The IAMMAI Cooling Shirt vs Nike: Heat Test (Video)

The IAMMAI Cooling Athletic Shirt, made from CoolCore fabric, just wrapped up their Kickstarter Campaign, raising just over 4 times their $24k goal.

IAMMAI Cooling Athletic Shirt, powered by CoolCore

Here’s a note that was forwarded to me, introducing the IAMMAI cooling shirt:

I would like to introduce you to the world’s first self cooling athletic shirt.

IAMMAI outperforms Nike, Adidas and Under Armour when tested head to head – and we have a video to prove it:

IAMMAI teamed up with Kickstarter to launch their revolutionary new performance line, and is already one of the top 10 most funded apparel campaigns.

With unparalleled performance, IAMMAI is set to take over the activewear market.


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IAMMAI is completely American made, and believes in supporting “ordinary people doing extraordinary things” as a way to inspire others.

Some include vets who have lost their legs and are now climbing the highest mountains in the world.

A woman who just ran across the country (30 miles a day for 5 months), an amazing yoga teacher who taught himself yoga in prison and many others.

IAMMAI’s original designs print inspiring messages backwards so that you can see them in the mirror when you exercise.


While I’m happy for the company and their successful KS campaign, I feel it’s a bit misleading for them to say the IAMMAI is the world’s first self-cooling athletic shirt.

Cooling shirts have been around for some time now, in fact, I first spoke about them way back in 2008.

In 2011 I came across Fros-T and FamouslyFit’s Cooling Shirt. Then in 2012 we learned about OMNI-Freeze Zero and the CoolCore fabric itself (used in IAMMAI).

IceFil from Ventex has been around for some time, and that fabric combines 3 technologies (infrared blocking, xylitol yarn, and microdenier polyester yarns) to offer cooling effects.

That technology can be found in products from Zoot Sports as well as Kerrits.

There’s also Hyper-Cool fabric from Hyperbola, which was offered in Nike gear as early as 2011.

As with all current incarnations of Cooling Shirts, they each need some catalyst to invoke any cooling characteristics.

With the phase change cooling shirts, it’s usually some form of cooling pack.

With others, like the CoolCore fabric used in IAMMAI and IceFil, it’s airflow.

That said, the CoolCore fabric definitely appears to out-cool standard wicking (synthetic) shirts.

Here’s a pretty good video from IAMMAI founder Andrew Gallery, that compares the CoolCore-powered IAMMAI shirt to that of a typical Nike athletic shirt.


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