Hanes Commercial: What Car is Michael Jordan Driving?

Although off topic a bit, I’ve gotten many emails from folks wondering what car Michael Jordan was driving in the new Hanes Undershirt Lay Flat Collar commercial with Charlie Sheen.

I originally thought I found the answer in this article:

The first spot has Sheen leaving a hotel and tipping the bellboy.

When he sees Jordan pulling out in a Maserati Spyder he strolls over to Jordan’s car.

2010 Maserati Spyder

“Hey, M.J. The Hanes man himself!” says Sheen, as Jordan tries to be affable while fending off Sheen’s handshake.


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“Speaking of which,” continues Sheen, “my agent turned me on to these shirts. The collar doesn’t stretch out. You should look into it!”

Jordan Is Driving An Aston Martin

Update: It might not be a Spyder. It just might be an Aston Martin.

Confirmed by another reader — it’s an Aston Martin DB9!

Hanes Commercial With Jordan & Sheen

I’ve been seeing this Hanes undershirt commercial again recently and of course a bunch of people seeing it for the first time are wondering what kind of car is.

Well, I decided to use Mrs. Tug’s Cannon PowerShot SD880 IS digial camera to video record the commercial so we could get a closer look.

Hanes might not like it that I uploaded the commercial to YT so I could embed it here, but hell, if it generates a bunch of Aston Martin DB9 sales, maybe they won’t really care.

Mrs. Tug also found a great picture of the 2009 Aston Martin DB9 that is in a mirror opposite position as the car in the commercial where you can easily see the cars are an exact match!

2009 Aston Martin DB9

Hanes commercial: Michael Jordan Driving 2009 Aston Martin DB9

Hanes Commercial: Michael Jordan Driving Aston Martin

Update: Hanes Pulls Commercials

01/07/2010 – If you haven’t already heard or seen, Hanes pulled the ComfortSoft ads that feature Charlie Sheen (with Jordan) after his Christmas Day arrest.


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12 thoughts on “Hanes Commercial: What Car is Michael Jordan Driving?”

  1. Love the car and the commercial…however the entire theme makes me just a little nervous: ass-kissing white guy/loser, trying to befriend a black athlete with a superiority attitude.

    Jeez, you can’t be human/kind enough just to shake the guy’s hand…and the new commercial with the white guy insisting he and MJ are alike, while MJ fervently demands they’re not.

    Come on, MJ, drop the all-business-all-the-time facade and just be less plastic and less “representin'” Sheesh.

  2. I thought so too, but doesn’t that look like the Bentley Tag on the trunk driving away? with the “B” and the Wings and all?

  3. my first thought was an aston martin, judging from the shape of the logo on the hood as michael was driving away. it was shaped like a pair of wings lying flat.

    aston martins rock!

  4. KH2 is exactly right–if you look carefully, you can see the DB9 tag on the rear of the car as MJ drives away–it is an Aston Martin DB9

  5. You just might be right. I couldn’t find any definitive source that provided the answer other than the site I referred to, but there are a couple forums where folks also believe it to be an Aston Martin.

    Appreciate the info! Thanks for reading.


  6. Good Morning,

    I too, was interested in what the car was that Mike was in. I have to disagree with you though, because after seeing the comercial a few times, it appears to be an Aston Martin of some sort. I have checked out the spyder and the shape doesn’t appear to be the same. As he is driving off the tailights and the wings on the back are different from the Maserati

    Let me know if Im way off base

    K in Denver


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