Hanes Premium Power Slim Fit Tee Being Discontinued?

hanes-power-slim-fit-t-shirtA question from a reader about the very affordable Power Slim Fit shaping undershirts from Hanes:

TUG, been a long time since I contacted you.

I appreciate your site and information you give out.

You turned me on to the Hanes Premium Power Slim Fit Tee a couple years back, and I have been wearing them exclusively since.

It seems like Hanes has discontinued this item, or at least, I can no longer find it.

Do you know if this is true or not?


Rules to wearing undershirts

I liked this shirt because it was a nice tight undershirt. I don’t feel that it really did any compression, but that wasn’t what I wanted.

The sleeves are short, the neck is tight, at least in the first few months, and it stays tucked for the most part.

The biggest feature was the cost, $10 for a compression shirt is unheard of.

Would love to get your opinion on what shirt you think would be a suitable replacement.

Thanks, Mike

Is Hanes Discontinuing Power Slim Fit T-Shirts?

I reached out to my friends at Hanes, and got an update from them, so I got back to Mike with the following response

heya mike,

Hanes Classics 2-pk. Power Slim Crewneck Tees @ KOHL’S

just got this official response from hanes about the power slim fit tee:
“Sorry about that, Tug, it slipped through. The shirt is still available at Kohl’s but will be discontinued in a few months.” – Hanes

Other Inexpensive Shapers?

the only other shapers that i came across that are reasonably cheap are these:

though, i couldn’t tell you how any of them perform.

i can say that the ones with the fake “six pack” knitted into the ab area are total crap.

i have one of those and it does nothing (or practically nothing).

if you decide to try out anything on aliexpress, please be sure to keep me posted.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

4 thoughts on “Hanes Premium Power Slim Fit Tee Being Discontinued?”

    • heya nick! good to hear back from you (:

      yeah, the utili-t crew is a solid undershirt, but the ones i have aren’t shaping/slimming undershirts. this soon-to-be-discontinued power slim fit t-shirt from hanes was designed to be more of a shaping undershirt than a standard fitting undershirt.

      have you tried any slimming undershirts?


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