How To Chromecast Amazon Prime Videos To Your TV

My wife just subscribed to Amazon Prime so she could purchase and watch all the past seasons of a particular show via their Amazon Prime Instant Video service. What she quickly realized was that it wasn’t going to be easy to find, play, or even Chromecast Amazon Prime videos to our TV from her Android phone.

I won’t bore you with the hour+ conversation she had with Amazon Prime Technical Support just to figure out how to find and install Amazon Prime Instant Video, but I will tell you for a non-techie, she was pretty damn frustrated.

TBH, I was nearby and could’ve easily helped her early on, but I was curious how hard it would be for a technical novice to figure it for herself, with technical support assistance.

Unfortunately she never figured it out, and I wound up helping her.

Her struggle didn’t end there though.

How was she going to cast her new favorite show to our TV when Amazon Instant Prime doesn’t support Chromecast yet?

Here’s how. The simplified version.

First: Install Amazon Prime Instant Video on Your Android

Important: Before starting the steps below, on your Android phone, be sure to visit Settings > More > Security and ensure that “Unknown sources” is checked (enabled).

Step 1 – Download Correct Amazon Shopping Application

From your Android Phone, open a browser and visit:

Use the big yellow button to download the Amazon App.

Note: For whatever reason the Amazon Shopping app that is available in the Google Play Store does not currently support the purchasing of games or apps, so you have to download the correct version directly from Amazon using the link above

If you want to chromecast Amazon Prime videos, you should first visit the amazon app download page.

Step 2 – Begin Install of Amazon Shopping Application

Once the file download is complete, click the downloaded app to install it.

You may be prompted with a message stating “This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep TAP_TO_INSTALL_AmazonApp_US.apk anyway?“.

Click the OK button

Step 2: Install Amazon App on your Android device

Step 3 – Complete Install of Amazon Shopping Application

On the next screen, you’ll be prompted with a “Do you want to install this application?” message.

Just click the ‘Next’ button until you see the Install button. Now click Install

Step 4 – Sign-in to Amazon

Once installed, click the Open button at the bottom right.

You’ll see a “Sign in to your account” screen

Step 4: Login or Create an Amazon Account

If you have an account on, use the first option to sign in. Otherwise, use the “Create an account button

Step 5 – Find Prime Instant Video

Once you’re signed in, use the Search bar at the top of the Amazon Shopping app, and search for “Prime Instant Video

Step 5: Search for Prime Video in Amazon App

Find the listing that has the GREEN button with the play (arrow) button on it. Click on/open it

Step 6 – Download Prime Instant Video

You’ll be directed to the Prime Instant Video purchase page, where you’ll see a yellow “FREE” button on the upper right.

Click on it and it will turn to a green “Get App” button.

Click on it to download the Prime Instant Video app.

Step 6: Click FREE button to continue

Step 7 – Install Prime Instant Video

Once the file download is complete, click the downloaded app to install it.

You’ll now see a black “Instant Video” screen, with another “Do you want to install this application?” message.

Just click Install in the lower right

Step 7: Install Amazon Prime Video App

Step 8 – Open Prime Instant Video

Once the install is complete, you’ll see an “App installed” message.

Finally, click the Open button in the lower right.


Now you’ve just successfully installed the Prime Instant Video Android app!

In the future, you’ll just have to locate the Amazon “Instant Video” icon in your list of applications and open it directly from there.

Find Amazon Prime Video in your Android Application list

How To Chromecast Amazon Prime Instant Videos To Your TV

Now that you’ve got Amazon Prime Instant Video on your Android, here’s how you can Chromecast to your TV without any additional applications.

Step 1  – Get Latest Chromecast App

First of all, make sure you have the latest Chromecast Android App.

If you don’t just visit the Google Play Store and update it.

Step 2 – Open Prime Instant Video

Open Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Find whatever movie or show you want to play.

Step 3 – Open Chromecast App

Go back to your home screen, locate your Chromecast app, and open it.

Step 4 – Cast Screen

Click on the menu bar in the upper left, then click on the Cast screen option.

Open chromecast and use cast screen option

Step 5 – Connect to Chromecast Device

When prompted, connect to your desired Chromecast device.

Once you do this, you should see the Chromecast Cast Screen page on your TV.


Once connected, switch back over to Amazon Prime Instant Video and start playing your show or movie!

That’s exactly what we did a couple hours ago and my wife has been happily watching her Prime Instant Video show on our TV since.

She said the viewing was a tad choppy at times, but wasn’t too bad.

Considering she’s on her second episode right now, it can’t be that bad.

Another Way To Chromecast Amazon Prime To Your TV

While this article is about how to Chromecast Amazon Prime Video to your TV from your Android device, there is another solution you can consider.

If you have a desktop or notebook computer (PC or MAC) that is (or can be) near the TV you want to Chromecast Prime Instant Video to, and have the Chrome browser installed that computer, you may want to try this alternative option.

1. Make sure the PC/MAC/Notebook is on the same wired or wireless network as your TV that has the Chromecast device attached, or your Chromecast TV.

2. Open the Chrome browser and login to your Amazon Prime account, and visit Prime Instant Video.

3. Find the video you would like to watch, and start playing it (click the WATCH NOW button).

4. Look in the upper right corner of your browser window, and look for this Cast button.

5. Once you click the Cast button, you’ll see a “Cast to” pop-up.

6. Find your Chromecast device in the list, and begin casting.

In my experience, when casting from a Chrome browser tab like this, the casting experience can be a bit choppy.

When using this method, my recommendation is to close all applications on the PC/MAC/Notebook, and only open one (1) Chrome tab. That will give you the best chance of having a smooth Prime Video watching experience.

If you need further help, or have questions about this particular method of Chromecasting Prime Video to your TV, feel free to post a comment below.

Have Questions About Chromecasting To Your TV?

If so, post them in the comments section below and I’ll be happy to help out.

31 thoughts on “How To Chromecast Amazon Prime Videos To Your TV”

  1. we have an android and have downloaded the amazon shopping app and are unable to find the amazon prime instant video app there

    • hey kevin, good to hear from you buddy.

      i’m not affiliated with amazon or google (chrome, chromecast, etc) and don’t provide support for their products.

      that said, if you have a question, feel free to either post it here or email me via my contact page, and i’ll be happy to help you if i can (:

      if you need technical support for either of those products, please be sure to contact either google or amazon, depending on what product you need help with.

    • hey dg,

      right now the only way to show amazon prime instant video on your tv through chromecast is to use the cast screen option inside of the chromecast app.

      1. open chromecast app on android, select cast screen option
      2. go back to your list of app, find amazon video icon, open it
      3. find the movie/show you want to watch, and start playing it

      whatever is on your android phone screen should get casted and show up on your tv that has the chromecast dongle on it.

      good luck!

  2. It’s amazing to me how people will accept anything as acceptable on the internet today.

    Casting Amazon Instant Video is a poor solution to the problem, but there’s actually a great one that’s been around forever.

    In fact, you don’t even need Chromecast to use it.

    • It’s amazing how many people just want to run their mouths yet provide absolutely nothing to the conversation.

      Next you will be telling us how cool you are and how you have so many friends but will leave out the part about how they’re all people you don’t know and have never even met but they play RPG games too so they must be cool!

  3. I shared your article on Facebook.

    Now I’m trying to figure out how to time out the screen on my phone while playing stuff from Amazon Prime on my tv with Chromecast.

    Any ideas? It’s a Samsung 5.

    • thanks!

      no, you can’t turn off your screen while using screen casting. that shuts off the casting on the tv too.

      the closest you can do is use the brightness function to turn down the brightness using the native “display” function. surprisingly, if you dim the screen using the brightness functionality, it won’t dim what’s being casted by chromecast cast screen.

      there are also a good number of “screen dimmer” apps that allow you to dim the screen past what the built-in display settings allow you to do. that said, i tried one called “screen dimmer”, but unfortunately when the app dims the screen on the phone, it also dims what’s being casted.

      i only tried one, so it’s possible that another app would dim the screen without dimming what is being screen casted on the tv.

      if you find an app that does that, let me know and i’ll post it in my article.

  4. Followed your directions and installed the apps on my Samsung 5.

    Works perfectly. I haven’t experienced any issues with the broadcast being choppy or delayed.

    I do use my Chromecast with my iPad all the time without a problem, but couldn’t get Prime to run through it.

    Thanks for your help

    • heya barb! glad it worked for you (: would love it if you’d shared this article with your friends too!

      i’m keeping an eye out for any other solutions for chromecasting amazon prime instant video to your tv, so if i come up with anything new, i’ll post an update here in the comments.

      thanks again for stopping by!

  5. I’ve done this, and I’m able to cast, sort of. It’s really choppy, and it makes the show unwatchable. Any ideas?

    I can usually cast videos from my phone with no problem through YouTube or Google play movies.


    • heya jim! this comment just came in from mel:

      Screw Chromecast, I got a fire stick

      there’s still no way to natively cast amazon prime instant video to chromecast, outside of screen casting.

      but if you’re willing, you could buy an amazon fire stick for $39. just what amazon wants you to do.

      i don’t like it, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

    • heya josh — yeah, that would make sense. screen casting is different from regular casting.

      when you’re regular casting, the chromecast device is streaming the media from the actual source (netflix, youtube, play store, etc.). screen casting is like screen mirroring. if you lock your screen, there’s nothing to cast.

      hope that makes sense.

    • heya mel. are you doing this from your android phone? and are you sure your mobile is connected to the same wifi network your chromecast device is on?

      • I just found out the hard way that any dongle, chromecast, fire stick, etc. must be on the same wifi as your phone. I’m in Puerto Vallarta using a VPN on my android phone watching Amazon Prime but it won’t cast and now I see why. Thanks for saving me time and money trying out all the available dongles. Back to connecting my laptop via HDMI.

      • yeah, your phone & dongle definitely need to be on the same wifi network, otherwise, you won’t be able to connect to it.

        there may be a way for two wifi networks in the same location to talk to each other, but i’ve not ever had the need to do that.

        may i ask why your android phone is on vpn? couldn’t you just turn off the vpn and connect to the same wifi network?

        or, do you need the vpn to use amazon prime from puerto vallarta (mexico)??

    • just keeping the comments here on the site updated:

      from mel:
      thanx for responding so quickly. I am using a droid. I am able to stream via Utube. Could it be that its the free trial period of Prime or silver light?

      my response to mel:

      heya mel, good to hear back from you buddy!

      well, screen casting inside of the chromecast app has nothing to do with prime or silverlight. basically, if you have the current version of the chromecast app installed (i have version 1.11.11 i believe), you should see the “cast screen” option in the menu.

      that allows you to cast any screen you are viewing on you android, not just prime instant video.

      hope that makes sense.

    • hey delfina, can you explain what you mean?

      are you streaming from android or iphone?

      and are you using the instant play app i mentioned in the article or have you found a way to stream it from a web browser?

      thanks (:

  6. Dear Tug,

    I was looking for solutions to Chromecast Amazon Instant Video from my iPad and came across your article. I did try the Video and TV cast browser for Chromecast you have suggested, but everytime I try to play the movie at Amazon site by using the cast browser, a message will urge me to use the Amazon Instant Video App for iPad instead and as a result, I cannot really play the movie from the cast browser. Do you have any solution to this? Any suggestion to Chromecast Amazon Instant Video from iPad is much appreciated!!



    • hey shinyi,

      right now, the only other possible solutions i’ve found for chromecasting amazon prime instant videos to your tv are:

      1. playon – (i read they support amazon prime and chromecast, but have not tried the solution yet). though you are required to install it on a windows computer, but you can control it from your ipad. price is either $19.99/year or $39.99/lifetime.

      2. google cast for chrome browser – again, you have to use a computer that has the chrome browser installed + the google cast extension

      haven’t come across any other options yet, but i’m keeping my eyes out for a solution for chromecast.

      i might just try playon because it could be a possible alternative to getting a roku.

    • Wish I had read to the end. I installed the iOS app, and it will not work for reasons you mention. Even if you switch to desktop mode it requires Silverlight or Flash which just aren’t on the iPad. I did support those nice guys. To the original poster – it would be very nice for us Apple Fanboys and girls if you would edit the text to mention that the App you helpfully mention won’t work for us.


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