How To Eradicate Poop Odors (Better Than Poo-Pourri)

Writing about this subject really stinks — if you get my drift.

Let’s be real.  Poop smells — and sometimes pretty awfully.

Unless you live alone, or even if you do, you probably would prefer not to stink up parts of your home after your morning bowel movement.

For those of us living in smaller quarters, it’s even more challenging to keep bathroom (poop) odors from permeating everywhere.

Oh, and what about when mother nature calls while you’re out at a friend’s house, or at a dinner party —  UGH — how embarrassing that can be.

While air fresheners work reasonably well, and lighting a match (if you have one) can kill No. 2 odors pretty well, they still leave a residual smell.

There are even specialized liquid poop-smell blockers, like Poo-Pourri (Trap A Crap), ViPoo, Just A Drop, and others. (Amazon)

But, in my experience:

  1. They still leave a residual smell
  2. They aren’t as portable as I’d like (after all, I don’t personally carry a purse) 

In my Utopian world, I’d have a pocket-friendly, sound & smell blocking solution, that would leave me embarrassment free, no matter where I was.

Short of that, I’d settle for a more portable and effective poop odor blocker.

Eradicate Poop Odors With Toilies

The Pitch

Whether it’s at the office, at the gym or on that first date with your perfect Tinder match, it’s understandable that some men shudder at the idea of creating a semi-public stink.

Now there’s a solution that not only takes care of any odors, but is portable and pocket-sized.

An inexpensive, one-time use answer for those embarrassing little moments that we all have…but hate to admit!

TOILIES are a new personal air freshener product for effectively blocking odors.

Unlike sprays, Toilies are sold in a single-use package that is virtually weightless and paper-thin.

They are portable and discreet so that men can carry them in their wallet or pocket and no one ever needs to know!

Affordably priced, Toilies retail at $6.50 for a pack of 10.

I had a few fun email exchanges with the Toilies rep, and they agreed to send me some samples.

Toilies Product Info

  • Website (link)
  • Price: $6.50 (10-pack), normally $8 
  • Per Use Cost: $0.65 – $0.80
  • Design: Paper-thin doilies, infused with a proprietary blend of natural essential oils
  • Other: Portability, non-toxic, chemical-free and septic safe

Toilies Photos

How To Use

  1. Open packet and drop onto/into the water
  2. “Go” (poop) with confidence – doily creates an odor-blocking film on the water’s surface
  3.  No one will know – clean & fresh after every use

How’d It Go?

In a nutshell, surprisingly well.

These little guys pack a big punch.

Here is some of the feedback I shared with the folks over at Toilies.

why, son-of-a-gun….that little guy does it’s job well (:

i’ve planted them in our bathroom, because i want to see if my wife tries them.

she’s a great tester, because she’s the average consumer.

if she’s impressed, then that is something worth noting. stay tuned.

…wife tested them and…

wife liked them as well, for all the right reasons:
1. portable
2. easy to use
3. smells better than drops (not perfumey, a little more sterile-type smell)
4. more effective than drops

i did wind up telling her what it was beforehand, just so that she was aware to use it.

but, i did not tell her whether or not i used it, or whether or not i liked it.

she’s got a very sensitive nose, so her saying that she liked it (and wanted us to get more) is a big win in my household.

Final Thoughts

Although Toilies are a bit expensive on a per use basis, they are incredibly effective.

We’ll be stocking up, and keeping them with us for just such an emergency.

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