How To Stay Cool In Summer or Warm In Winter With Wristify

I once heard that if you are warm and want to cool down quickly, one way to do that is to put ice cubes on the underside of your wrists where your veins are.

Forgetting the exact reason why this works, it has something to do with sending cooling signals to your brain, by way of the sensors in either your veins or blood stream.

I’ve attempted to try this a couple times, but honestly don’t have the patience to hold ice cubes on my wrists.

Using this same concept, the bright folks at Embr Labs have come up with the Wristify bracelet that both helps you feel cool or warm, whichever your preference is.

wristify-cooling-and-heating-braceletWhat does it do?

It sends soothing waves of heating or cooling to the inside of your wrist.

How does it work?

Wristify uses all-natural waves of coolness or heat (via peltier technology) to activate the thermoreceptors on the surface of your skin, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.


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Patent-pending technology.

How does Wristify work if it only acts on my wrist?

Studies show that local warmth or cold leads gives you a body-wide sensation of thermal comfort.

This is exactly what happens when you dip your toes in the cold water on a hot sunny day at the beach, or when you place a warm washcloth on your forehead on a cold evening.

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Wristify News Coming This Summer

While the device is not available for purchase, the team has let me know that they will have some exciting updates later this summer.

They also indicated I may be able to demo one at that time too.

I for one am excited about this product and can’t wait to try it out.

So, stay tuned here for more information.


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