ASDA Introduces George-Brand Bodysculpt All-in-One (Mansie) Shapewear

It’s been just over a year since we received word of a George-brand shapewear product coming out of UK supermarket/clothing chain ASDA, but the new All-in-One is definitely something to talk about.

We first heard of the $16 USD George-brand Shape Enhancer T-shirt back in December of 2010. By all accounts, it out-performed many of the more expensive competitors. The trouble was, the company sold out of the shaper t-shirt within four minutes of going online, and I was never able to get my hands one one.

Then, in August 2011, came the $16 USD high-waisted Body Sculpt Trunks.  

ASDA George-brand Shaper is similar to other Slimming Underwear products like:

  • 2(x)ist FORM
  • Undergear Shape Enhancer Brief
  • Lumbarwear
  • GearCom Micromassage Sport Waist Cincher Support Boxer

These too sold out in minutes, and in fact their product page was taken off line temporarily as a result.

Now ASDA goes one step further by introducing their new $24 USD Bodysculpt All-in-One shaper.


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ASDA Bodysculpt All-In-One Shaper Details

  • Bodysculpt All-In-One
  • Description: Bodysculpt all in one shape enhancer with compression fabric for overall body shape improvement, ventilated panels for cooling and stops body odour.
  • Price: £15.00 ($24 USD)
  • Color: Black
  • Fabric: 83% Polyamide / 17% Elastane
  • Sizes: M-L, L-XL

Bodyscuplt All-In-One Photos

Photo Credit: Daily Mail UK Article

What Do You Think?

Would you wear a one-piece shaper/compression garment like this George-brand Bodysculpt All-in-One??


Sweat Proof Undershirts

9 thoughts on “ASDA Introduces George-Brand Bodysculpt All-in-One (Mansie) Shapewear”

  1. Yes, I’d wear one but with most stuff like this, I’d have to alter it. Something that fits a 6’2″ guy isn’t going to fit me.LOL It would be too long in the body!

      • Am on holiday at moment but its been ordered and arrived, just be a week before I get to try it n and let you guys know

      • Lets set the scene slightly, I’m 5ft 7 and in American money about 185lbs, up until a few months ago I was 217lbs but have been successfully losing it. My beer belly and moobs and still too big for my liking hence I was thrilled to be able to get one of these mansies from Asda.

        Is available in two sizes m/l and l/XL so I got the m/l size which for my shape was the best decision.

        The first thing I noticed was it was quite tight around the thighs and legs, not uncomfortable, more reassuring I suppose, anyway after finally stepping into it (in the privacy of my own room with the curtains closed) you really feel the reinforced panel around the stomach area. It is ribbed and stretchy but much tighter than the feel of the shorts part. It takes a few minutes to get used to as it originally started to feel it was having a Velcro effect on my hairy chest which would be quite a significant design flaw for a male underwear garment, however it doesn’t actually pick the hairs it is just the strange sensation of the ribbing slightly opening and closing as you move which rubs across your body… It is a funny feeling but again, not unpleasant.

        So it’s on and I look in the mirror to get the “silhouette” which Gok Wan has been telling women to get once they are strapped into spandex and I am pleasantly surprised. My stomach does look less prominent and the love handles (still there) seem reduced as well – however as I have always said, black can hide a multitude of sins and as that is the only colour available for this it could have been a trick of the light. So on come the clothes.

        I deliberately chose a white shirt and a tightish black tank top (think Chandler from Friends) I love this top but haven’t worn it for years as it just accentuates everything badly however I put it on and genuinely was surprised. It seemed to fit better, was a bit looser around the middle and, dare I brag, looked quite good.

        It has a fly on the right hand side providing easy access for nipping to the loo although other ablutions will obviously need a little more disrobing.

        I wore it all day and while I always knew I was wearing it it was still comfortable and reassuring.

        However – a couple of negative points. It is a one size fits all and I felt I was just a little bit too small in height for it. Not enough for me to send it back certainly not, but the straps on the shoulders felt a little bit loose on my frame.

        Also (unlike the impression the picture above may give) it really doesn’t add any support to the pectoral area, so if you have moob issues there really isn’t enough compression in this top to eliminate it (again though, was this my height, the man above looks taller than me, maybe his fits better)
        Finally the ribbed paneling around the waist did seem to bunch a bit when I sat down, it didn’t really bother me but I wonder if you were wearing a very tight shirt over it then it might be noticeable.

        Summary – for the price you really can’t go wrong. £15 is a steal and I think I will get a couple more to keep around. I wouldn’t wear it every day… Although why not…

        Ideally suited to someone a bit taller than me, and I have to be honest, this isn’t a magic garment, if you were to get the larger size I don’t know how much it would be able to hide. The compression ribbing isn’t overly strong and it encourages you to stand better and breath in as well. All these things do change the way you will look but I don’t know if it would be strong enough to make an impression on a larger frame than mine.

        Only available in black (a white option would be nice).

      • hey james! man, so sorry for my delayed response, but things are so crazy over here at tug hq!

        thanks so much for providing all the details about the all-in-one. in fact, you’ve provided so much great feedback, i’m going to add this to my reviews section to.

        let me ask a quick question though, if i sent you some money via paypal, would you order some george/asda gear for me and send it to me here in the states?

    • me too joe. if you don’t have any friends/family that live in uk, than maybe you can find a mail forwarding service – a virtual mailing address in uk that will provide a uk address and forward you the package where ever you live.


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