How Do YOU Dispose Of Your Underwear?

Question from a reader about what to do with unused or lightly used underwear:

Hey Tug, love your website. New reader here.

I seem to have collected (not my goal) a LOT of boxer briefs and trunks over the years that just don’t cut it.

Not really sure what to do about them except throw them out but the money I’ve spent makes me keep them.

What do you do with the ones you’ve tried and passed on?

How To Dispose of Underwear

Heya Jonathan,

Good to hear from you buddy and thanks for your question!

First, as far as getting rid of lightly/rarely used underwear, I don’t know of any easy, eco-friendly method off the top of my head.

Personally, while I’d love to say I found a great way to recycle my unused or lightly used underwear, right now I generally just throw mine away — primarily because it’s the easiest thing for me to do.

I do have some articles about recycling on my site, so you may get some ideas from them (:

Hope the above info helps!


5 Ways To Recycle Underwear

textile recycling

As I mentioned above, one potential way to dispose of old underwear is to recycle them.

I found an article on (link) that provided 5 ways to recycle underwear.

  1. Compost them – seems as though 100% cotton underwear can be composted, with the proper preparation. See the above article for details
  2. Textile Recycling – If you can find a textile recycling center in your area, your old underwear may just find new life as insulation or in furniture
  3. Rag-ify them – Yup, turn them into rags if you can
  4. Makem’ into Pet Toys – For those that like to sew, the fabric in underwear can make for a great pet toy
  5. Donate them – For unused, or lightly used (worn once, washed), you may be able to donate them to a local charity or homeless shelter

For those interested in textile recycling, you can find a list of textile recycling services here.

How Do YOU Dispose Of Your Underwear?

While I don’t personally have the ideal underwear disposal solution, maybe you do.

So, how do you get rid of your gently or never used underwear?

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