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    Dear ‘tug’,

    The guy in the picture does indeed look a bit ridiculous with the inner sleeves and the bottom of his undershirt peeking out and exposed to view. Essentially, he is wearing a T-shirt over another T-shirt. I presume that this is precisely what ‘J’ had in mind when he indicated that a sleeved undershirt causes difficulties with the inner sleeves if worn under a T-shirt. I think that wearing a sleeveless tank-style rib undershirt under one’s T-shirt is definitely a better alternative. It fits better and is certainly less conspicuous, even if the tank outline may be slightly visible under the T-shirt.

    You had indicated that you’ve been seeing the “look” of a tank undershirt under a T-shirt a lot lately out in your area. At least in regions with a cooler climate, such as mine, one possible reason for a trend of this kind may be the increasing cost of energy. Perhaps some people cannot afford to heat their homes as much (or as wastefully!) as they did before and have set the thermostat lower by one or two degrees. Some may be compensating by dressing more warmly indoors, too. A tank or athletic-style rib undershirt under one’s T-shirt might possibly offer precisely the amount of extra warmth which they want or need, as it does for me.

    Best regards, ken

    • or, they are wearing it because it’s actually keeping them cooler. a tank under a t-shirt is normally cooler to wear than a full crew/v-neck undershirt with sleeves under a t-shirt. there are some exceptions, but not too many.


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