iLoveBad Hemp Boxer Brief Review

Jason, my resident Underwear aficionado, just got his hands on a pair of iLoveBad Hemp Boxer Briefs and decided to write-up this underwear product review.

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Product Information

  • Website:
  • Product: Hemp & Organic Cotton Boxer Briefs
  • Price: $27 (3-pack available for $72)
  • Colors: Natural, Black
  • Sizes: S-XL
  • Fabric Blend: 64% Organic Cotton + 28% Hemp + 8% Lycra
  • Construction: Flat-Lock Stitching
  • Made in USA
  • Other Organic Hemp Products: Women’s Hemp Underwear, Hemp Socks, Hemp Bath Sheets, Hemp Unisex T-shirt, Hemp Oil, Hemp Fleece Baby Blanket, Hemp Fleece Throw, Hemp Fleece Blankets, Hemp Pet Bed
iLoveBad hemp boxer briefs
Hemp boxer briefs packaging

About Hemp Products

Here’s some info from Daniel, one of the founders of iLoveBad, related to the comfort aspect of their hemp products:

In regards to hemp products, we too were quite unimpressed with the hemp products that we had experienced along the way.

Because we didn’t want to compromise the softness and comfort of what we had already been wearing, we did our best to create things with slightly lesser hemp to appeal to our liking as opposed to folks who are overly carried away with HEMP where they can lean toward the overly biased side.

Until we find the tech to soften up hemp, which I’m confident we may one day, it’ll just have to be used below the 50% or less fiber content range.

When you try our goods, I hope you can relate to that intention of not compromising comfort.

iLoveBad Boxer Brief Review

Hiya Tug fans! It has been a minute since we last reviewed a new brand of underwear around here, so when Daniel at iLoveBad reached out to us to see if we would be interested in testing out some of their new products, we couldn’t say no.

In today’s world, where we all try to do our part in protecting this big green & blue ball floating in space, you see some good ideas on how to do so, and in this case, it is with a renewable resource – hemp. 

I know we have tested out other hemp clothes before, with mixed results. (Daniel from ilovebad actually commented on my previous hemp review!) 

But I wanted to give these a shot and let you know my thoughts.

They sent me a pair of the black and natural Hemp & Organic Cotton Boxer Brief Underwear.

They also sent me a pair of the Hemp & Organic Cotton Socks – also in the “natural” color.

Hemp Boxer Briefs Fit

Right off the bat – let me say these hemp boxer briefs have an excellent fit.

They’re similar to another personal favorite, Ex Officio’s “Give-N-Go” boxer briefs. So if you are familiar with that brand, definitely give these a try.

Plenty of room up front, and a slim compression, while not being too tight, around the legs. I would say that they are a “mid-leg” leg length – plenty long enough to not ride up like a pair of trunks, but not so long as to feel like a pair of long compression shorts. A good happy medium between the two.

And on that note – no leg ride up!

I put these through every test I could think of – a full day at the office, then a full workout at the gym (leg day, no less!). Later in the week, I went for a trail run. And at no time while I was wearing them did I notice that they were riding up.

Solid A for effort on that front!

The Waistband

Also pertaining to fit, where many companies are trying to stiffen up their boxer brief waistbands for something resembling a “no fold over” feature, iLoveBad has ditched the elastic and just gone with a soft version (basically just extending the same material up) which works.

The only folds I got were minimal at best and did not bother me a bit.

Lack of Branding

Another one for the Pro column – minimal branding (personal preference) – as you can see from the photos, the only labels are a small logo on the leg.


No/minimal shrinkage.

I (obviously) washed these a few times over the few weeks I was testing them out, and did not notice much, if any, shrinkage after pulling them out of the dryer.

iLoveBad actually recommends hang-drying, but for the testing process, I put these in the dryer every time with no problems.

Hemp Boxer Brief Softness

The same issue with most any natural or renewable material (i.e. wool, hemp, etc.) – are they as soft and smooth as Modal or TENCEL? 

Of course not.

But after that first few minutes on the first initial test wear, I never even noticed. They are much softer than some other hemp clothes that I have tried.

It could be the 64% Organic Cotton + 28% Hemp + 8% Lycra blend that they use.

Overall Thoughts

I would definitely recommend adding a pair or three to anyone’s collection. They have quickly gone to the top tier of my go-to wear list.

Giving To Charity

Something else to note – your money also goes to a few good causes with every pair you purchase. 

iLoveBad donates their time as well as 10%+ of their profits in a variety of ways such as monthly contributions to orphanages, special needs opportunities & animals through these 3 amazing organizations:

10% of profits go to charity. Corazon de Vida, Los Angeles Habilitation House, Farm Sanctuary

What About iLoveBad Socks?

The socks were ok. They did not have as much stretch or softness as I would have preferred, but the boxer briefs more than made up for that.

Just note that they are more of a mid-weight crew work or athletic sock than a thinner weight dress sock. I would like to see a full-black option, if possible.

Nothing wrong with them at all, they just didn’t excite me as much as the boxer briefs did.

Tug’s Initial Feedback on iLoveBad Hemp Boxer Briefs

I did an initial test test of the hemp boxer briefs, and provided the following feedback to Daniel.


Overall fabric comfort is pretty decent considering the hemp content. It’s definitely more comfortable than other hemp apparel I’ve tried before.


Overall fit is pretty good, with some exceptions.


I like the waistband. Specifically, I think it’s a good idea that it uses a 1×1 rib fabric.

It’s much more forgiving on the waist than typical nylon/polyester “exposed” elastic waistbands.

Seams on Back of Boxer Briefs

I personally don’t like the seams on the butt.

I don’t see the need to have seams in that location, though I do know other boxer briefs are made the same way.

High Waist

Waist sits too high.

I think the body of the boxer brief can be shortened a whole waistband height amount. Meaning, if I fold down the waistband one complete fold, the underwear falls on my body much closer to where I want it too.

It doesn’t have to be lowered that same amount all the way around the perimeter, but for sure in the front, and probably half or 3/4 as much in the back.

Front Pouch

Pouch is too flat.

I prefer underwear & boxer briefs with pouches that provide more front room — that are more forward dimensional.

GREAT Unboxing Experience

Seriously, I don’t know how you make the economics work with all that neat stuff you include in the packaging.

iLoveBad Unboxing
iLoveBad Unboxing

It definitely leaves me with a good impression of your brand, but it seems like adding all that stuff to the packaging would increase your costs at least $1 per shipment (maybe more?).

Regardless, a nice and friendly unboxing experience. Good work.

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