HIDREX DVP1000 Iontophoresis System For Sale

SOLD: This near-new Hidrex DVP1000 Iontophoresis System.

Perfect working condition.

Here’s what’s included in this kit:

  • DVP1000 module, 2 aluminum electrodes & towels for hand or feet treatment, AC adapter with US Type A plug, red and black electrode cables.
  • Carrying case/treatment trays
  • Extra set of Hands/feet treatment towels. Towels for hands or feet iontophoresis treatment
  • Small electrodes – high grade stainless steel electrodes for iontophoresis treatment (pair), with axillary, back/chest, neck, or facial pads — pads not included
  • Auxiliary Pads – pads for axillary (underarm) iontophoresis treatment (pair)
  • Extra set of Axillary Pads
  • Back Pad – 7″ x 8″ pad for iontophoresis treatment of back, chest and other large areas

Price: $600 (or OBO)

To Purchase This DVP1000 Iontophoresis System

If you’re interested in purchasing this iontophoresis kit, please drop me a line via my contact page, or drop a comment below. I’ll send you the contact info.

Hidrex DVP1000 Iontophoresis system
Hidrex DVP1000 Iontophoresis - Full kit

To learn more about iontophoresis and other hyperhidrosis-related topics, please check out my Sweat Management category.

To learn more about this system, please visit HidrexUSA.com.

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