What Grey T-Shirt Was Daniel Craig Wearing In Casino Royale?

No one really asked me that question. But, I’m guessing some people are definitely wondering what grey t-shirt Daniel Craig was wearing in Casino Royale.

Yes, it’s been a while since the 2006 release of the 21st James Bond film Casino Royale, but it was a milestone movie as it was the very first one Daniel Craig was in.

Huge James Bond Fan

It goes without saying, I’m a huge James Bond fan. 

I still remember Mrs. Tug and I leaving the movie theater after watching Casino Royale, noting it was one of our favorite James Bond movies in a long time.

A lot of it had to do with Daniel Craig, because he just seems like such a believable 007 super-spy. (The Mrs. also think he’s pretty easy on the eyes too)

The wardrobe he wore while in Madagascar included a grey wide-neck t-shirt, with some designs around the bicep area of the sleeve.

Casino Royale: Daniel Craig wearing a grey t-shirt while in Madagascar

There’s some speculation out on the internet that the grey t-shirt Daniel Craig was wearing in those scenes, was made by Diesel.

There’s an incredible resource website called The Bond Experience, that includes a photo of the Grey Diesel T-Shirt in the photo gallery.

Casino Royale Grey Diesel T-Shirt Photos

casino royale t shirt james bond t shirt casino royale

Unfortunately, that particular t-shirt is no longer available. However, you can buy one just like it!

Magnoli Clothiers, a company based in New Zealand known for their very fine vintage clothing reproductions, has created a reproduction of the Grey T-Shirt Daniel Craig wore in Madagascar.

Casino Royal Replica T-Shirt

Product Link: magnoliclothiers.com/madagascar-t-shirt

Price: $45

This fitted grey T shirt features a wider neck, striped self-hemmed sleeves and a decorative print design on the upper back.

Made of 100% cotton, these ready-made T shirts are a perfect match to our Madagascar Shirts.

Daniel Craig t shirt replica from Magnoli


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