Is High Price Underwear Worth Buying?

Nearly every product and service category I know of has value-priced offerings, as well as those that are premium-priced. The question is whether or not it’s worth purchasing the high price underwear items over those lower-priced ones.

A reader recently wrote in asking about whether or not it made sense to purchase more expensive boxer briefs.

Tug –

I have been reading a lot lately about the high price underwear and shirts (even found some shirts based on your recommendations, so thanks for that).

However, do you have a list of your favorite brands of underwear?

You have the link to Tug’s Favorite Undershirts.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

Since they’re so related, do you have a list of “Tug’s Favorite Underwear”?

I’m basically trying to see the justification in paying $30-40 for a pair of Mack Weldon underwear when I usually stick with the Hanes ComfortSoft boxer briefs for daily wear.

Consequently, is this piece of high price underwear worth the 1000% increase in price?

Thanks in advance, and keep up the good reviews.


Is High Price Underwear Worth The Investment?

Heya Jason,

Good to hear from you and thanks for your question!

I think it’s a good idea for me to put together a favorite underwear list on my site, so I’m definitely gonna do that.

Your question about whether or not it’s justifiable to pay more for certain brands of underwear is a great question.

The honest answer is that it depends on whether or not you find that the product fits you the way you want it to.

Also, whether or not you connect with the brand in a way for you to feel the price is worth the value.

That may sound a little vague, but I think the two combined make up a large part of how we as guys make purchases.

High Price Boxer Brief Underwear I’ve Tried

I’ve tried a lot of different brands of high price underwear, and currently my faves are:

G3 Boxer Briefs

G3 Boxer Briefs. Underwear Made in USA Men's underwear Made in America. G3 CoolNylon Boxer Briefs

Price Range: $28-$30

Where to buy:

Ceceba Divine

No longer available


High price underwear: Saxx boxer briefs. Black with black waistband

Price Range: $15-$37

Where to buy: Amazon


MyPackage Boxer Briefs

Price Range: $25-30

Where to buy: Amazon


No longer available

It’s About Personal Preference

Keep in mind, though, that what I like in boxer briefs may not be what other guys like.

I’m an average built guy, with slight love handles, and larger thighs.

Therefore, I prefer underwear that fits close, but not tight, especially around the waist and legs.

The high price underwear brands I listed above all have a boxer brief that fit me the way I like them to.

Plus, they all are reasonably priced (under $35).

But, if you’re a skinnier guy, you may care about something entirely different, so my favorites listed above may not be to your liking.

Personally, I’ve never come across a value-brand boxer brief that I really like.

However, I do wear some old stretched out Hanes boxer briefs to bed every night because I find the loose fit great for sleeping in.

I’m a big supporter of Mack Weldon, and do think their gear is pretty good.

That said, so far I prefer the other boxer briefs I mentioned more. But, I do keep a couple of pairs of MW in my drawer. Note, I haven’t tried their Silver Boxer Briefs yet.

I hope the above helps you make a buying decision.

Please keep me posted on your search and what you think of the high price underwear brands you try.

I’ll also plan to share this with my readers in an article, plus I’ll be creating a faves underwear page too very soon (:

Thanks for the inspiration!

More Underwear Brands To Try Out

Although I’ve tried many brands of underwear boxer briefs over the years, I do plan to spend some time evaluating many other brands and writing about them here.

Some high price underwear brands I have my eye on include:

  • Comfortable Boxers Co.
  • 2UNDR
  • UFM
  • UnderArmour
  • G-Star
  • ExOfficio Give-n-go
  • MeUndies
  • Naked Silver Boxer Brief
  • Slix (update: tried)
  • Mack Weldon Silver (update: tried)

Finally, do you have a favorite brand of high price underwear?

If so tell me about it in the comments section below.


How to wear undershirts

69 thoughts on “Is High Price Underwear Worth Buying?”

  1. I’m a bit of an underwear snob. I can no longer wear loose boxer shorts and instead go for fitted boxer briefs. I’ve tried many different styles and price ranges over the years and for me there are two brands that stand out. Saxx is great but my overall favourite is Stance. I’ve a few styles now and they are all so soft and comfortable.

    • Stance definitely has a great product. Their Butter Blend fabric must be made of magic.
      If you like their material, you might also like the Naked brand Modal (just to change things up)

    • heya karl, happy to have you participate here, but please don’t use seo key phrases as your name, especially brand related, and then link to a site that sells that product.

      that’s considered comment spam, and will get you banned on nearly every site you do that on.

      as a courtesy, i’m keeping your comments, but removing the link and changing the display of your name.

  2. I forgot a few other pairs from my last quick review, so here are a few more options and what I thought of them:

    Icebreaker Everyday Boxer –


    Note that I normally love Icebreaker’s stuff, and have several of their shirts & socks, so I’m not opposed to wool.

    The legs are much shorter than they appear in the photo on their site, and the cut causes them to constantly ride up your legs and rear end.

    The only upside is the fabric, which Icebreaker does well. I should have read more of the reviews.

    Looks like I’m not the only one who had issues with these.

    Mr. Davis Boxer Brief-

    I liked these. You have the option of choosing your fabric (bamboo viscose or poly sport fabric), leg length, and color.

    They also have a venting panel right underneath the legs for maximum air flow, which is a nice touch I haven’t seen from anyone else.

    If I had to complain about anything, I guess it would be the waistband – it is pretty tall. But that is nitpicking at this point.

    For what they are, they’re actually cheaper than most “luxury” pairs you see these days too, coming in at $17 (vs other brands going over $35 for a single pair!)

    Naked Underwear Luxury Micromodal Boxer Brief –

    This is what MeUndies wishes it could be, in a pair of boxer briefs. They’re just a better pair overall.

    Better fabric, better fit, and a better waistband. Super soft micromodal, and the minimal, fabric covered waistband.

    *Side note – I also tried their regular modal boxer brief and couldn’t tell a difference, so save yourself a couple dollars and get the 2 for $24 set.

    Under Armour Boxerjock –

    For anyone who wants a wicking pair of boxer briefs to work out or play sports in, these are your go-to classics. Great amount of stretch, without too much compression. Great wicking and support.

  3. Hey Tug – surprised to see that this thread is still going strong. (I’m the guy who asked the original question), and since then, I figured I’d go on a bit of a test spree with some of the brands and pass along my results.

    A bonus with most of these brands is the “try it out” guarantee. (I’m not sure if Mack Weldon started the idea and everyone else caught on, but it’s definitely a bonus for people who wouldn’t necessarily want to drop $30+ on a pair of underwear that they don’t end up liking.)

    Just for reference, I’m 5’8″ and weightlift. Weigh about 175 lbs. Probably 15-18ish% bodyfat?

    Mack Weldon – Jersey
    Wasn’t overly impressed. They seem to run a bit small, especially in the waistband. Recommend a size up in these. Soft material though

    Mack Weldon – Silver
    I did like these a bit more than the jersey. A slightly different fit, with enough room in the middle for everything without feeling compressed. Legs ride up a bit

    runs extremely small. Didn’t really care for the waistband either. You almost need to size up twice in these.

    “No question asked” refund policy though. So if you don’t like it, you don’t pay.

    Saxx Platinum
    my first try with the “pouch” brands. Good fit, and the Platinum series material is super soft.

    I do have to admit – after trying them out, I do like the lack of sticking to the leg.

    *added note – after trying Tommy John, I might have to try Saxx’s long leg Kinetic.

    Tommy John – Second Skin
    longer leg than the average boxer brief. Didn’t think I’d like the Second Skin until I tried them. Pretty expensive.

    A little on the “synthetic” feel side, because of the spandex. *Separate note – their undershirt felt like I was wearing Spanx though.

    MyPakage Weekend boxer brief
    I liked the fit of these. Wasn’t as much of a fan of the waist band, but since it seemed to ride a bit lower than some, I got used to it.

    Keyhole pouch is probably tied with Saxx for best fit

    Sheath – 3.21
    the modal blend they use was probably the softest out of the collection, and I liked that the waistband was the modal material too, but I didn’t care for their pouch design.

    It pulled up on the ol’ package (not in a good way) and the second front pouch (keeps the “frank away from the beans”, per the description on their website) just reminded me of poking out the front of a pair of boxers

    Ex-Officio – Give and Go boxer briefs
    Extremely comfortable, especially in hot summer months. A personal favorite.

    Stance – Butter Blend Wholester
    super soft fabric, and decent-ish pouch, but really expensive, and no “try it out” warranty like the other brands

    I’ve seen a few other brands pop up that I haven’t tried yet (Wood, 2Undr, etc.) but I’m already getting questioning looks from the wife about why all these new pairs of underwear keep showing up in my drawer!

    • heya jason!!!

      great to hear from you buddy, and thanks so much for checking back in.

      yeah, the discussion here on premium underwear (mostly boxer briefs) has been going super strong, and it’s been great to be chatting with everyone about this topic (:

      you, my friend, have certainly been very busy trying underwear — which is so awesome!

      really appreciate that you came back and provided such a great update, and offered up your review/thoughts on each one of the underwear brands you’ve tried.

      based on what you’ve tried so far, your top 3 favorite boxer brief underwear seem to be:
      – ex-officio, give and go boxer briefs
      – mypackage weekend boxer brief
      – saxx platinum

      i haven’t tried ex-officio give and go boxer briefs yet, but i certainly will put it toward the top of my list to try out.

      ok, so let’s keep this going.

      if you try out any new men’s underwear brands / styles — be sure to keep me posted on your findings & opinions.

      thanks again!!

    • I’m surprised you were disappointed with the Mack Weldon.

      I have tried all of them and the MWs are the best. I actually prefer the jersey over the silvers.

      Saxx would be my 2nd pick and meundies 3rd because of the subscription service.

      I’m 6’3 190lbs. Not sure how I ended up responding to posts about underwear but you wear them everyday so I guess it’s important.

      • heya gregg, thanks for sharing your feedback!

        with your physique, it sounds like you’re a bit more lean than jason and i.

        i have an average build (5’9″ 190 lbs), generally tone/muscular, fairly flat/tone stomach, slight love handles, and larger thighs.

        jason has a muscular build as well, and if i recall correctly has thighs on the larger side as well.

        since you’re lean, it doesn’t surprise me that mack weldon underwear fit you well.

        while i haven’t yet tried meundies, i suspect that i may have the same opinion as jason, who said the meundies ran extremely small.

        my physique needs underwear that is more forgiving, otherwise the boxer briefs will fit too tight in the waist and the legs, and leave me feeling more uncomfortable.

        this is why i either find myself:
        (a) choosing underwear with narrower hidden waistbands (since they are more forgiving)
        (b) size up one size– that sometimes make the underwear fit too loose in places
        (c) allow the waist on exposed waistbands to stretch out over time – some of my older mypackage underwear fit really well now that the waistbands have stretched out some

        even when i was lighter (175-180), i still have always had larger thighs, and a slightly wider waistline with moderate love handles.

        because of that, it’s always been tough for me to find underwear that fit me really well.

        in general my feeling is that the mass market apparel industry makes clothes that more often fit leaner people better.

        so for my physique, it’s a little tougher for me to find underwear or boxer briefs that really leave me forgetting that i am wearing them — which is the ultimate test imo.

        thanks again for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

      • I am 60 and rather portly (5’7″ 185) MW’s are the best fit for me too. I wear the trunks in xxl, though I could wear the xl. I went larger and have both room and support.

      • heya gar, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts about mw underwear.

        i will concede that, for those of us that are not built slim, sizing up in mw underwear can definitely help them fit more comfortably (:

    • Hello Guys,

      This is a great thread and I have been reading on it quite a bit and want to get some opinions on the little bit larger guy for premium underwear.

      I have been scratching my head all week just totally lost.

      Like most I been wearing Haynes comfort band for most of my life because the band didn’t dig into my waist.

      I am 5’10 280lbs. I wear a 38 jeans but of course with my stomach I don’t pull my jeans over my stomach. So most my boxers are XL.

      Anyway it’s hard to search for boxers for bigger guys without it assuming your 500 lbs.

      With all these factors do you have any suggestions for me?

      I don’t really want to just buy 1 pair from 10 different places and just return most of them that just seems unfair to some companies.

      • Would like to mention comfort and not riding down are my biggest goals. I have to tighten my belt to the max and still my pants try to fall down my boxers going with it. I’d love to not worry about showing people my rear when I am working in the yard etc.

      • heya william, thanks for stopping by and jumping into this spectacular men’s underwear conversation!

        i’ve heard from several folks that they like the ex-officio give-and-go men’s boxer briefs, and jason quite liked them too, so i’d definitely recommend giving that underwear a try.

        i’m wearing the g2 boxer briefs more often than any other underwear, and they have a lower rise, so that underwear may work for you as well.

        since you’re a bigger guy, i’d say it would likely be best to steer clear of meundies and mack weldon – at least for now.

        i’m also pretty happy with mypackage underwear and saxx, so those could be something you’d want to take a look at too.

        maybe start with the first one or two, then if you don’t like those, try the other 2-3.

        how’s that sound?

      • Hey William –

        I’m just wrapping up my review on the new G2 boxer briefs that Tug mentioned.

        I think they might work, since they basically ride a bit lower on the hips than most.

        They do have shorter legs though, so based on your personal preference, my other recommendation (same as Tug) would be the MyPakage. They [MyPackage] ride lower too, but still have longer leg length.

        Can’t go wrong with the Ex-Officio too, if you want something that isn’t as fitted, but still not a traditional boxer.

        Hope that helps!

    • Hey Jason,

      I know the 18 Hour Jersey and the Silver didn’t quite work out for you, but we do have one more boxer brief style that might be more up your alley. They’re called the Airknitx. They’re kind of in between the Silver and the 18 Hour Jersey and they’re super breathable. Feel free to email me any time and I’ll get a pair shipped out to you.

      – Matt
      [email protected]

      • heya matt, that’s very cool of you guys.

        hopefully jason will take you up on your offer to try out your airknitx men’s underwear, and then can report back here (:

        jason, what say you ??

      • Hey Matt! I just saw those on the MW website, and was thinking about trying them out. I’d be happy to give them a shot. I just shot you an email with my info. And thanks!

  4. I’m just wondering if fit is the only reason you’re willing to spend ridiculous amounts of money on underwear or if there’s more.

    I’m wanting to buy some nice daily work underwear for my fiance and I just can’t justify $34 for a single pair.

    I wouldn’t even spend that much for sex undies for me and that is where we invest when it comes to cloth that separates our private parts from our pants.

    Any other reasons or am I headed to Hanes?

    • heya morgan — great to hear from you and thanks for your question!

      actually, your question is a great one, so let me see if i can shed some light on this particular man-topic.

      in short, it’s just not about underwear fit for us guys.

      it’s about a combination of fit, feel, function, freedom, & lack of friction (i wanted to sneak in a 5th “f”, but couldn’t think of anything more clever).

      i’m not sure if this will make sense, but someone gave me this analogy and i thought it was fairly accurate.

      good underwear is as important to men as good bras are important to women.

      in other words, you wonderful ladies can generally find underwear that you’re happy with because there is not the same “equipment” going on down south as there is for us guys.

      but, at least from my experience, women have a much tougher time finding a bra that is really over-the-top comfortable for them, and many are willing to spend good money for a great bra.

      there are so many things that can be wrong with the overall underwear wearing experience for guys, that it takes a well designed product to address some of the biggest issues.

      i’m not suggesting that hanes is bad, but they don’t really focus on fixing/addressing wearability issues.

      they focus on making a reasonably good generic product for value-conscious people.

      but some of these newer higher-priced men’s underwear brands are doing great things with the design of their products, such as:

      1. softer fabrics
      2. lighter weight fabrics
      3. fabrics that hold their form better, over longer periods of time
      4. optimized pouch designs that provide support, but also room
      5. fabrics that keep us feeling drier in all the important places
      6. waistbands that are more friendly to our “love handles” and don’t bind as much
      7. flat seams to avoid any unnecessary friction/scratching

      et cetera, et cetera, et cetera

      anyway, that’s about it in a “nut”shell (pardon the pun).

      if you get your man some amazing boxer briefs, i’m sure he’ll show his appreciation in all the right ways (:

    • One of the things that some brands have, that some don’t, is a method to prevent BSTL (see urban dictionary).

      Saxx, mypackage, and 2undr, that I know of.

      Honestly though, TUG’s analogy is probably best.

      The thing is, we grew up so long with Hanes, the t even we don’t think about it.

      I got a pair of high end boxer briefs, and was just blown away by the comfort.

      I will spend good money on two pieces of… Apparel’s not the right word…

      Anyway, that’s good underwear, and good insoles (superfeet for me).

      I’ll always have on undies, and always be on my feet.

      • hey arthur!

        i’ll have to admit, i didn’t know what bstl was, so thanks for sharing that acronym (:

        what’s your favorite boxer brief atm?

  5. Just found this.

    Being almost two years old, have you made forays into some of the other brands you mentioned?

    My current drawer is about 80% 2Undr (swing shift) and the rest is saxx.

    Of all things, I’m not sure they marketed so heavily towards golf… But I do love them.

    • heya arthur, good to hear from you buddy!

      yeah, i’ve tried a few others like mack weldon (silver), slix underwear, exofficio, and an early release of the new g2 coolnylon boxer briefs from ribbedtee.

      my favorite of those listed above are the g2 boxer briefs.

      you can find more info, and sign-up for the waiting list here:

      i’m still planning to try out 2undr, meundies, frigo (tencel & coolmax), sheath, and possibly the comfortable boxers brand items.

      what i’m finding as i go along, is that for my daily-wear underwear, i’m preferring underwear with hidden waistbands that are narrower.

      for me, they [hidden waistbands] are by far more comfortable around the waistline, than boxer briefs with wider exposed brushed nylon/polyester waistbands. plus, they have a lower profile, so they are generally less bulky.

      that said, there are some boxer briefs with exposed waistbands that still fit me nicely, like my saxx & mypackage boxer briefs.

      the second part of the fit equation for me is how the pouch is designed. the more contoured, the better — to keep the smooshing to a minimum.

      next is body/crotch/leg fit. i want a close fit, without it being too tight in any of those areas.

      fabric smoothness & breathability is always important too, but most of the boutique brands listed in this article and comments are all using really nice fabrics.

      if i were to currently prioritize the underwear i reach for, in order that i reach for them, it would be:
      1. g2 coolnylon boxer briefs
      2. ceceba divine (no longer available, but i still have several pair)
      3. mypackage
      4. saxx boxer briefs
      5. tommy john air (which i wear a lot when i workout or go hiking)

      let me know if you have any questions about the above info (:

  6. What are the best silver Boxer Briefs???

    So far, Mack Weldon & Naked seem to be the 2 brands to choose from.

    What do you guys suggest???

    PS: Am i right to think that Silver is the highest end underwear you can get?

    • heya justin, good to hear from you buddy!

      from the mack weldon products, the silver line is their higher-end offering, due to the special fabric blend they use which contains…well…silver yarn.

      depending on your build, you may either love the mack weldon boxer briefs, or find them at par to other boxer briefs in the same price range.

      naked is another option, but there are some other popular boxer briefs including:
      – saxx
      – mypackage
      – 2undr

      also, let us not forget the new tommy john air line-up of boxer briefs (and undershirts)

      personally, i tend to gravitate to wearing my saxx, mypackage, and ceceba divine (no longer made) before i reach for anything else.

    • Good question. Ultimately the fit is subjective, so try a pair of Mack Weldons and we’ll give you a refund or send a different size/style if you’re not satisfied.

      Personally I prefer our Airknit style/fabric, because I’m not active enough to really need Silver. However for a long flight or road trip, Silver is fantastic because it simply feels fresher longer.

  7. starting a new comment thread for some quick mack weldon silver observations:

    compared to my original size large cotton/modal/spandex blend mack weldons, i’ve noticed the following about the size large mack weldon silver boxer briefs:

    1. waistband is narrower. silver is about 1″ wide, original mack weldon boxer briefs waistband is 1.5″

    2. body profile is wider. in laying my original mack weldon boxer briefs on top of the silver boxer briefs, the silver are 0.75″ – 1″ wider.

    3. leg opening is wider too. along with the body being wider, the leg opening is larger, by about 0.75″.

    mind you this is comparing a worn and likely somewhat stretched out pair of cotton/modal mack weldons to an unworn pair of silver mack weldon boxer briefs.

    what i mean by that is that naturally i expect some stretching out of the silvers, but they likely fit better because of the larger sizing.

    @mackweldon — have you guys modified the sizing of your boxer brief profile in the last few years? or are the silver b-briefs purposely bigger than the cotton modal boxer briefs?

    • Good question and thanks for the specifics.

      As you point out Silver does have slightly different measurements than our 18 Hour Jersey line.
      From our head designer:

      “Since it’s a different style in different fabric it measures differently. For example, one style may “grow” on the body more than another due to fabric difference and we cut it shorter. So when you look at 2 garments side by side one could be longer off body, but when you wear it, the fit is more similar than the off-model measurements may indicate.”

      Hope that’s helpful – looking forward to your feedback from the wear test!

  8. quick update:


    wearing my uniqlo airism mesh long boxer briefs today. not bad, but i’m not sure i’d list them in my top 5. wearability is good, lightweight, breathable too.

    i sized up to an xl for a looser waist fit which turned out to be a good idea, but crotch-to-waist height is a bit too long for my preference. so i folded the waistband down one turn.

    also i like the side-wall protection you get from saxx or mypackage moreso than not as i’m noticing my thighs coming into contact with my outer berries.

    overall, not too shabby — but i dunno if i’d buy a drawer-full of these. that said, i think they’ll happily fit into my workout underwear rotation — hitting the gym with them sometime later today.

    mack weldon silver:

    just got them and gonna take them for a test drive tomorrow. dunno how they’ll fit, but i do like their dark/sleek zip-lock packaging.

  9. Hi, Tug.

    My favorite undies are the Calvin Klein BODY MODAL BOXER BRIEF.

    I’ve worn them for almost a decade (not the same pair mind you).

    I’d recommend them to anybody looking for a super soft and stretchy pair of underwear that will last wash after wash after wash, year in/year out.

    Plus they stay put on the thigh and won’t ride up…at least mine don’t.

    • heya aaron, good to hear from you buddy!

      thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about the ck body modal boxer brief.

      i could swear that i’ve tried those, but for the life of me, i can’t find them in my underwear inventory. i’ll have to do a little more digging to see if i still have those.

      if not, maybe i’ll pass by macy’s and pick up a pair to try them out.

      thanks again!

  10. Tug –

    Thanks for replying to my email (and even making it a post!) I went ahead and tried both MeUndies and Mack Weldon boxer briefs, and honestly I’m just not sold on them.

    I did enjoy how soft the material was, but they both are just too snug on my legs. The waist is fine, so it’s not a matter of going up in size. (I tried that with a pair of Under Armour Boxer Jocks, and it was way too loose around the midsection.) I guess too many years of heavy weightlifting gave me tree trunk legs. lol

    Eventually, I might have to make my way through the rest of your recommended brands. But until then, I guess it’s back to the ol’ standard Hanes ComfortSoft until something else pops up on the radar.

    Thanks again!

    • heya jason, thanks for stopping back by and sharing your feedback about mack weldon as well as meundies.

      i’m like you with larger thighs, and also found the mack weldon boxer briefs tight on my thighs.

      but, i am expecting a pair of the mack weldon silver boxer briefs very shortly, so we’ll see how they fit compared to the cotton/modal/spandex blend.

      i will keep you posted (:

    • Hi Jason,

      thank you for trying Mack Weldon out and giving a fair and honest chance. Sorry they weren’t life changing for you, hopefully our other products are though.

      Since you’re a first time buyer with us, please take advantage of our Try On Guarantee.

      Since you bought the underwear and didn’t love it, let us refund you your order. Just email us at [email protected] and we will take care of that for you.

    • Hi Jason –

      I would like to offer you an opportunity to try our brand, Slix. I understand the issue you mention above.

      We hear from consumers quite regularly – who are amateur athletes, weightlifters and exercise enthusiasts – that they enjoy our Closer boxer brief not just because of the fit but also for the comfort of the fabric and its penchant to stay in place during activity.

      If you will email me privately at [email protected], I will provide you a code to try a pair of Slix Closers at no charge.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Kevin Williams

      • A follow-up post. (I actually wrote a long, detailed post last week, but my computer crashed and I lost it. So now you get the Reader’s Digest condensed version)
        I received the sample pair from Slix. They fit me very well, did not ride up my legs, and kept me cool all day long, from the office to the gym.
        I’d say that the best comparison is a nicer version of my Under Armour BoxerJock.
        Thanks again to Kevin and Slix for letting me try them out!

  11. Mac Weldon trunk is by far the best investment I’ve made in my own comfort. They seriously never ride up like most trunks or boxer briefs tend to, they provide the support for my family jewels that boxer shorts lack (can’t compare them to briefs, as I haven’t worn briefs since 9th grade)

      • Looking at the other comments here, I do have to fess up that I’m not exactly the thickest legged guy on the planet (when I wear short pants outside, I have to watch out for Col. Sanders), so that might be why the Mack Weldon shorts work on me and not on some of the other guys.

  12. Hey Tug, You know I have been trying out the uniqlo micro tencel boxer briefs and I seem to be reaching for them now more than the other ones.

    I do like them for the value you are getting and am very happy with them so far. They are working very good in this bad heat we are having.

    Although, I can not rate them in relevance to the ones you guys mention here as these may not compare. For the money, they work very well for me.

    • good stuff chris. yeah, maybe i’ll try these too.

      just might have to drop by a uniqlo store and see if they are carrying any of these micro tencel boxer briefs.

      • I’ve been very happy with their airism boxer brief line. I can’t figure out which ones on their website I have since I picked them up while traveling in Asia. Added benefit for traveling is how light they are so they take up very little space in my luggage and if I have to wash them during a long trip they dry fast.

        C9 has a tech fabric line I think work well too.

      • heya chris, thanks for stopping by and posting your thoughts about airism & c9!

        i actually just took delivery of an airism mesh undershirt as well as the airism mesh boxer briefs. gonna give them a test drive tomorrow and see what i think.

        honestly, the airism undershirts and underwear are such a good overall value, even if they don’t become my favorite, it’ll be hard not to give them high marks just because of the price-to-wearability factor.

  13. Great question from Jason and thanks to both of you for the Mack Weldon shout out.

    Generally, you get what you pay for, but comfort is subjective and you never know until you try it on.

    So we created the Try On Guarantee: if you don’t like it, let us know and we’ll send a different size, style or issue a refund for your first pair without the hassle of a return. (just email [email protected]).

    Buying great underwear should be easy, so we made it.

    • good stuff mack weldon. thanks for sharing information about your “try on guarantee”. that’s a nice option.

      hopefully people don’t abuse the guarantee program by saying they don’t like a pair of underwear, when they actually do, just so they can get a refund or a free pair of underwear.

    • That’s outstanding that the manufacturer pays attention to their customers reviews and requests!

      I really wanted to like your boxer briefs, but as mentioned they just didn’t work out for my legs. Thanks again for the great try-on and/or return policy.

      Returned the unworn pairs and was refunded for the pair I did try out.

      Do the Silver series ones fit any differently?

      • Hi Jason, Good question.

        The Silver boxer briefs and trunks are more cotton (84% vs 47%) so they have a more relaxed/looser feel.

        We have guys in the office that swear by them, personally I like the fit of the 18 hour jersey, but it’s all subjective.

        If you’re looking for a more relaxed fit, I recommend trying them. Otherwise the waistband, legs and fit are the same as what you tried. (thanks for giving them a shot!)

      • Thanks. I just received an email from one of the people in your Customer Service, where I had been discussing my issue with the standard. It sound like I might have to check out the Silver. (as well as look forward to Tug’s review)

  14. That’ll be an interesting list. I’ve been wearing Saxx for a couple years now but recently found MyPackage and love them. They’ve replaced Saxx as my daily underwear, but I still use Saxx Kinetic for working out. I’ll be looking forward to your reviews on the other brands.

    • heya clint, thanks for sharing your thoughts about mypackage boxer briefs.

      for me, it’s a close toss-up between mypackage boxer briefs and saxx boxer briefs.

      i decided to try size extra-large in saxx underwear just so they fit more relaxed. while they fit a hair on the loose side, i’d prefer that over underwear that fits too tight. because of that, the saxx boxer briefs are the ones i normally reach for first.

      that said, the mypackage boxer briefs i have are size large, and now that i’ve owned them at least 2-3 years, the fit in the waist and body has relaxed out some, and they are really comfortable as well – practically undetectable.

      i do look forward to checking out the underwear brands i’ve listed in the article above. i’ll also be checking out mack weldon silver boxer briefs, as well as the slix boxer briefs.

      oh, i also have the uniqlo airism boxer briefs in size xl, and they fit pretty good too — but honestly, i still prefer saxx and mypackage over the uniqlo airism boxer briefs.

      • Funny you mentioned sizing. I recently went from XL to L in the Saxx Kinetic and they fit great, so I ordered a couple pair of mypackage in L as well.

        I just went to wear them today and they’re way too small. The kinetic it’s way more stretchy. Guess I’ll give them to my slightly more svelte brother.

        Between the Saxx and mypackage, I prefer the mypackage “pouch” to the Saxx “side walls.” I like the addition it adds to the undercarriage separation as well as the effect of seemingly lifting “my package.” Kind of a push up effect for men ;)

        Also, what Saxx models do you prefer? I had to give up on the Vibe because of the waistbandv rollover from my slight belly. Drove me nuts.

        Do you know if any of the other brands employ the same ideas of Saxx or mypackage? I’d be interested in checking them out.

      • heya clint! yeah, the combination of fabric blend, weight, waistband elasticity, and sizing all play an important role in how a boxer brief will fit.

        the other brands that i know off off the top of my head that have similar concepts in front pouch designs to saxx & mypackage are:
        1. 2undr
        2. ufm

        i dunno which saxx boxer briefs i have off hand. i’ll have to check the fabric blend and get back to you about that.

        if you wind up trying ufm boxer or 2undr boxer briefs, let me know what you think of them.

      • heya clint — i just confirmed the saxx boxer briefs i have are the vibe boxer modern fit ones. 95/5 viscose / spandex.

        i don’t have much of a belly, but do have small/moderate love handles. i haven’t had any issue with roll over with these yet.

        that said, i am starting to find myself having a preference toward covered waistbands that are a bit narrower (<1" tall) since they have less of a tendency to roll over and don't fit as tight as some of the 1.25" - 1.5" wider/taller nylon and polyester waistbands.

    • heya kevin, oh man — totally slipped my mind about the slix underwear! i just added you to my list in the above article.

      have i received recent samples of your underwear?

      sorry if i over looked them, but i get a bunch of stuff all the time and it’s hard to keep up with what i have and have not tried.


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