Hanes Comfort Flex Stretch Cotton Undershirt. New or Old?

On a recent visit to Target with Mrs. Tug recently, I did my typical stop in the men’s undershirt section to see if there was anything new.

I ran across two things that were interesting:

Hanes Perfect-T

A fairly generous selection of Hanes Perfect-Ts. By all accounts, this line has been discontinued, but there were still plenty of them in stock at Target and they were not discounted.

Maybe this is still left over?

Hanes Comfort Flex Stretch Cotton T-Shirts

To my surprise, I ran across some Hanes 95% cotton / 5% spandex Comfort Flex t-shirts.

Based on what I could tell from searching the web, the Comfort Flex line has been around awhile, but Hanes was only offering tops in women’s and bottoms/underwear in both men’s and women’s.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

Of course I emailed my Hanes contacts, but they haven’t responded (they’re not very good in getting back to me – bad Hanes).

So, as a good undershirt blogger, I bought a pack of the Comfort Flex t-shirts (2 for $13.99) and decided to wear one of them today to check it out.

If I find out it’s a new product, I’ll write a review on it in the coming weeks. If it’s a discontinued product, well, then, I won’t.


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Sweat Proof Undershirts

7 thoughts on “Hanes Comfort Flex Stretch Cotton Undershirt. New or Old?”

  1. Hey Undershirt Guy! I am looking for a 95%cotton/5%spandex blend in a short sleeved t-shirt ANYWHERE! I have looked in every store and online and am wondering if this type of fabric even exists. I would prefer women’s sizing… but would try mens. This fabric was used in Danskin line at Walmart. Called an Active Tee. But that line is discontinued. I basically live in these shirts. Substituting other blends just is not the same! Help…!!!

    • heya karen! thanks for stopping by my site and posting your question!!

      did you see this article:

      also, i’ve heard good things about this dockers cotton/poly/spandex blend t-shirt/undershirt:

      hope the information helps out! if you decide to buy any of the recommendations for yourself, please be sure to come back here and let me know what you tried and what you think of it.

      sound good?

    • Karen,
      The gap sells 95/5% two pack “stretch” t-shirts. $24.95 but I always look for their sales. They come in white, black, and heather gray. I used to buy the banana republic ones, but they stopped making them :( they were a sturdier construction. they are only crew neck, whereas the banana ones came in a V neck (which I prefer). I have been wearing the gap stretch tee style for 10 years now. I buy size small (I’m a medium) as I like them to be snug under my clothes. I hate baggy sleeves on t-shirts.
      I just purchased 8 packs last week (16 total) plus tax, with free shipping @ sale price for $126.
      Right now they have a 30% off sale. code: SPRING good in store and online. Stores don’t always carry all sizes and colors.


    • thanks for the info tommy! so hanes comfortflex undershirts are now known as hanes men’s “classics stretch fit” undershirts (made with comfortflex fabric).

      good stuff. hmmm, maybe hanes took something i said about them using “comfort” too much in their product names to heart and changed it (:

      appreciate the heads up!

  2. I’m searching the web for these comfortflex undershirts. I found a pack at Target and tried them, and they turned out to be outstanding. Now I can’t find them anywhere, I’m looking for something similar now. Undershirt Guy, can you help?

    • hey smokin! you know, i believe i have seen the comfort flex undershirts at target the last couple times i’ve visited target. not sure why they aren’t available at the target you go to.

      i will say going from memory that i never remember seeing that many packages of the comfort flex undershirt on the shelves there, and lately i’ve been seeing a lot more comfortblend branded items on the shelves. actually a mixture of comfortblend and perfect-t. neither of those are the 95/5 blend of the comfort flex undershirts though.

      wish i could help more, but hanes doesn’t ever really give me a clear idea of what their plans are with their product lines. i usually am in contact with the pr company, versus direct with hanes product folks, so i’m getting the information second-hand too.


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