How To Dress For A Sweaty Job

If you work outdoors, or have a sweaty job, these are the types of clothes you should be wearing.

Hey Tug,

how-to-dress-for-a-sweaty-jobThis is my problem, I work a hard physical job, I sweat a lot, it’s uncomfortable, I don’t care if I sweat through my outer shirt.

I am looking for something that will allow me to be a bit more comfortable.

I’m tired of sweat dripping down my face, my arms, my back, my chest, my legs.

Every part of me is wet, it soaks through my shirts, my jeans, my leather belt is soaked with sweat, I have to change hats twice a day or sweat is dripping down my forehead and face and my hat is soaked.

Every single piece of clothing I wear is soaked.

Oh, by the way, when I’m not exerting a lot of physical energy I am totally dry.

Any recommendations on what I can do to be a little dryer when I work.

Thanks for your help.


Sweaty Job: Best Clothes To Wear

hey james,

good to hear from you buddy and thanks for your question!

i don’t make this recommendation very often, but under the circumstances, and because you don’t care if you sweat through your outer clothes, this is what I would recommend.

switch to moisture wicking 4-way stretch clothing, including underwear & undershirts.

tip: read my moisture wicking article if you’d like to learn more about the topic.

the main reason for this recommendation is that moisture wicking clothing will not absorb sweat like traditional clothing will, and they will dry a lot faster.

plus the 4-way stretch clothing will be a whole lot more comfortable than traditional non-stretch shirts and jeans.

in fact, i switched to pants/jeans with spandex/lycra in them several years ago, and i’ll never buy another pair without stretch again. they are sooooo much more comfortable than those without.

there are a couple of brands of moisture-wicking outer clothing that come to mind, like mizzen+main and ministry (formerly ministry of supply), but i’m sure there are more. these two brand’s products are not cheap, so if you’re on a budget, a little research may be in order.

maybe you can find something less expensive at duluth trading company or amazon.

i’d also recommend switching to wicking underwear/undershirts for the same reason, so you may want to look at under armour in this case, since they are probably the most popular brand with lots of wicking base layer offerings.

you can also find hundreds of moisture wicking underwear products on amazon.

note: if you’re looking to prevent sweat-through, i don’t recommend moisture wicking undershirts & underwear. if you’d like to learn more, do a search for “moisture wicking” on my site, and you’ll see lots of articles where i talk about why.

lastly, i would also recommend doing some research on waterproof belts, or possibly using some waterproofing solutions, like neverwet (link) or ultra everdry (link) to waterproof your leather belt so it doesn’t soak up the sweat.

hoping the above information helps you some (:

i’m pretty sure if you give the above a go, you’ll be a lot more comfortable at work!

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    • hey chris! good stuff buddy.

      i don’t yet have an affinity to an athletic gear company.

      under armour does have a great selection of wicking products, but i don’t specifically look at them when i need to get more gear.


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