GoBro: Tear Away Tank Tops (Kickstarter)

If you’ve ever wanted to be like Hulk Hogan and tear off your tank top, you’re in luck:

GoBroTanks creates innovative tearaway tank tops that rip off with a quick pull.

Its patent pending break away design can be detached and reattached over and over, so you’ll always be ready to “GoBro”.

Whether you’re at the pool, beach or backyard BBQ, the GoBo Tank puts you at the center of attention and is guaranteed to turn any average get together into an epic party!

These American made tanks are not only super fun but comfortable, subtle and bro-ishly classy.

GoBro Founder Nate Chambers is looking to raise $24,000 on Kickstarter to take GoBro from prototype to production.

GoBro Tear Away Tanks Kickstarter Video

GoBro Tear Away Tanks


GoBro Tear Away Tanks – How They Work


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