problem with all the Italian made ones are that the neck is made so wide. And the arm hole is so small. Hanes made the perfect one. It’s a shame they done carry it anymore. I’ve searched for a while now and the only ones that fit right are the emporio Armani tanks. Their not ribbed but they fit right and have nice thin straps

      • hey jarett, sorry about that.

        i noticed at least one other “commenter” recommending that website, and i got a little suspicious. seems like the brand possibly encouraged some folks to post here.

        do everything i can to keep the comments here free of self-promotional spam, but sometimes it gets through.

        sorry about that.

      • Jarett,
        Do you mean you ordered the ones I posted? I got mine as well and the material doesn’t feel the same…I mean, it’s cotton for sure but it stretches out a bit more easily than Hanes even though it feels slightly heavier. Maybe several washings will fix it a bit? I’ll try that and follow up. I mean, you’re right, they are nice shirts and the straps are like the old premium ones (thin with no “band”) so I like that part of them.

        As a woman, I find the neck and arms fit similarly to the one, solo, premium Hanes tank I have left in my wardrobe. I wish they’d bring them back, too!

      • Tug,
        I don’t work for Casawear. In fact, you contacted me to have me prove that I ordered tanks from them and I did, remember?

    • I bought the shirts from here been waiting 2 weeks. I emailed them abd they said the canadian post is backed up . I will post pics and how they fit when they get in

      • They told me the same as well. It took a good 3 weeks. Hope you enjoy them. Their really nice. I just don’t like how wide the neck fit is. The straps sit almost on shoulders versus the traps like normal fits.

  1. anyone looking for these hanes premium tanks (comfort plus a-shirts) in size medium?

    my pal lew has (2) 3-packs available for sale.

    if you’re interested, post a comment in this article on my website, and i’ll get you more details.

  2. Maaaann, I use to love the original premium tanks.

    Beautiful look and feel and I looked like a God in them. Lol. Can’t find them nowhere anymore.

    But I did find some great substitutes…the Ralph Lauren Slim fit tanks.

    You’re going to pay way more for them but they have the same kind of cut and the thin straps.

    The tank is not ribbed and also longer than the Hanes (which I prefer).

    Check them out folks…you’ll love em if you loved the original Hanes premium tanks.

  3. Original Hanes Premium Tagless A-Shirt from a couple years ago i need to find these or something similar as soon as possible i no they where discontinued but it got to be some out there can you help me?

    • sorry my friend :( these hanes premium tank tops have been out of circulation for pretty long time, so you won’t likely find them anywhere.

      i still have a couple new ones, but i’m holding on to them for sure (:

      also, don’t know of anything similar, though if i come across them, i’ll post information about them here in the comments.

      you may want to check out and to see if they have any ribbed tanks that look somewhat similar.



  4. I think the Evolve brand is the most practical A shirt that’s similar to the Hanes brand tag less thin/thick strap A shirt. It looks a little like a bra though.

  5. CRAZY!!! I’ve been telling my wife about these damn tank tops forever.

    Searching forever for something similar…..thin and thick strap….us guys get it… shows the traps more.

    Email me if you find anything please!
    [email protected]

  6. Hi guys…

    I KNOW this tank top you all are talking about…I wore them, size small for me (I am a girl) and LOVED them.

    I have been searching ever since I had to ditch my last one about 2 years ago. I did find something similar…it’s not identical but the cut is nice and the banding on the arms and neck seems similar.

    Here is a link. Hope this helps a little bit.

    I have scoured Ebay, Amazon, Google etc to find the old style Hanes A-shirt…ugh sooooo frustrating!!!


    • Hey thanks. The only sizes on amazon is small-large. Will keep looking though. has some listed, need to check that out.

    • thanks elizabeth! appreciate you stopping by and letting everyone know about the papi tank.

      looks like they have small and large available, and one medium.

      it’s sold by papi themselves, so i’d be pretty surprised if they had any remaining inventory. assuming they use amazon to clear out older inventory.

      i actually still have one or two of those hanes premium tank tops in my inventory — unworn (: not letting them go for sure!

      see that the genesis tank tops still have some smalls available.

      thanks again!

      • and thank YOU! (Just ordered 3 packs of the Genesis tanks.

        I guess we will all have to make do without the awesome Hanes Premium Tank Tops we all have loved for years. :)

  7. Hey dude,

    I need some good a-shirts to wear, alot of them are nowadays arent good at all. I love hanes but Hanes seems to tear alot after washing them for the 10th time.

    Please help!

  8. HI I am looking for the same original Hanes premium tank top from a few years ago and no luck ribbed tee doesn’t have my size xl either so I’m stuck and I need your help badly?

    • heya ali — tbh, i think you’re sol (: those hanes premium tanks were discontinued a long while back and i haven’t seen anything remotely close other than the ribbed tee tanks.

      you’ll likely have to check out a site like or and see if you can find something similar looking.

      if you find something, come back here and let us know about it.

      • We should have a march or something ; )

        Like Al Bundy n his friends would on Married with Children.

        I forgot the name of his “man” club but it sure would make some noise to Hanes.

  9. I have been wearing these tanks for years and refuse to give them up!!!I have looked everywhere for them and NO luck! Me and all my friends want Hanes to bring them back!!! Those were the only ones we will wear,we all refuse to spend our money on the other ones they just cant close!

    • looks pretty unlikely jay. that article is from back in 2011, so who knows what their plans are.

      check out genesis tanks from ribbedtee. on clearance as well, but they do look similar. $14 per 2-pack on clearance ($7/tank).

      good luck buddy!

    • I agree, these ‘A’ shirts are the “bomb”! I have six left and refuse to wear the other styles. They just don’t come close to these.

  10. I’ve been a fruitless quest for these going on a year er so now. I’ve also contacted hanes with no luck. Maybe one day they’ll start making them again?

      • Welcome, I know it’s not the same but pretty close and looks like great quality, I’ve order a pack of two, ill let you guys know if they come close to the late great “A” .

      • Hi guys,

        I ordered 2-2 packs of these Genesis tank tops.

        They are awesome. Not exactly the same as the Hanes but really close. They run small…I ordered small for me (I’m a girlie) and it’s tight on me…for a men’s small to be tight on me is something to note.

        I am not a huge woman. Normally a mens small is perfect on me.:)

        The fabric is thicker than the Hanes A but it’s nice. The banded neck and arms remind me of the Hanes we love.

        Good luck and I hope you like them as well. Kinda wish I got Medium.

        They are on clearance so maybe I will order some more.

  11. Company’s make a good product and then stop manufacturing. There has got to be a petition that we can get enough signatures to make this product available again.

  12. I’ve been looking everywhere for these A shirts as well and still haven’t found any!! Called Hanes and they’re no help!! You’d think with such a demand from the public they would take notice and put them back on the shelves. If anyone finds these A shirts or knows a place supplying them, please let me know. Thanks!!

    • i have not yet come across any tank top within the same price range that is similar to the hanes premium tank. but, i will continue to keep my eye out for one and will post information about it here when/if i do.

      the genesis tank top has a similar design, but the retail price is much more than the hanes premium was.

      • I ordered some of these genesis shirts…

        the medium shirts are the length of a basketball player’s tall jersey. needless to say I’m disappointed.

        decent style on top like the tagless A shirts, but a moron sized them. overpriced also.

  13. these shirts are the best i ever had too bad they are gone i have to with holes in em and cant throw em out gonna call hanes let em know i want them back 1 800 994 4348.

  14. I thought I was the only one! i have 2 left and 1 of them are looking pretty bad. I have found nothing that even come close. I am on the look out.

  15. Oh my LORD. I’ve been looking for these A shirts for over a year. I bought a bunch of them at Target years ago, and they’re all worn out. Their fit is unmatched by any other brand or any other line by Hanes themselves. I would buy ten packs of these if Hanes would make them again. The Ribbed Tee price @ $28.00 for two is far too expensive, considering there is no guarantee they will be cut and tailored the same way.

    They discontinued their best a shirt product. What in the world is wrong with Hanes?

    • yeah, i hear ya t. that was a really nice tank and i actually still have an unworn one in my massive undershirt inventory!!

      for what it’s worth, most every undershirt company offers a pretty decent return policy. so if you buy the tanks from ribbed tee and don’t like them, just return them and get your money back.

      • Call me cheap, but twenty-eight bucks for two is too rich for my blood. Any personal testimony on the fit/feel and how they compare to the Hanes tanks in question?

        At any rate, I implore anyone and everyone reading this page to call Hanes’ customer service line posted below by JMP. 1 800 994 4348. Unfortunately, I found this article after their business hours, but believe me, I’m calling them mañana.

      • maybe i can take some pictures for you to help you decide. the ribbed tee tank uses a heavier-weight fabric than the hanes, and the trimming is slightly different, but the overall look is similar.

        as for quality, well, that i feel can be a little subjective. the hanes premium tank was/is a great product. after all, you and thousands of others have visited this article because they liked it so much. i have one, that i like a lot, but i don’t wear it because i want to preserve it!

        it’s hard to say whether or not the ribbedtee is “better”, but i think the fit feels a little closer, length might be a little longer, and the fabric feels a little thicker. it’s made in the u.s.a. if that’s of any importance to you.

        hope it helps.

  16. Hey, so I called hanes this morning and pretty much got the same info that has been posted on your site. A shirt is discontinued. However, I was hoping to motivate people to call hanes and ask them to bring this A shirt back at least for online sale. The number is 1800 994 4348. The Customer service rep let me know that our calls are passed on to the marketing and research group. I think if we really want it back hanes is going to have to hear from us

  17. also going nuts trying to find Hanes Premium Tagless A-Shirts, I still have 3 but I need more and from what I gather here they are discontinued. Can’t even find any on ebay!

    These genesis guys think 14 dollars per shirt is acceptable so I’m not even going to order just out of spite but if anyone finds a spot to order the hanes originals I will pay top dollar!


    • hey ed, as far as i’ve heard, the premium a-shirts from hanes have been discontinued.

      not sure you saw, there is a “trade in” promotion over at ribbedtee, the makers of genesis tanks. you can send in your old undershirts and get 50% off, up to a $50 order value. might be a fair trade – your old tanks for some new ones. something to consider maybe.

  18. T-
    Thanks for answering my question on the A-Frame tanks. I’ve been hoping to find my favorite undershirt before the ones I had completely wore out but feared that they would/have been discontinued. Now I know and can end my search for that brand! Thanks- Urbs

  19. I am sooooo looking for the hanes premium tank tops…UNBELIEVABLE that Target discontinued these…if any one knows where i can find them..PLEASE LET ME KNOW..thanks

  20. Thank you for this post!! I have been going nuts trying to find these for my husband. I haven’t found anything close to premium hanes in awhile. Hopefully their new design is just like the old one.

    • hi trace!

      i think i have some good news for you. take a look at this tank top photo just released by the company launching it. in comparing the photo above (in this post) to the tank top photo on the ribbed tee facebook page, the design looks similar.

      what do you think? does it look similar to the ones your husband likes so much??

  21. In Search of Hanes Premium Tagless A-Shirts

    Hey Tug!

    I’m sorry to beat a dead horse, BUT what’s the latest on the Hanes Premium Tagless A-Shirts? OR a suitable replacement (is there such a thing…?)

    Thanks! jp-

    • hey jp. thanks for stopping and checking on this topic!

      haven’t heard anything from hanes about a possible resurgence of this product. however, i am aware of a new 100% cotton tank top launching soon (mid november) that will likely be a suitable replacement.

      i haven’t gotten word on pricing, though. how about you check back in a couple weeks?

  22. Sent an e-mail to Hanes today and included your link. I use these for yoga all the time and have about 20 people who did the same.

    Fingers crossed they will bring them back, not sure why they pulled them anyway, could not have been for lack of sales.

  23. so here’s what we’re gonna do. i’ll keep my eyes peeled for something similar and if/when i find something i’ll notify everyone.

    if you’re interested in being notified when i find something, just post a comment here and keep the “subscribe” check box checked. if you’re already subscribed, you don’t need to take any action.

  24. Sooo bummed about this. I had a stockpile of 3 packages of these haynes premium A-shirts and I was good for like 2 years; I finally stained my last one. So unknowingly I purchased a new pack at Target the other day (same steel blue packaging), took them home, laundered them, put one on, then cried a little. Cheap a** garbage. The previous shirts were sturdy and “wearable” in public. The current ones are official thin, crappy underwear. Pissed.

      • i wonder if any company would be interested in reproducing them? i could donate my unworn version for sizing and design purposes.

        do you guys remember what they cost? i would guess that no other company could offer them for the same price as hanes since they deal in such volume.

      • They were roughly the same price as the Haynes Premium available today. As JP said, 3 for about $10. Also, I have a bunch of Large and Medium for reverse design purposes.

  25. I cannot believe that ribbed tank is $25!!! That’s ridiculously expensive. The only way I’d get those for my brother is as a Christmas gift! Wowza! Any coupon codes out there for these things?

  26. I have been going crazy for them too ! I used to wear them all the time and now amd down to my last one. I get tons of compliments on them… The way the straps are gives it just a little edge over the others. Haven’t see at either of the targets near me for a while now. They are better than any store name, brand name, any tank . !

    • hey jeannine! thanks for stopping by and posting your comment about the hanes premium tank. yeah, that was a great tank, not only because it was super comfy, but also because it was not too expensive.

      i took a quick look at the handful of tank tops i have in my inventory, which include the pocketed tank from key largo underwear, the wide and thin ribbed tanks from ceceba north america, the fruit of the loom ribbed tank top, the hanes comfort soft and premium tanks, the colette tank top from, and the protector tank.

      the only one that comes close from a design pov is the high-end “protector” ribbed tank top ($25 per) wowzers!

      hopefully we’ll be able to find a suitable alternative some day. what’s your price range?

  27. Hey guys, did any of y’all ever find those Hanes Premium Tagless A-Shirts? Since I’m the shopping guru in the family, it’s fallen upon me to try to track some down for my brother who apparently is wearing holes into his. I guess they must be pretty awesome tanks.

      • That’s where I checked this morning to no avail. Part of the problem is that I don’t know the Item or SKU #. I totally get it when you find an awesome item (for me it’s my jeans) and then you can’t find them anymore. I got a hot pair of HINT jeans from my brother’s ex and I have no clue where she got them or how to get another pair. Eh, such is life. Thanks for the input!

  28. The Hanes Premium tanks were the best tanks ever made bar none! I can’t find them anymore either so I bought the Armarni’s and they suck. They run way big and the straps always fall off the shoulder as a result. I wear a large and I’m going to give the Armarnis one more shot in either a med or even a small. Fell like I wasted 30 bucks on them. Hanes needs to bring the orginal design back. Guys at the gym were always asking me where I got those shirts from. Why mess up a good thing?

  29. The Emporio tanks Thomas refers to are on sale 20% off at His Room. They are on back order through 3/12 but worth the savings.


  30. Tug,

    One brand that T might want to try is Emporio Armani. Although they are pricier, the shoulder straps are very similar. It has been a few years since I wore this brand, but my recollection is that they were a looser fit and the fabric was heavier and not ribbed. Because I prefer the tight fit of the classic A-shirt, I changed brands. Anyway, if the thin shoulder straps are the very important to T, it might give these a shot. Like T and Cali, I must agree that thinner straps are a great look and it is ashame that Hanes discontinued them. I am planning to write Hanes and ask that they rethink this decision.


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