Half Tees Provide Women Coverage of an Undershirt Without the Extra Length

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So, here’s an undershirt for the wonderful women who visit my site!  After struggling with multiple t-shirt layers while trying to feed her third child, Amanda Barker found inspiration to launch Half Tees. She says:

I asked myself, “why can’t they come up with a half shirt that provides the modest coverage a undershirt provides in the neckline and cap sleeve, but ditch all the extra length?” It wasn’t until my fifth baby that I decided to take action and design my own under shirt, and designed “halftees” – an under shirt that is “half the tee, with all the style.”

Women are tired of having all the layers, yet a lot of women still would like to have the coverage of an under-tee on the shoulder and neck-line. Fashion has started to make shirts longer, which negates the need of a longer layered shirt under the first layer of clothing. We have designed a line of halftees that provide a cap sleeve and modest neckline. Giving women what they want, SIMPLICITY and less to manage.

Note: I actually came across these women’s undershirts a long time ago, but since my site was mainly focused on men’s undershirts and shapewear, I didn’t think to post information about these women’s half-undershirts. In recently realizing that just as many women visit my site as men (thanks to quancast.com), I figure why not share some information about women’s undershirts from time to time! Enjoy!


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  1. Where did you find this women’s top? I’m actually looking for a half or 3/4 sleeve women’s cropped undershirt, and I’m having no luck!



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