In Search of 60/40 Tank Tops

JCPenney Stafford 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester A-Shirts

It’s pretty interesting how people are getting more specific about the undershirts they are looking for – and I love it!

Here’s an email from a reader looking to track down a 60% cotton / 40% polyester tank top for her boyfriend (what a nice girlfriend):

Hi Tug;

My boyfriend asked me to find a 60% cotton/40% polyester blend sleeveless (tank?) undershirt for him to replace a discontinued brand he loved (I think it was Sears’ in-house brand). Any recommendations? I’ve poked around the internet and had a hard time finding descriptions of cotton-blend products that specified the percentage; most just said they were cotton-blend. Any ideas?

Thanks so much;



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My response:

hey ella,

good to hear from you and thanks for sending in your question!

off the top of my head, i believe the only cotton/poly tank that could be a 60/40 blend, would be this stafford tank from jcpenny:
Stafford® Essentials 4 Pack Blended A Shirt

i know they have a 60/40 blend full undershirt (because i have a pack of them), so when they say cotton/poly blend on the website, i assume they’d use the same percentage in their tanks. if i get the chance to stop by a jcp today, i’ll confirm it and get back to you. if you have the time though, drop by a local jcp and see if those tanks are really 60/40.

let me know if you wind up stopping by jcp and what you find. i’ll also email my contacts at and to see if they carry any 60/40 tanks.

hope that helps!

Updates from Ella:

#1: Hello TUG, The undershirts arrived and I am pleased to report back to you that they are indeed a 60/40 blend, just as you suggested. Thanks again for your help! I will be sure to return to you for all my undershirt-related queries in the future. Thanks again! Ella

#2: Hello TUG; Boyfriend reports that the new shirts are way closer to the Sears’ house brand than anything he’s tried before, and so far he’s quite pleased with them. He says that they run larger — the JC Penney’s “medium” is about the same size as Sears’ “large.” We’ve yet to launder any of them, so no reports on how they survive being run through the wash. Overall, he’s really pleased with them. Thanks for your help! Ella


Sweat Proof Undershirts

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