Heather Grey V-Neck Undershirts

If you’re in search of some new Heather Grey V-Neck (or Crew Neck) undershirts, I think you’ll find the list below pretty helpful.

One the great features of wearing heather grey undershirts is the fact they are practically invisible under light-colored dress shirts. The other is that the coloring serves dual purpose allowing you to be able to wear them as outer tees as well as under tees.

This reader wrote in wondering where he might be able to go to re-up his supply of his favorite 60/40 (cotton/poly) undershirts.

2xist-heather-grey-v-neck-undershirt-60-40Hello Tug,

It seems like 2xist has stopped making my favorite shirt- “the essential” (I think that’s the model, I have attached a picture of the tag) v neck in heather grey.

I used to get these from Nordstrom Rack in 3 packs for around $15-20, but recently they have been out of stock all around the Dallas area and the 2xist website doesn’t have them listed either.


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I really like the soft material that holds up well through the washer, long torso without being loose around the waist, sleeves long enough to cover my pits when reach up, and ever important heather grey color.

Do you know if these are still in production? If so, where I can find them? If not, do you have any suggestions for alternatives that are similar, specifically in the categories I mentioned above?

Thank you,


Who Makes Heather Grey Undershirts?

heya nathan, 

good to hear from you and thanks for your email!

kinda surprised the 2(x)ist has stopped making heather grey undershirts. next to white, i have to believe it’s the next most popular selling color. very interesting indeed!

off the top of my head, there are a handful of other companies that make heather grey undershirts. they include:

Banana Republic Heather Grey V-Neck Undershirt
Banana Republic Heather Grey V-Neck Undershirt
  1. gap / banana republic / old navy – slim cut. all brands are owned by same company and each heather v-neck is slightly different.
  2. hanes — i think they still offer this at target – slim cut
  3. uniqlo – premium cotton & airism – fitted
  4. american apparel tri-blend – fitted, slim
  5. ribbedtee – retro tri-blend – slim cut & classic fit undershirts – fitted
  6. jcrew field knit jaspe – slim cut
  7. canvas unisex 4.2oz – slim cut (amazon or other wholesale t-shirt resellers)
  8. alternative apparel men’s boss v-neck tee
  9. gotta believe that urban outfitters or even express would have some heather grey options
  10. mr. davis – fitted – added 5/2015

if i were to make a recommendation, i’d start with the fitted ones, and then try out some of the other ones if you don’t find what you’re looking for. 

are those enough recommendations to get you started? (:

Do You Have A Favorite Heather Grey Undershirt?

If so, tell me about it in the comments below.


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  1. I have found the Uniqlo premium cotton v-neck in grey heather to be the absolute best for fit and invisibility. And at the price the get for it, the best value, hands down.


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