Gold Toe Socks Quality Complaint

This reader is wondering what has caused a decline in the quality of his once favorite Gold Toe Socks.

Note: Representatives from Gildan & Gold Toe are aware of the socks quality complaints, and have provided a special email address to contact. You’ll find the brand’s response as well as the contact email in my comments section below. Click here to jump there now.

Gold Toe Socks Quality Complaint

I ran across a problem with Gold Toe socks similar to the quality issue of your JKY member. Therefore, I really need advice from someone who knows their stuff.

I bought athletic Gold Toe black socks roughly 3 years ago and loved them.

Since I decided to increase my number of black socks, about a year and a half later, I purchased the athletic black ones again.

New Athletic Gold Toe Socks

At first they seemed the same, but within 6 months, I had thrown away 3 socks from the new set.


Rules to wearing undershirts

Two of them had hems at the ankle come undone, and one developed a hole at the heel very quickly.

Another 6 months pass and I have thrown away more for holes developing. Meanwhile, my old set is holding up strong.

The new set also faded very quickly and the toe gold yarn, well, I don’t know what to call it, but it looks like a mess.

My older Gold Toe socks are darker, and the toe is perfect.

Wondering what happened to the quality. Very disappointed.

I need some new socks, but I am hesitant to buy Gold Toe if the quality is the same as my last set.

Comparing My Old Pair with My New Pair

Have a look at the pictures for a side by side comparison. The older one is on the left. A little hard to see the color difference in the picture.

You can also see a picture of an old Hanes sock to show what the new set of Gold Toe socks were doing.

I noticed there is a design difference in the two.

Had to check their website to see if there was another type of athletic sock; different quality/price.

Maybe I made a mistake. I could only find one type of black athletic sock.

Gold Toe Socks Photos

hanes-vs-new-gold-toe-socks Hanes sock (left) vs Gold Toe Sock (right). See how the right sock has wearing in the “gold” yarns/threads at the toe?

holes-in-gold-toe-socks Hole in the heel of newer Gold Toe Sock

old-vs-new-gold-toe-socks-comparisonOld Gold Toe Sock (left) vs. Newer Gold Toe Sock (right) – See how the right one is more faded?

Thoughts / Feedback?

Have you experienced the same thing with Gold Toe Socks? If so, let us know by commenting below.

Are your Gold Toe Socks holding up just fine? Tell us about it.

Curious if this has to do with any manufacturing location changes they may have made since Gildan’s acquisition of the brand back in 2011.

Wondering if we can get some comment from the folks at Gildan or Gold Toe.

Response from Gildan Activewear

Impressive response from Gildan:

Hello Matt,

I apologize for the delay in my follow up.  I was traveling and then on vacation.

Gildan, who owns the Gold Toe® brand and sub-brands, operates vertically-integrated manufacturing operations in which the various stages of the production arriving at a finished product are primarily conducted in the United States, Central America and the Caribbean basin.

Central America and the Caribbean

More specifically, we perform our yarn spinning in the United States and our textile and sewing production at our manufacturing hubs in Central America and the Caribbean basin.

For many reasons, including maintaining our competitiveness against other manufacturers, we also use contractors and suppliers for certain tasks or certain products, which is the case for a portion of our Gold Toe® socks.

Gold Toe Socks Manufactured in Asia

While some of them originate from our own manufacturing facilities in Central America, some of them originate from Asian contractors.

When a decision is made to outsource production to a new contractor, we apply a comprehensive selection process to assess the contractor’s ability to comply with our quality standards and our Code of Conduct, including our labor and environmental standards.

That being said, our overall presence in the U.S. includes our Branded Apparel sales and marketing headquarters, based in Charleston, South Carolina, our state-of-the-art distribution center in Eden, North Carolina, and, as mentioned above, our U.S.-based yarn-spinning operations.

North Carolina and Georgia Facilities

Our yarn-spinning operations consist of two fully operational facilities in North Carolina and Georgia.

In addition, in February 2014, we commenced operations at a third yarn spinning facility in Salisbury, North Carolina and we are also in the process of establishing two additional facilities to be constructed in Salisbury and Mocksville, North Carolina, thus creating a total of 700 jobs.

We’d be happy to send a label so we can have the socks returned.  The first thing to do would be to identify the manufacturing location.

We’d be happy to send replacements of these and more!

Gold Toe® has been the standard by which we’ve completed all other measures.

Thank you for allowing us to address this issue and hopefully we can resolve this to your satisfaction.

Please send your contact information and we’ll email a label and send replacements.


Karen Heneks
Manager, Online Business
Gildan Activewear

Matt is going to follow-up with me after he gets his new socks from Gildan/Gold Toe, so stay tuned.


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  1. When it comes to sox, I’ve always paid extra for good quality ones. Years ago I came across the Gold Toe brand and was very satisfied with them. A few years ago I bought all new gold toe sox. About 40 pairs. About a year ago I noticed the heels where wearing out. I’m throwing more away now then keeping. I keep my old sox and use them for working in the yard. Some of them are 20 years old and non have the heels wore out.

  2. Of course the docks are garbage now. So are Jockey products. Design changes, cheap materials, sewing trashy, fit different. It’s mind boggling. What gets me is how they keep selling this trash at upscale stores. Whet elastic pops out, the bands all puckered (as with Jockey) and the cheap sewing and lint catastrophe and yadda yadda its a shame. A real shame.

  3. My grandson loved the goldtoe socks he “borrowed” from me a few years back so when he recently needed new black socks I decided to get him the gold toe brand again because they always held up so well. Unfortunately that was not the case this year. After wearing them one time two holes appeared. What a disappointment. I don’t mind paying extra for quality but this was not the quality I was accustomed to.

  4. I have to wonder if Gold Toe socks are made out of tissue paper. They tear very easily when trying to put them on. The quality is entirely unacceptable and I’ll never buy them again.

  5. Gold toe quit making good socks. They lasted to they made bad socks that are really bad that don’t last so you will by more more often.

  6. Just got a 6 pack of black short Gold Toe socks thinking I would get the same quality product as in previous purchases over several decades. The new gold toe socks are pure sh*t, they are much thinner, they slip into your shoe as you are walking or jogging, don’t feel like cotton at all (I think it’s a flimsy blend of who knows what), and after one wear they are starting to wear quickly).

    I will never buy Gold Toe again even if they return to the old quality because of their disregard for a quality product and for their customers.

  7. Funny to think about this phenomenon for so many years and now find this thread. My experience is entirely with Gold Toe Cotton Fluffies. I probably wore them about thirty years. So comfortable and extraordinary in durability. But several years ago now they wore holes in the heels so quickly I was stunned. Something I could rely on disappeared in a moment it seems. Expensive junk now. And I guarantee they know why, and even who, where and when. Quality lost. Anyone could see it.

  8. Have used Gold tip socks for many years and have loved them. I bought a new pack a month from amazon and I hate them. They seem to be twisted. Will throw these away and buy a different brand. What a shame.

  9. I wore Gold Toe fluffies for 40 years. Never a problem, they were great, never thought of buying anything else. The last dozen I bought, did not fit the foot right, bunched up in the shoes and they are shorter on the calf and fall to your ankles. I will never buy gold toe again, Walmart socks are better.

  10. Gold Toe fanatic here. I too have a problem with them. I’ve written a whole blog about it in my link.

    The decline in quality has everything to do with Gildan‘s purchase of the company, despite the well-written and heavily corporate response. I say that “everything Gildan touches dies,” since they’re known for outsourcing with cheap labor and materials. Just look what happened to American Apparel (though Los Angeles Apparel now picks up where the original American Apparel left off).

    So for Gold Toes, I just seek out old-school ones on eBay and Poshmark and let everyone else have this new crap.

  11. I have been wearing gold toe for years now I’m a logger they were the best now in the last yr tops stretch out not as comfy hole’s in the big toe regularly just told my wife what’s wrong with these new socks gonna have to find another gold toe sock if they don’t fix this problem.

    • Gold toe sold out to a clothing company who turned Goldtoe socks into cheap trash socks in order to make a killing on the Goldtoe name. I searched until I found a thick, tough sock at Sam’s. Members Mark socks. They feel snug around the arch because they are designed to support the foot. They don’t feel tight after one or two wearings. I like them!

  12. my active family of 5+ spouses and children (so actually number around 42) have been getting and giving gold toes at christmas for more than 40 years and the family underground just said plainly please no more. The quality has gone to hell. A pair of socks should be thought about when putting the on in the morning and taking off in the evening.

    Anything beyond that is “no bueno”. Sorry they do not hit our marks for comfort, durability and fit. Now at christmas we admire gift cards. Just sad because now we have to actually shop. On the bright side, they make a great doggie toy when you add a tennis ball. Grandkids find them useful to wear when washing the cars and lawn furniture. Our family sticks to brand loyalty but Gold Toe Just fell off of the list.

  13. The slide in quality has been going on for many years. My most recent purchase prompted me to look online to see how many complaints there were of a once great product.

    I’ve got some Gold Toe athletic socks that are close to 20 years old! The way they’re manufactured is completely different than ones I have that are 6-8 years old. For instance, instead of being ribbed on the calf, they’re completely smooth. They’re incredibly comfortable, and unlike the ribbed ones, don’t cut into my calves at the top of the sock. The elasticity is spread across the entire sock instead of a rubber band at the top. I hate to wear these as they’re the last of their kind.

    Then, comparing the middle of the pack to newer socks, the toe knitting is very different again. The newer ones instead of a strong gold pattern are strangely blotchy, almost as if they have a big roll of this gold stuff they sew onto the toes of socks instead of knitting onto each sock individually. The older socks all appear tailored and are perfectly even and flat even after years of wearing and washing. The new ones are deformed, as if parts are shrinking and other parts aren’t. I’ve been shocked to find holes in the heels after just a few months of wear.

    You’d think with today’s modern manufacturing equipment, they could make a superior sock for the same cost. Heck, I’d pay double the price if I could get a decent sock. Instead, everything seems to be getting cheaper and crappier all the time. Somebody could make a fortune if they didn’t skimp and took pride in a product.

  14. They suck, must go back to original material or loose all original customers. The new material is bacteria friendly lower wicking cotton soaks up more sweat the gold toe sock people know this it’s all being done fore greed and profit at the expense of our foot health.

    What a monumental betrayal of the very field they used to take pride in (our feet). Yep let’s rock out till they wake up, go back to the original material and set out an advertisement campaign admitting their mistake for trying to slowly boil the frog. Meaning us thinking if they do it while telling us how good the new material is and giving it a cool space-age name and tell us it does the opposite of what it really does and is way more comfortable when it’s just NOT)!!

    Been buying (Gold toe only) for as long as I can remember. I’m now 48 just put um on they now feel like the scratchy cheap socks that make ur feet sweat and wet all the time it’s dry cool…lolol

    No turds it’s scratchy hot and wet and u know it, stop now before ur customer loss makes Our once Wonderful gold toe disappear if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  15. My kids would buy me gold toe socks every Christmas, because they were soft and thick and lasted all year and I love clean thick soft white socks. But the last ones I received were half the thickness and tighter then any time over the past years, they suck bad! So now I told them not to buy them anymore!!!!

  16. Yes, the Golden Toe socks used to be perfect. Now, the problem I have is that they are all too tight and small. I just bought the largest size 13-16 and they cut of circulation at the ankle; whereas the old 10-13 size worked just fine.

    I assume the Chinese have smaller feet and ankles and are making the socks for themselves. JC Penney’s and other retailers should take action on this.

    Anybody know brands that are like the old Golden Toe?

    • I agree. The quality is garbage. I am throwing away pair after pair due to holes in the bottom after just a short use time. I have been a user for years and I am so done throwing away my money on this garbage.

  17. Has anyone found a comparable replacement to these Gold Toe 656 sport crew socks? The black lint or fuzz left all over my feet after wearing them just won’t stop even after countless washes right side out and inside out.

  18. My husband got about 12 pair of black cotton socks as a gift. They have been washed multiple times. They shed fuzz even after many washings. I have to constantly pick up fuzz with the vaccum. What can I do to eliminate the fuzz issue?

  19. I bought my last pair of gold toes. They were great but they just suck now. I was googling to see if anybody else had noticed to decline in quality and found this post/site.

    I suspect the nosedive is due to the fact that Gildan bought the company. Ever get a free t-shirt? It’s most likely a Gildan. Gildan is best known for making cheap, sh*tty t-shirts. I won’t even wear one to mow my yard. They truly are garbage. I have a t-shirt line, so I know a little about it. Gold Toe’s crap quality perfectly matches Gildan’s low brand standards.

  20. 12-09-2020 Very disappointed on the tight fit. I ordered a pack men’s black gold toe socks, and they have a way ‘tighter fit’ than what I have been buying a few years ago. They are so NARROW that one cannot get them on a man’s foot that has a medium size 9 shoe size–this is ridiculous. I wasted my money buying these socks. I bought a couple women’s (6 pair to a pack) white gold toe socks which become thin in the back of the heel after just wearing them a few dozen days. They also do not stay up, and work their way down into my size 8.5 medium shoe in the back. Very cheap quality, but the price of the gold toe socks is not cheap.

  21. I’ve been wearing Gold Toe socks for at least 30 yrs now. I know they have diminished in quality, but not bad, especially to keep competitive in pricing.

    I can go to the local clothing store and spend 20 bucks a pair for socks with a lifetime warranty,,,but, not a chance in hell doing this.

    I stick with gold toe, I like them, they fit great and, still last longer than others I’ve tried.

    I’m on 3 yrs plus on my last batch, and just purchased another dozen,,,,,so far so good.

  22. WOW….bought gold toe socks for myself and husband for over 30 years…awful quality now…wore low cut cushion socks one time and had huge hole next to heel…threw in trash…just as well buy hanes or some store brand if quality of goldtoe is a done thing…sad

  23. As many people here, I have been a GOLD TOE customer for decade, paying the premium price for superior fit, comfort and wear.
    The last set of GT socks my wife purchased had worn through heels within 8 wear cycles of 4 hours each. Threw them away.

    I will NEVER buy Gold Toe again. NEVER.

    That being said, you have to assume GT has made an economic/marketing decision and we just don’t have enough consumer clout.

  24. Gildan has emailed and tried to find socks that are like the old gold toe aqua flex but they simply don’t make them anymore. But I found socks made with the same tight woven weave and mix of materials! Not at all bulky. Uniqlo! Could not find solid white but I’m still happy with finding the same quality as the old gold toe!

  25. Thank you, Taylor. Although I am reluctant to believe anything will change, I sent an email to the address that you provided. I am still wearing the socks from three years ago because they were of quality. Solid, well made socks. I haven’t seen any since they changed. I am looking for recommendations from anyone, though. Does anybody know of a brand that makes anything near the quality of the old gold toe aquafx socks?

    • @last mango – did you scan all the comments?

      i believe someone mentioned socks brand ‘darn tough’ as making good quality socks.

      though, i don’t know if they are comparable to your aquafx socks.

    • Sam’s gray toe socks have been upgraded and are now the quality of the old Gold Toe. I’ll never again buy the now poor quality Gold Toe.

  26. Agreed! For years I picked up the women’s no show aqua fox socks from target and those are still solid. The newer ones are as crappy as the rest. I stopped buying the brand.

    • I’ve actually spent the last couple of days reaching out to Gold Toe via Gildan, whose Customer Service number routes callers to Barbados.

      I explained that I have 32 unopened packages of Gold Toe brand socks that I’ve bought in volume over time, stocking up, as a loyal Gold Toe customer, and that of those 32, I’ve determined only four have a high enough cotton content (69%) to be acceptable for our use.

      I was hoping they would be agreeable to exchanging a majority of the packages for better quality, higher cotton content, IF they still made any, as I didn’t realize at the time of purchases, there had been any change in their manufacturing process.

      Their response was that since I made the purchases through third-party merchants with whom they contract to carry and sell their brand, i.e. J.C. Penney, Kohl’s, WalMart, and Target, they were unwilling to offer me any type of exchange or refund. I never asked for nor expected a refund, but hoped for an exchange of a reasonable portion of our unused packages.

      Instead, they offered me a discount code on a future purchase. No, thanks. I, too, will no longer purchase Gold Toe socks, for the reasons above, and because they do not offer their customers any recourse for at least speaking to their representatives in the U.S.

      • I’ve worn Goldtoes for over ten years and recently purchased some new ones,fit is tight and nothing like I was used to from Goldtoe.

        The funny thing is I purchased some Gildan brand socks about a year ago and wasn’t aware that they were the parent company of Goldtoes.

        They were tight and in under a year of wash and wear my fingers would punch through at the top just by tugging on them to pull them up. They’re garbage just like the last batch of Goldtoes I purchased.

        Sad to see my favorite brand has reduced themselves to manufacturing and selling such an inferior product.

    • I’ve been wearing Goldtoes for many years and recently bought 12 pair of Harrington’s because my last batch of old ones were at least 5 years old.

      I purchased my first Goldtoes from a big box store over 10 years ago without any knowledge of their quality. I found them to be the best ever.

      Now I have 12 pair of socks that are too tight and too tall and nothing like the perfect fitting socks I purchased over the years. I’m afraid to order another batch of a different “model” for fear of tossing out even more cash for crap. To compound matters I ordered 12 pair of Goldtoes for my wife after I bragged about their fit, comfort and longevity.

      She wore a pair the first day they arrived and later that night complained that they were a little tight.

      It’s been about 2 months and I haven’t seen her wearing any of them again. I wear mine when my old ones are dirty and I have nothing else.

      I’m really disappointed as my favorite brand of socks are now run of the mill crap that’s no different from every other inferior brand sold.

    • Hi Last Mango. We’re so sorry to hear that you did not love your GOLDTOE No Show AquaFX socks from Target. Product quality and customer satisfaction are important to us and we would love the opportunity to earn back your trust. Would you please reach out to our customer service team at [email protected] so we can promptly address your concerns?

  27. When will Gold Toe accept feedback that their product decline is causing them to lose customers?

    I have purchased Gold Toe, almost exclusively, for our family for countless years. I’ve bought their black multi packs of No-Shows, Low Cuts, and Quarter socks. I never paid much attention to the material count until recently though when my husband and son have been having foot odor.

    I attacked the problem by dismantling laces and insoles, and washing shoes over weekends, airing them out in fresh, sunny air, when they were dry, sprinkling the interior with maximum strength foot powder, and insisting they wash their feet as soon as they get home, every time.

    After dealing with these awful odors for several months, I recently brainstormed that it may not be the male feet in my family as I originally thought, or the shoes I’ve been washing religiously, but that the culprit may be the Gold Toe socks.

    On our next shopping trip, I bought a different brand of socks which was a majority of cotton. Since using the new brand, there hasn’t been any detectable foot odor.

    Something changed with the way Gold Toe makes their socks, because the horrific foot odor wasn’t always this way. I’ve read other comments online from customers who noticed Gold Toe is making their socks with less cotton which affects comfort. It also prohibits the materials ability to breathe and circulate air which results in foot odor.

    Terribly disappointed in Gold Toe, now, and hope they realize their mistakes sooner than later.

  28. Anyone ever find a good alternative to the now crap Gold Toe white cotton athletic socks? Been wearing them for 20 years, bought some 9 months ago and have had to throw half away already. They used to last years!

    • Luckily for me I’ve had three hip surgeries and can’t jog anymore. Since then I’ve switched to Darn Tough socks (Hiker 1/4 Sock Cushion). They’re more expensive but really hold up to the long walks in walking boots.

      I haven’t found a sock with comparable colour to the Gold Toe, but the ‘Racer Mini Tab Ultra-Light’ are pretty close. Their socks are guaranteed for life. Buy a couple pair at a time until you’ve got a reasonable selection that you like.

      I’m cheap on most things, but always spent more on good socks and shoes.

      The transition from Gold Toe to Darn Tough was eye watering, but in the end am exceptionally pleased.

  29. I agree, goldtoes are not what they used to be. The last couple packages (black) were terrible. My fingers ripped right through the top of the first one I went to pull on. Hole in another on the toe after a being worn a couple times. Seam at top not sown……time to fine a new sock.

    • AGREE 100%. Gold Toe socks used to be the bomb. I’d buy a couple packs and they’d last for a few years – even with plenty of use (half hour on the treadmill daily).

      The last two times I bought them, they have holes in them within 6 months, tops. They’ve just totally gone to crap.

      I presume they’ll just coast on their name for a while until enough people quit buying them – rake in plenty of cash, and then go out of business with J.C. Penney and Sears.

      Such a disappointment to have such a consistently quality product all of a sudden go to the toilet.

  30. New Gildan black crew socks weigh 2.0 oz a pair, while the old ones weigh 2.5 oz. after several washings. I won’t be buying Gildan anymore if that’s the way they treat their loyal customers. As a diabetic, this change makes the new ones utterly worthless to me.

  31. I have always worn Gold Toe Calf Length White Socks. I agree with the other comments that they aren’t the same as they used to be.

    I just purchased several new pairs again and the first time I wear them a hole wears above the heel on the ankle seam plus a few have holes on the side of the toe! I am now looking at 16 socks (8 pairs) that have these holes in them!

    I’ve bought Gold Toe Socks for years with no problem until the last two batches. There has to be a problem with the manufacturing of them on the seams because the rest of the sock seems to be same the quality.

    I can’t keep throwing away socks because of these holes!

    Please let me know what could be causing these problems & if you’re willing to compensate! Thank You!

    Bill Carlton

    • heya bill — thanks for stopping by and sharing your comments about gold toe socks.

      if you need assistance with your purchase, you’ll have to contact the company (gildan) directly.

      • Tug—

        Gildan responds more promptly and generously to bloggers than to the average customer.
        I have been quarreling with their contracted Customer Service in Barbados for weeks, because I’m not important enough for any U.S. representative to interface and retain as a customer.
        As a blogger on this topic, the positive response you received from them is unique. The rest of us are basically shit out of luck!

      • hey yesenia, yeah i totally get it.

        i’m sorry you’re having such bad luck dealing with their customer service.

        unless something changes, i suspect there will continue to be either systemic or occasional quality issues with gold toe socks.

        i’m going to tweet out to gildan and point them back here — let’s see if they do anything.

  32. I’ve been wearing Gold Toe socks for more than thirty years. I wore the thinner dress version for many of those years. Those old socks are still going strong. I switched to a thicker cotton sock several years ago and loved them. When I ordered more, they weren’t the same sock. These had a sewn fold over band at the top. Yesterday, my foot felt funny at the toe and the reason was my toe was sticking out through the sock. This has never happened with a Gold Toe sock I’ve owned. Today I’ve got a hole in the toe of the sock on the other foot and a hole in the sole area. Now I’m not especially hard on socks. These are hand washed and never put through a machine or hot dryer. i didn’t really care for the new changes and now I really don’t like these new socks. They are pure crap. Bring my trustworthy Gold Toes back.

  33. I have gold toe socks and every time I take them off I have yarn on the floor. They are messy and why do I have a cotton ball on the floor or in the shower as fabric sticks to my feet. Do you have a better sock that does not have fabric that comes off the sock?

    Dave Wahl

  34. I agree. Quality has gone way down. My father whore gold toe forever and I followed his lead. In the last several years I have noticed that they wear out really fast.

    I am also in the market for a new brand of socks.


  35. I am so upset about the Gold Toe socks I have been purchasing for my husband for many years.

    I purchase the acrylic because the foot doctors tell us that cotton keeps the moisture in the sock. The Fluffies were the best but now I need to purchase more and find that the Fluffies have the top of the sock with a “band” instead of plain.

    WHY? Why would you change the best sock ever sold?

    I went on this website and find that I am not the only one disappointed. Why is it that when we all find a good product, it changes and leaves us hanging. I am not listening to my husband rant and rave about his socks. This change is just terrible! Let us go back to American made Gold Toe socks, PLEASE.

    I also found that the Gildan T-shirts are just so tight and the fabric is miserable. I took them back but was told that that is what is available now. After reading the other comments above, I am very sad for all of us.

    I am using my last stash of sock I have bought over the years and the tags say Made in USA and the others say made in Mexico.

    Well, I have lived many years and see so many wonderful pieces of clothing go down hill but I never thought that his socks would be not a good product. If this is progress, what will be the future of good quality of anything?

    I am very sad. Thanks for the opportunity to tell you my thoughts. ED

  36. Yes, Gold Toe is not the same and I will not buy them any longer. ‘Been buying them for 50 years.

    But the list supplied of American sock companies, is horrible so far. I’ve searched on the first 7 links, and am exasperated.

    Who wants to look through hundreds of colored designs? Near impossible to find all white socks on these links. A

    nd worst, the fabric used is none, or almost no Cotton.

    So, so far, I have not found a replacement for the Gold Toe I used to love.

    I know I have 29 more links to click on, but thus far it looks like the American companies are out of touch with how to do business by forcing people to look at all their “fashion” socks and hiding, or not making, white sport socks.

  37. I too have been wearing Gold Toe sweat socks for years, white, gray, and black. I last bought them in volume four or more years ago, and those old socks are now finally worn out.

    When I went out to buy replacements, I was surprised that I could not find Golf Toe socks at any of the high-quality retailers where I found them in the past (not deluxe retailers, but places with dependable quality in their apparel).

    When I found them in a more middle-quality/bargain retailer, I bought a number of the six-pack packages. Soon after I bought the socks, I saw the same socks at a discount retailer, which worried me about what I had just bought elsewhere.)

    Well, my worries proved to be prescient.

    The new socks are thinner, with less cushioning, and less elasticity. They are even narrower, for Pete’s sake! Today, the first day I wore the new socks, my feet are aching after a few hours of wear, and an old foot injury has flared up because the socks were so constrictive.

    And by the way, to avoid any possible shrinkage problems, just in case, when we washed the socks for the first time (and before wearing), we did so with cold water, and we line-dried them. No consumer error there- even though you should be able to wash good socks in warm water and throw them in the dryer without any problems.

    The new socks seem like some el-cheapo socks that are best thrown away after one use- or better yet, never bought at all. These socks are going to the donation bin with the hope that someone might be able to use them (maybe someone with very narrow feet!)

    Like others who have posted here, I feel strongly that my latest Gold Toe purchase was a complete waste of money. This latest Gold Toe purchase will be my last- never again.

    Despite the previously cited long response from the company rep, it is clear to me that the product I bought (and in volume) is very much inferior to that which I had been using for many years.

    I’m adding Gold Toe to an ever-lengthening list of companies that, IMHO, have downgraded their products simply to increase profit margin, while maintaining prices, and demonstrating a disregard/disdain/contempt for the consumer- even loyal customers.

    If Gold Toe says it intended to maintain product quality despite changing its providers, well, that sounds nice, but even if true, the product has suffered mightily.

    At the very least , even if Gold Toe was trying to maintain the quality of the products, Gold Toe wasn’t very good at its quality control — did they outsource that too?

  38. I’ve been wearing Gold Toe socks for decades. It’s virtually the only brand I’ve been buying except for some merino wool socks.

    The last 3 GT pairs I bought (before this week) were the short white crew with gray heels. All 3 pairs have developed holes in the heels, even as my older GT socks are still going strong.

    I went to Macy’s, my usual source, to discover the packaging has changed. No more single pairs or 3 packs, only larger packs, which I did not want to take a chance on.

    I bought a 3 pack of the GT “Ultra Tec” short crew socks from Amazon, which are more expensive ($18/3) than the “Cushion Cotton Crew” ($16/4). We’ll see how these new ones hold up, but I now have an eye out for a new brand.

    I would pay a little more for better quality and consistency, both of which seem to be getting harder to find in menswear.

    There are still a few reliable American brands (like Alden and Allen Edmonds shoes, or LL Bean), but I’m afraid GT no longer is among them.

  39. I wanted to update my experience with the socks Gildan sent me.

    I have to give 2 thumbs up to Gildan on their response and sending me a plethora of socks to try. Thanks Tug, for contacting them.

    Regarding the response to the review, I was somewhat surprised and relieved to see I was not the only one with issues on the quality. Gildan sent me quite a few of socks to try out; unfortunately half of them used synthetics in the bulk which make my feet sweat, so I didn’t use them.

    I did use 2 sets of black cushioned cotton crew socks (12 total. I was wary since they came also from Honduras, but they performed much better.

    I did not get any random holes, nor did any part of the socks deteriorate prematurely. I am down to 6 pair that needed to be replaced 2 months ago, haha, with only 3 having not worn out the heels (a little over frugal) I can’t complain about the use I got out of them.

    However, I have to agree that the old Gold Toe is gone, and Gildan with the Gold Toe name is here.

    I miss my old Gold Toes for their quality/durability, and feel. C’est la vie.

    I am glad to see you posted American Made alternatives. If I find something that resembles old Gold Toe quality/value, I will let you know.

    Thanks again for your great site.

  40. Hi All,

    I’ve been an avid user of Gold Toe since the 1990’s and ran into the same problem with Gildan. Lots of promise, but no follow up.

    I live in the UK and had my daughter pick up 30 pairs of Gold Toe socks and ship them as the local quality of socks is pretty limp on a good day, and exceptionally expensive if there is any quality in them at all.

    Out of the 30 pairs I’ve purchased, almost every pair has started to die. I often will wear a few pairs new, then supplement the population with a couple new ones.

    The new pair I am wearing today is exceptionally thin and know they will be in the bin shortly.

    Gold Toe used to be awesome, however with many clothing lines, especially the big branded ones, have become limp, lame and tatty over time as the clothing industry competes to gain a part of the market share.

    I hope to try some of the better ones mentioned earlier in the post.

    • I’ve found some good socks. The Darn Tough brand are really good. You can see the quality built into them and can’t beat the warranty eg lifetime. They are going to cost more, but by buying them on sale and slowly building up your stock you can begin to throw out the tatty gold toes.

      • heya john — yeah, i’ve heard some great stuff about darn tough socks. i’ll have to take a look at their offering.

        i generally wear over the calf socks, that are not too thick — so hopefully they have something i like (:

  41. I’m not alone. Basically, my comments are identical to everyone else’s.

    I’m really particular about how my underwear feels. I’ve been wearing only goldtoe socks for decades – the best.

    I used to get Décor Knit over the calf. Then they discontinued them and I found the Canterbury O.T.C.

    I just restocked and immediately I could tell the quality was different – thinner, different feel, looser, cheaper, etc.

    Then I saw they had been bought out by Guildan, obviously a lower end brand company looking to maximize profit regardless of the reputation Goldtoe took years to develop.

    I’m most upset because I don’t know who to go to, to find the kind of socks I like. I wish our opinions would actually make a difference to these companies.

    They pretend like they do and write very well constructed letters and responses but they have no substance. It’s a little game that starts at the top and is enforced downward.

    If you cared about your quality and reputation you would have your socks tested by consumers before you put them out in the marketplace.

    But they don’t. So sad. Meanwhile I have no socks.

    • hey dan, have you checked out this article:

      there are several brands that i’ve heard about that are either known to be good quality or have guarantees on their socks.

      brands that come to mind are: thorlos, wigwam, and darn tough (life guarantee).

      maybe one of the brands on that list would be a suitable alternative to gold toe?

    • Gildan’s PR response is mostly irrelevant.

      Who cares where socks are manufactured if those subcontractors are meeting Gold Toe’s set standards?

      I bought their Windsor Wool line for decades and paid a premium price because it was a quality product.

      The new version either has less wool or a cheaper variety because whereas the old socks would lay flat, the new version crinkles up and is difficult to pull on.

      Also, the new ones pick up an unbelievable amount of lint.

      The PR people need to address the CHANGES they made to the weave/fabric content of the socks – that is the only important issue here !

      • totally fair point joshua.

        i understand that some brands can run into quality issues when they change supply chain partners.

        but if people are still experiencing quality issues after nearly 2.5 years, gildan either has ignored the issue entirely, or they had so much product in the market, that consumers are still buying stuff that was manufactured when they were having quality issues.

        i don’t know which it is, but i suspect they’ve partially ignored the issue.

        if a brand truly believes they have quality issues, and care about the consumer experience, they have the ability to recall all defective product from their supply chain.

        i’m not saying that would be easy, but it is possible.

    • Unfortunately I have also discovered that Gold Toe socks once a Premium brand, which I have been personally wearing since the mid 90’s are now an overseas manufactured piece of trash.

      As a sock reseller I had been able to get American and Overseas Made, high quality socks for the past 40 Years. Slowly that began to change.

      but suddenly around 2010 the availability of high quality socks dried up as the last of the American manufacturers left for China.

      Our sock Wholesalers just told us they were no longer being made available to them,

      in fact a couple of long time players just folded, “overnight!”

  42. I have been buying Gold Toe socks for years. They lasted for years, too, but I recently had to replace some and bought several pair.

    The new socks are made from a different material, and my feet now slide around in my shoes.

    The response you got from the Gold Toe PR person was BS. They are committed to customer satisfaction?

    So if you take a few hours out of your day to return the socks, they will send you another pair of junk?

    No thanks. I’m done with Gold Toe.

    • You are not alone in your angst, the question is what brand and where?

      I have been buying Gold Toe for the past 25 years or so, and before that I was buying Van Heusen.

  43. I have purchased Gold Toe socks for forty plus years. The last three times I purchased white crew socks they wore out within just a few wearings (no more than two months). Obviously Gold Toe has compromised their quality. I won’t waste another penny on this brand.

    • thanks for the info wade. i’ve just got some goldtoe socks from the folks at gildan, so i’m gonna run them through their paces and see how they do.

  44. I’ve been buying Gold Toe socks for years. To keep things simple, I wear them out and completely replace them so I know how old all of them are. I have specifically noticed that in the last two replacement cycles, (I buy a lot at a time) they’ve worn out sooner.

    Sometimes a seem isn’t right, but mostly I’ve noticed the insides grow rough faster. They seem thinner quicker.

    I searched out this site also looking for an alternative after years of trusting this brand. I did not realize the brand had been purchased. I have seen this happen with a variety of other products in the past. Important thing to do is to recognize when its happened and be light on your feet. Goodbye Gold Toe.

  45. The new white crew gold toe socks I bought fell apart in a week.

    The stretch disappeared and they had holes after only three or four wearings.

    As others have reported, the older version of the socks are holding up great; the newer versions are a complete waste of money. Shame on gold toe.

    I will being looking for a new sock for everyday wear and have noted the suggestions made in this forum.

    It is so sad to see gold toe throw away its reputation. And i am angry that I wasted my money.

    • So totally agree. The problem for me is, Goldtoe was the only sock manufacturer that was just a sock manufacturer.

      They had many many varieties and I found exactly what I like and I’ve been wearing them for years and years, probably decades! So, how do I find a company that makes the quality socks that goldtoe used to make. I only wear over the calf (very hard to find choices in over-the-calf)and I’m specific about the fabric blend.

      I used to wear the décor knit until they discontinued them and since I’ve been wearing the Canterbury OTC dress socks. Also their black and white athletic OTC socks, now referred to as Tech-21.

      Just did a stock up in December 2016 and immediately I could tell and feel the difference, thinner, cheaper, not finished nicely, changed appearance after the first washing.

      Shame on goldtoe (or Gildan?) is right. And goodbye Goldtoe.

      Meanwhile, I don’t want trendy designer socks that change style, design and fiber content every season or cheap low-end socks.

      Does anyone know who competes with gold toe and has maintained a high level of quality?

      • I, too, used to be a big fan of Gold Toe socks for women–basic black crew socks–but in the past few years, the heels all blow out within a few months. I’ve never had that problem in the past. Thank you for posting this article and calling for comments. How many of us, though, keep the original packaging as implied in the offer to let us return them above? I’m looking for a replacement brand if others have one please let me know. I will file a complaint and request for a refund at the email provided above. Thank you for this post!

  46. I sought out this site because I also have noted a marked decline in the quality of Gold Toe socks.

    I have some over-the-calf Gold Toe socks that I bought perhaps 20 years ago. They are still fine!

    But socks bought in the last five years or so … even those worn infrequently … already have thin spots. They aren’t what they used to be.

    • I have the exact same issue. the newer socks are not as substantial or as heavy material wise and wear out sooner. they also do not come up as high over my calf as my older ones did. I know that they have purposely cut back on cost… it is the only explanation. I wish they would just raise the price! they fail to know their market.

  47. I purchase 6 pairs of men gold toe socks at Belks and within 1 to 2 weeks, the socks develop holes in the balls of the foot in the socks ! they are made very thin and poorly made . I never purchase another pair of them again ! they aren’t worth the money you pay for them !

  48. I searched out this site because I wanted to know if there were others who also are disappointed in the declining quality of Gold Toe socks. This company is throwing away their reputation of quality, likely for a larger profit margin. Now I have to find a new brand of sock.

  49. I have also been a buyer of gold toe socks for women. They have always been of good quality. Recently I bought 3 pairs at Kohl’s and within three weeks I have holes in the toes of 3 socks. These socks are expensive and you expect them to last longer than 3 weeks. I will probably quit buying gold toes.

    • heya ellen!

      thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts about gold toe. seems like quality has dropped since gildan purchased them.

      plus, since this article was published in march of this year, it would appear that they still haven’t worked out the issues with production. maybe they are just giving customers a little lip-service, yet doing nothing to fix the actual problem.

      though there is a remote possibility that you purchased socks from old stock too, and they have some new stock in the system is better, but who knows. i’m only speculating.

      one of my long time readers and occasional site contributor (chris h) says he really love the brand of socks called ‘ecosox’

      you may also want to look at this article of american made socks for some more ideas (:

      good luck!

  50. I just bought a half a dozen pairs of over the calf socks from gold toe. It was the only brand that I wear. I have developed holes in 3 socks in 2 weeks. The quality didn’t slip it dropped. I now have to find a new brand of socks.

  51. I have bought gold toes for 30 years. It is clear that the quality has declined. They are thinner at purchase than they used to be. Also, the stitching in the toes is done with thinner thread and less accurately than previous renditions and the elastic in the ankles doesn’t hold up. I buy crew black fluffies for men and I have usually bought three three packs at a time in Maceys or JCP, but they don’t even have them all the time. I would bet the fluffies I would buy now would be thinner than the last batch I bought.

    Why wreck a good brand?? They still demand the same price they always have, but with lower quality. If they intend to cheapen the quality, they should reduce the price. For the price, the alternatives look better.

    • heya david — thanks man. appreciate you stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

      it’s a little unfortunate to hear that quality might be going down on a once well regarded brand of socks.

  52. I actually returned some Gold Toe dress socks to Macy’s last week. It was the first time I remember getting that brand, and wanted a quality sock that would stay up. I had a problem with the socks slipping inside my dress shoes, leaving extra sock past my toes. I don’t think I’ve ever had that happen to be before while wearing shoes.

    • thanks for sharing that info joe. very strange issue — almost as if the socks were too loose or something.

      i’ve experienced that issue before too, not specifically with gold toe socks, but i really hate it when that happens. i usually wind up throwing any socks that do that away.

      in general with socks my issues are the heel fitting correctly and the sock not sliding down to my ankle during the day.

      the first one (heel fitting correct) is a huge pet peeve of mine, especially when socks are “supposed” to fit based on my shoe size.


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