How To Take Off A Slimming Undershirt Without Dislocating Your Shoulder

How to Put On A Slimming Tank - Courtesy of Sculptees

Here’s a funny visual – me stepping into my Ardyss Abdomen slimming tank top as I’m getting ready to go to the gym. After I get that on, I twist myself into one of my other compression undershirts or tank tops because I like how “stacking” two shirts holds my shit in when i’m running on the treadmill.

Here’s an even funnier visual – me trying to take these (now wet) compression tops off after I’ve beaten myself to a pulp at the gym. Taking them off is pretty damn tricky and it’s like trying to peel a layer of skin off my body.

Although pretty funny, and a pretty horrifying visual to boot, Mrs. Tug and I go through is ritual each time we go to the gym. She even asks me for help in taking off her sports top – which I’m pretty happy to do *wink*.

Here’s a question from a reader who was commenting how difficult it was to put on and take off his slimming undershirts:

I’ve tried the Spanx undershirt and the 2xist shapewear undershirt, and both are fine when I’m wearing them, but are really difficult for me to take off without doing a serious contortionist act. Am I doing something wrong? How are you supposed to take these shirts off without dislocating your shoulder?



Rules to wearing undershirts

Taking Off Slimming Undershirts

hey w,

good to hear from you and thanks for your comment/question.

yeah, the compression/slimming shirts can be pretty tough to take off (or put on) and it all depends on your personal physique and the design of the slimming undershirt.

if you’re referring to the spanx for men cotton compression undershirt and the similarly designed 2xist shape undershirt, those two are actually a bit easier to get on/off than others.

i’ve learned that for me, the best way to get most slimming undershirts off are to cross my arms in front of me and grab the bottom opposite side of the shirt (left hand grabs right bottom and vise versa), pull straight up the side while keeping my arms crossed, then when the shirt is close to the top, i uncross my arms to complete taking the shirt off. though, it’s a little tougher when the top is wet after working out.

for slimming tanks, if i can, i step in and out of them instead. it looks like something a chick would do, but hell, i’m married and mrs. tug has seen me do weirder things for sure.

hope that information helps out!

Manufacturer’s Instructions on How to Put On & Take Off Slimming Undershirts

Sculptees – The best way put on the Slim, Pex, and Bandit is to step into it. To take off the Slim or Pex, take your arms out of the armholes and pull it down your body . Trust our advice, you’ll thank us later. The best way put on the T-Slim is to insert your arms into the sleeves and pull the garment over your head.

RipT Fusion – How to put shirt on: Pull on all the way to your underarm, then pull over your head. How to take shirt off: Pull shirt up to your underarm, then grab one side and pull all the way over your head.



How to wear undershirts

8 thoughts on “How To Take Off A Slimming Undershirt Without Dislocating Your Shoulder”

  1. Just get something to use as a hook — like a cane — and ‘hook’ the back of the shirt and pull it up to above your shoulder blades where you can grab it and pull it over your head. Trying to remove it without some mechanical aid is madness.

  2. I purchased a Tommie Copper short sleeve compression shirt in Aug. 2013. It states that the shirt is infused with copper. It was the first compression shirt I have ever owned. I wore it mowing the lawn on a hot day and got extremely sweaty. I had a very difficult, nearly impossible time trying to get it off my sweaty body, to the point that I was thinking of cutting it off. I pulled up with all my strength and as a result have had to have a cortisone shot in my shoulder, which didn’t help and now am in need of an MRI, and the possibility of surgery What really bites is that I am left handed and it is my left shoulder. Has anyone experienced an injury from this situation or had a hard time removing. I am in my 60’s

    • heya robert,

      i definitely have had a similar experience with other slimming undershirts, but not with my tommie copper compression top or other similar compression shirts from under armour.

      my tommie copper fits tight, body conforming and offers a little flatting/compression, but it’s not hard for me to put on or take off (dry or wet).

      the times where i had problems with putting on and taking off compression/slimming undershirts was with some products from the following list, especially if i was trying on one that was a little small:

      hope everything works out for you. keep me posted.

  3. I tor my rotater cuff 2 years ago. The cross over arm is quite difficult to execute. I did however find that pulling the hem to the underarms and then working the shirt up from the back of the neck to the hem allowed me to pull it over my head. Hope this helps the guys with bad shoulders.

    • thanks for the info pat! yeah, that’s another way i take of my compression/slimming shirts too. just got in my seamless rib shapewear tops from, so it’ll be interesting to see how easy/hard they are to get on and off. will keep you posted!

  4. I concur. The arm crossover maneuver works the best. And yes its even more challenging when trying to take off a compression shirt after a workout.

    I think its harder to put on a compression shirt rather than take it off because you want the fit to be straight and not twisted around your torso or biceps.

  5. Having just tried a Spanx crew neck undershirt for the first time (first compression undershirt I’ve tried), I ended up spending 15 minutes trying to get the damn thing off trying every way imaginable.. After getting it up to about armpit level (a drama in itself), I found it easiest to put my elbow on something and use that as leverage.

    I did briefly how I was going to both get to the hospital, and explain my predicament since I was very close to stuck – wearing what looked like an super tight boob-tube.. Luckily it didn’t come to that (but, puffing and panting after I did get it off, I did need to spend the next half an hour laying on the couch with a cold pack on my shoulder).

    I’m hoping it gets easier with practice..

    • thank kai. i will tell you that it does get easier with practice. surprisingly, the spanx for men cotton compression is one of the easier slimming undershirts to get on and off. the most difficult is when your slimming/compression undershirt is wet (like when you get back from the gym), but i wouldn’t wear the spanx cotton compression to the gym since it’s made up mostly from cotton.

      do you have the cotton compression or zone performance from spanx for men?


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