How Long Is Your Undershirt? Funny Discussion on

TigerDropping forum member complaining about his short undershirts results in a 7-page long discussion.

Some of the comments are pretty hilarious, and others are actually helpful:

Starting comment: Mine are never seem long enough to tuck into my damn pants. It ends up all bunched up right above my belt and is annoying the shite out of me right now.

I swear it’s like you’re in my mind right now. My Hanes do this and I feel like people are looking at me when I sit down.

MThawg: Cheap under shirts (Hanes and whatnot) always shrink in the most wrong ways

Displaced: only fat people afraid of their moobs poking out wear undershirts.

Chalice_N_Gunderland: Stop wearing one, they look terrible

Bill Parker?: All of my undershirts have dip-spit stains on the chest, yella underarms and are about 6 inches too short.

TheWiz: Quit wearing undershirts after high school.

JermStone: i wear under shirts with my dress shirts. that’s the only time though

LCA131: if you wear a white ‘clima-cool’ type golf shirt and have hair like a man should, and sweat like a man should then a T-shirt is preferred.  But then my constant beer consumption makes me sweat a lot.

TexasTiger1185: I’m not about to wear just my dress shirt and walk blocks around downtown in 90 degree heat. I’m going to sweat regardless, so I prefer to have a shirt to protect my dress shirt.

Tigersnipen: Undershirts in the south are almost a must if you are spending any time outside in the summer. Indoors for work and such I agree not necessary.

Bmath: I wear an undershirt to keep my chest hair from spilling over my collar like a guido.  They also are functional and help keep you cooler. I even used to wear them with Tshirts.

MartyMcFrat: Undershirts look awful.

Thrillhog: who wears dress shirts without a undershirt? doing it wrong.

Salmon: have you people never heard of V-neck undershirts?

TigerHam85: who the frick wears under shirts these days?

Boats n Hoes: Bros don’t let other bros wear v necks

Salmon: undershirts extend the life of your clothes. you kids will learn this eventually

Boats n Hoes: They’re uncomfortable and make me sweat.

Bmath: A proper undershirt should act as a wicking layer that will actually help keep you cooler.

Boats n Hoes: I don’t sweat much. No need to look like a dweeb with an undershirt.

PoppaD: I wear a dress shirt and tie to work everyday and I’m in and out of the car all day and I sweat a lot. In this kinda summertime heat I have to wear an undershirt because the worst look for me would be walking around in a pitted dress shirt with a tie. On casual weekends I will wear a polo type shirt with no undershirt because I don’t sweat thru those, but in my field I can’t wear a polo to work.

Salmon: you would never know I am wearing an undershirt . seriously, have you people never seen v-neck undershirts?

Bmath: I’d rather look like a dweeb than a douche with my hairy chest exposed.


TexasTiger1185: God damn I’m amazed at how many people are self conscious about wearing/not wearing an undershirt.  I’m just looking to find one that goes below my belt line

Boat n Hoes: If Cloontang [George Clooney] doesn’t wear undershirts, I don’t wear undershirts

alajones: 50% of the reason I wear t-shirts is to preserve the pits on my nice shirts.

TexasTiger1185: Well if I am somewhere that I can unbutton the top 3 buttons on my shirt I sure as hell am not wearing them either. But at work, I can’t do that; I’d have 90 year old biddies jumping my bones all day.

Neauxla: I want a tighter fitting undershirt so I stick w/ large and found a brand that has a longer cut.

s14suspens:  I just get all of the ones that say extra long or whatever so I can tuck them in.

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