How To Handle Severe Compensatory Sweating After ETS

Curious as to how to best manage severe compensatory sweating after ETS surgery? 

Good day Tug,

I had undergone ETS for blushing and armpit sweating and, to be honest, I am not satisfied.

Wasn’t totally familiar with side effect – compensatory sweating.

So, I thought like ‘ok, sweat from armpits to go somewhere else, it’s fine, body is big enough to take it’ – stupid and wrong thinking and of course the doctor had to explain it to me more detailed.

Compensatory sweating on my back, belly and legs is just huge.


Rules to wearing undershirts

I realized after that all sweat that had been going out on the part of the body above the nipples (which is big – arms, shoulders, neck, head, half of the body literally) is now going to my back, belly and legs.

It’s pretty disturbing.

Even now during the winter my back are wet and I am (I guess) at risk of getting sick, cold etc.

During the summer it’s crazy, I cannot ride a car because my ass, thighs and back are getting totally wet, working during the summer is disaster.

I am changing my clothes all the time, and I have to wear undershirt when it’s 40 Celsius.

It is hard, psychically and mentally but I have to go on, I have to continue my life, and I cannot give up.

What is ‘the solution’ for my situation?

Ok with undershirts and changing the clothes all the time.

Also, I will buy Bodibelt to try it. Maybe if I cover the part of my back and belly which sweat like crazy will be less uncomfortable then wearing the undershirt, maybe I will feel less warm then and therefore less sweat.

Also, I have bought the spray on the base of aluminum chloride.

My question here is – if I apply it on my back to reduce sweating (and if I reduced it for 30 percents I would be happy as a kid) will that cause more sweating on some other parts of my body?

Thank you for your time.

Also, if you have some advice regarding my situation, please, I will be grateful.


How To Handle Severe Compensatory Sweating

Heya Jovan,

Good to hear from you buddy and thanks for your question!

I’m so sorry to hear about your excessive compensatory sweating situation, but hopefully I can offer up some helpful advice.

severe compensatory sweating on the chest
Example of severe compensatory sweating on the chest.

First, and generally speaking, whenever you block sweat from one area of your body, there is a chance it will come out of another area.

So, if you apply a aluminum chloride spray to your back, there is a good chance the sweat will come out elsewhere.

Glycopyrronium / Glycopyrrolate

There is a newer category or medications referred to as glycopyrronium and glycopyrrolate, that you may want to ask your doctor or dermatologist about.

While I don’t know the specific differences between those two medications, I’ve read that glycopyrronium, in simple terms, tells your sweat glands to not produce sweat.

Here are two articles that you may find helpful:

Hyperhidrosis Underarm Treatment – 24/7 Relief with Qbrexza

Note: Qbrexza is primarily for underarm use.

Robinul Reduces Excessive Head and Face Sweat

I’m not sure if glycopyrrolate does the same thing as glycopyrronium. If it does, there is a chance that using it would not result in additional compensatory sweating.

Meaning, if you apply it to one area, it may not make you sweat somewhere else.

My recommendation would be to consult with your physician to see if those types of medications would work for you.

Research Compensatory Sweating Solutions

Additionally, I’d recommend to check out the following:

Read though my Sweat Management Solutions article for some additional recommendations/ideas.

Also Hyperhidrosis Medications (

Hope the above information helps.

Please keep me posted, and let me know what you decide to try.  Would be great to find out what works and does not work for you.

Let’s share that information with my readers (and the world).  


Undershirts With All Over Protection: Early Feedback

Sutran was one of the first brands to offer undershirts with all-over protection. Today, there are many more options available, some of which may perform better.

The information below is from someone who also suffered compensatory sweating after ETS, and decided to try Sutran after learning about them here. I’m sharing it to demonstrate how any undershirt with all over protection can help someone with compensatory sweating.

Hi Tug,

I have endured severe post-ETS hyperhidrosis on my chest and back since mid 2007 and it is the bane of my life.

Over this time I have developed my own combination-method of concealing my debilitating problem with anti-perspirant products (which only help in a small way, really only to combat odour), layering, wearing black clothes only, choosing polyester or nylon fabrics and the constant use and replacement of absorbent paper towels beneath my clothes.

This has helped, but, for the most part, the only time I am ever at total ease is when I am in my home.

Needless to say, summer is a nightmare.

Today, for the first time, I have worn a light blue cotton shirt to work (and received several compliments because everyone only ever sees me in plain black), with no layering, no papertowels and ZERO SWEAT STAINS!

And almost 8 hours later, here I am, dry as a bone and quite at ease at my computer, as I type this.

This is absolutely revolutionary!

The reason is because I have a Sutran T-shirt on underneath. It feels cool and soft against my skin and I do not feel any wetness at all!

I purchased it after reading about it on your website and it arrived yesterday.

I just bought the one, to try it out, and was hoping for a miracle, but was quite skeptical, due to the severity of my sweating.

Let me tell you, this is some kind of wonderful and I had to share it with you, and other readers/sufferers.

I know it’s early days and I am not yet sure of how the product will hold up against constant use and washing (considering its hefty price tag), but for the first time in years, I am going to dress exactly as I would like when I go out clubbing with my friends tonight.

But first I need to go home and place an order for another 5 Sutran t-shirts!

Sutran Undershirts: Pros & Cons

The above reader wrote back with an update, sharing some feedback about his experience wearing Sutran undershirts.

Hi Tug,

Now that some time has passed I thought that a follow-up letter was in order.

After that first day’s success with my initial Sutran T-shirt, I was still concerned that the wonderful results would be short-lived.

So when I got home, I stopped myself from hopping online to purchase more T-shirts, until I had put the current one through its paces. Instead, I followed the washing instructions which said to not add fabric softener but that tumble-drying was actually preferable and washed the T-shirt for re-use.

Later that evening, I wore it again, with a black T-shirt over it (old habits!) and spent several sweaty hours on a hot, crammed nightclub dance floor.

The entire time, although I did sweat profusely, none of the moisture made it to my outer T-shirt, and I looked for all the world to be sweat-free.

I know this because I inspected myself closely in the mirror upon arriving at home.

Over the next few weeks, my Sutran T-shirt became the most valuable and sought-after commodity in my cupboard and I found myself gravitating towards it each time I got dressed and taking special care to ensure that it was clean and available for use when needed.

The Issues With Sutran

There are some minor issues, of course, so I’ll list them for the sake of not sounding like I’m a Sutran salesman :-)

1 – I live in Australia and with the international shipping fee, these T-shirts are quite expensive, so hopefully there will a price reduction in the future or maybe some special offers.

But considering that my first T-shirt purchase is still as effective, after MANY MANY wears and washes, I reckon the initial outlay is an investment worth making.

2 – Everyone is different, so while these T-shirts work for me, there is no guarantee that they will prove as effective for someone else. I will say though that I do sweat VERY heavily.

Even in my apartment under zero stress, a normal T-shirt will be soaked in under 15 minutes of putting it on, even if I’m just lying on the couch! I get up 3-4 times at night to change my T-shirt.

But with the Sutran on, my hyperhidrosis presents very little problem.

3 – The T-shirt does effectively prevent the sweat from reaching my outer garment, but does not stop me from sweating.

So, while it does feel really nice against my skin, I have on occasion felt wetness beneath it. But this is not irritating or uncomfortable. Also, if sitting for long periods and in conditions that trigger sweating, sweat may collect at the bottom of the T-shirt and stain the top part of your pants.

But that’s only happened to me twice: once on a particularly stressful day at work when the aircon was on the blink and once when sitting on a friend’s couch for a few hours after returning from a night out.

4 – I only use the T-shirts as undershirts as I’m not particularly keen on the styles and designs – hopefully they will expand the range to include more contemporary offers.

5 – The MaxDry version is my preferred T-shirt as it has armpit protection. I have found the versions without it to have resulted in armpit sweat stains after a few hours. This version only comes in white and in one style.

6 – The website is not terribly user-friendly (especially to an English-speaker) and I have had difficulties with paying by credit card, having to opt for PayPal instead.

But I got them in the end and the delivery time was quite quick. Other than these minor concerns though, I am a very happy and satisfied consumer.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

12 thoughts on “How To Handle Severe Compensatory Sweating After ETS”

  1. Hi Tug,

    I read Jovan’s enquiry with interest, I too had ETS surgery, back in February 2000, yes, 18 years ago.

    I live in the UK and had surgery in Sweden.

    I originally suffered with facial sweating and the ETS cured this (Except when eating chocolate!) – however, like Jovan, I have suffered with CS ever since.

    I would like to pass on some advise to Jovan but also give him support in so far as I have managed to survive this long, with CS (Which has improved over the years) and there are plenty of ways to manage it, from clothing techniques (Wear white or black, not the best colour choices but it works well to hide things), different materials help, I wear a ’32Degree Cool’ undershirt with everything, I get them from Costco here in the UK.

    There are medicines now that help, as per your reply – I have not tried these as mentioned early, things are slowly improving, over 19 years!

    I do take Amitriptylene as I appear to have more saliva since the op and this has helped.

    Another side effect is that my finger nails grow at an alarming rate – obviously not a problem but just strange!

    I could go on for hours about the different techniques I use to help with the CS (eg Buy a car with ventilated seating, lightweight quick dry walking trousers, certain patterned dress shirts, etc etc).

    Feel free to pass my email on to Jovan should he wish to make contact, that is fine – if I can help a fellow sufferer in any way, that would be great.

    • heya wayne, thanks for stopping by and offering your support and ideas to jovan.

      i’ll be sure to email him to let him know you responded to the article, and if he asks, i’ll be happy to give him your email address.

      thanks again — very much appreciate it!

  2. The article I’m reading is from 2011. Has Sutran made any improvements on cost or choices as far as styles and colors? Size 3x hardly seems available from what I’m seeing anymore.

    • heya craig – sutran has released so new sweat-blocking clothing since 2011, but i’m not sure they have anything in size 3x.

      have you checked their new website?

  3. I purchased one of the maxdry shirts about a month ago, at first the shirt was everything I dreamed of but unfortunately as of the past week it has started to allow my sweat to go through both layers. I wash it in warm water, rinse in cold, and tumble dry as directed. I do know that my shirt was washed once with a fabric sheet about a week ago, and it does seem like that is what started the current events; but the directions say it would reduce the absorption capacity, which leads me to believe it wouldn’t bleed through like it is. I can even see the wet stain now on the outside of the shirt. Does anyone have any suggestions and or such experiances with this shirt, a possible fix? Thanks

    • hey warren, that pretty interesting. i will tell sutran to come look at your comment and see if they can help in any way. i did recently hear from a reader that contacted sutran, and he discovered that the sweat absorption functionally can degrade over time, so it’s possible the dryer/fabric sheet reduced the shirt’s effectiveness. this is what the company had to say:

      Moreover Sutran shirts are designed with a tissue to prevent the transfer of sweat, without forgetting the health, leaving the body and the shirt transpires properly. This is achieved without any “plastic” or totally waterproof membrane that can make our body stops perspiring and can cause irritations in our skin. For this reason we use techniques which, unfortunately, have degradation by washing, losing their effectiveness. The analyzed values ​​are that at 30th washing, it shows the loss of its effectiveness in perspiration levels (level 3). There is not a definite method to prolong the duration of the shirts, much depends on the sweat rate of each person.

      • Well I appreciate the quick response, so these shirts have a lifespan of about 1-2 months if washed daily… Is there a way you would recommend washing/handling the shirt to provide a longer lifespan? It cost me about $80 dollars to have one shirt purchased and shipped to my location in the USA, I would prefer not purchasing a new undershirt every month or two at that cost. My thoughts were to handwash in woolite (or a soap you would recommend that does not effect the tissue layer), in cold water, and let hang dry. On a side note: If the shirts were more cost effective I would simply purchase in bulk and dispose of the shirts monthly; because the shirt worked perfectly the first 2-3 weeks, I felt so free wearing white and light colored cotton shirts…

      • Hi everyone,

        We really appreciate all your comments and questions (thank you Tug for letting us know about them).

        Our suggestions are basically three: to wash them with products as neutral as you can, in a low temperature (30ºC or 86ºF) and to dry them either in the shade or in the tumble dryer.
        Think that, as everything, the fabrics we use are susceptible to be damage for many different factors such us the quality of the water, the use we give them, or even the volume and aggressiveness of our own perspiration. So after all this time of experience we have observed that it is normal that the same shirt lasts longer for ones and less for others. However, and as you all know may know, we are constantly investigating and trying to improve our products.

        As you all understand, we cannot make a completely impermeable shirt because we need to preserve the health of the body, which transpire and breath.

        We are happy with our customers’ responses telling us the benefits our garments have brought to their lives. Our objective is now try to get closer to our foreign customers in order to reduce substantially the shipping costs. Do not doubt that we will let you know about improvements in this matter.

        Please, do not stop sending us your comments and feelings about our garments. They are truly useful for us and, although it may seem not very quickly, we try to apply them to improve and satisfy you.

        Thank you Tug for your work and for the chance you give us to communicate through your site.

  4. Undershirtguy, when are you going to do your in-depth review of the Sutran shirt instead of the small snippets here and there?

    • hey pjn! honestly, i didn’t think it was necessary to write and official review due to all the feedback people have been providing about sutran.

      i am not affected with heavy sweating/hyperhidrosis, so i can only comment on sutran from a limited view point. the product is designed specifically to eliminate sweat-through and based on the write-ups provided by others like the man in the above article, it seems like there’s enough information to make a buying decision.

      if there is specific information you’d like from me about the undershirt, i’d be happy to offer it up.


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