Highstance Zinc Oxide Infused Socks Review

The folks over at Highstance are about 9 days away from wrapping up their Kickstarter campaign, which has raised just under $9500 (over 4x their initial goal).

They were kind enough to send over a sample of their zinc oxide-infused socks for me to try out, and figured I’d share the feedback I provided to them as a product review here.

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Highstance Zinc Oxide Socks

  • Website: neverquitsocks.com
  • Kickstarter (link)
  • Types: No Show Sock ($17), Crew Sock ($19)
  • Hexagon shaped shock absorption foot pad
  • Soft, moisture wicking + highly absorbent fibers
  • Zinc oxide particles permanently infused in the yarn — prevents odors
  • More environmentally friendly than silver-infused yarns
  • L-Shaped design
  • Other: Arch Support, Y-stitched heel, anti-blister tab

Highstance Socks Photo

Anti-Blister Tab

Highstance Zinc Oxide Socks Review

Here’s some feedback I provided the founder about my multiple day wear test on their zinc-infused socks.

I did a wear test on the socks over a couple of days, and kept some mental notes.

1.) I like the bottom design of the socks, and the slightly added cushion it provides.

2.) The socks fit pretty well, with the heel of the socks fitting pretty squarely on my heels. this is important because many one-size-fits-all socks do not fit my heel properly.

I like the fact that you guys offer different sizes

3.) Overall comfort level was pretty good. Nothing stood out to me as particularly good or bad though.

4.) I vaguely remember my feet felt a little cold the days I was wearing the socks, but I suspect that was because it was cold in our office, and not specifically because the socks made my feet cold.

5.) I have the socks in the hamper at the moment, so I can wash/dry them, and see how they feel/look after the initial washing. More to come on this.

6.) I never really have had any issue with foot odor. Plus, I can’t see wearing socks more than one day at a time, unless there was some circumstance that forced me to do that.

So, I’m not sure that particular feature would sell me on the socks, but I can see the value from a marketing standpoint for sure.

7.) The price point seems reasonable, for the type of sock that it is, and the attention to detail that you guys have designed into it.

8.) I generally wear over the calf length socks, so it would be hard for me to want to wear these on a regular basis.

I would likely reach for other socks first, and work my way through my sock drawer and eventually get to these.

9). While this is just my personal preference, I tend to like over-the-calf length socks, that have some compression and slight padding on heal and bottom of the foot.

I think if there were a version of Highstance socks more like that, I would probably reach for them more quickly.

10.) I like the choice of zinc over silver — I think that’s a smart choice as I have not seen very many apparel products made from yarns that had zinc in them.

I also asked them the following questions, and have not yet heard back from them:

  1. Where are the socks made?
  2. What is the yarn composition (blend)?

As soon as I hear back from them, I’ll update the information here in the article.


I got a response from Highstance with answers to the above questions:

The yarn is manufactured in Germany because of their medical grade zinc oxide and patented technology, then we have a contracted factory in Taiwan that produces the socks using the special yarn.

The socks are made with Combed Cotton 60%, Lyocell 15%, Nylon 17%, and Lycra Spandex 8% for long lasting use.

Zinc Oxide is infused in the cotton and lyocell.


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2 thoughts on “Highstance Zinc Oxide Infused Socks Review”

  1. I have a family member with feet that smell so bad he can clear a room. We have tried several different socks, remedies, and have even thrown every thing out and started out with new socks socks and shoes with no luck. How likely are these socks to help?

    • hey ccs — thanks for stopping by and for asking your question about highstance neverquit socks!

      hard to know how well these anti-odor socks would work on your family member’s feet, but for $20 or less, it’s surely worth a try. right?

      keeping in mind you’ve already tried new socks and shoes, spending $20 on a pair of socks seems like a worthwhile experiment.

      i updated the article with the new website link. if you do decide to purchase them, please be sure to come back here and let us know how they worked.

      outside of trying these socks, have you tried a salt-based anti-odor foot spray like thai deodorant stone fresh foot crystal (amazon)?


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