Spanx for Men Guest Review. Cal Cuts Two Inches Off His Waist

Back on May 29th, a reader by the name of Cal stopped by the site to read my Spanx for Men review and decided to post this comment:

I’m a late 50’s aged guy, a bit heavier than average at 6′2″ and 225 but nothing out of proportion. Not trying to be Fabio but I play in an Oldies Band… Just want something to corral the jiggle when I wiggle so I ordered two of the V necks just now. I’ll send you guys a report from a real guy. I’ll get some pictures too!

Thanks Tug. I took your advice and went for it. Also in the $58 V-neck Spanx does free ground shipping. Two of them was about $125 with tax.

Well, not only was Cal nice enough to send in his own Spanx for Men product review, he also included pictures of some before and after pictures! My sincerest thanks goes out to Cal for taking the time to do the write-up! He did a great job!

Spanx for Men Undershirt Review, written and submitted by CAL

OK call me the human Guinea Pig! Here’s my comments with actual photos… (My girlfriend took the pics and wonders if this qualifies me as an “Underwear Model”???)

These are my unretouched photos except I blurred out some family photos on the wall behind me to protect the innocent! I added my personal stats to each picture, taken at the same place and same day and same time so these are not any usual rip-off fake “before and after” pics.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

  1. Picture with No Undershirt…I thought might as well give it to ya from start to finish! Not wanting to gross anybody out but hey this is an underwear forum! I’m thinking I represent “Mr. Average” for my age of 58… no exercise freak and no overly developed beer gut so I’m in the middle (no pun intended)STATS: Age 58, Height 6’2″, Weight 215, Waistline 38, Chest 46
  2. Picture with “normal” V-Neck T-shirt on. I wear Jockey Brand XL 46-48. This is my normal undershirt look.
  3. Picture putting on the Spanx. Several comments I read questioned difficulty putting on and off. I had no problem. This is how you do it! Insert arms and pull up to chin, pull over head. Yep it’s snug at this point but still easy to grab front bottom and pull it down, the back comes down with the front and I experienced no problems. Coming off reversed the process with no assistance needed. Pull up to armpits, pull arms out and then over the head.
  4. Picture with Spanx on. I cropped it a little larger than the others so you can see the sleeves aren’t tight on a “regular” guy arm. I do feel it pulled me up a big straighter and that naturally seems to suck you in some without any effort. Snugly tight but flexible and not restrictive when I bent or moved around. I admit I was worried about feeling “choked” so I went a few extra bucks for the V-Neck. All my apprehensions faded quickly. I measured my waist when I was wearing it and went from usual 38″ to a bit more than 36″ so it tucked in almost 2″ of waistline. My pants waistband was obviously looser and it was two belt notches tighter for me which was great.
Putting on Spanx for Men Undershirt
Wearing Spanx for Men Slimming Undershirt


I mentioned early in my Undershirt Guy posting that I play in an “Oldies” Band and just wanted to look firmed up a bit while performing. Bought two of these Spanx V-Necks ($58 ea + shipping was about $125 total).

Wore first one during an Outside Band Gig in June Texas Heat for 3 hour performance stretch, about 6 hours total outside. I was worried about sweating and fainting and silly stuff but Actually felt cooler than standard T.

My activities included singing and band gyrations so I wasn’t sitting still any of the time and feel I gave it a good trial under fire in near 100 degree heat. Changed shirt tops over the Spanx 3 times during the performance. Several people were around me and nobody noticed or mentioned anything so these are also quite incognito.

That was a bonus that I didn’t have that “wearing a girdle” feel.


Amazingly pleased. It feels good too to the skin, really smooth and silky feel to it. Can’t wait to wear this under my Tux or other “dress up” wear.


I’ve worn both V-Necks I’ve bought and washed them both too. Did normal with other whites using Warm Wash and Put in the Dryer with no adverse affects. In a nutshell, I’m thrilled.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

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