George Bodyscuplt Shape Enhancer T-Shirt Review

Let me tell you, it pays to have a “friendly” who lives in another country.

Shortly after writing an article about the new Asda George-brand Bodysculpt All-in-One Shaper, only available in the UK, James from the UK stopped by the site and let us know that he decided to give the Mansie a try. After a bit of wear, he wrote up a great Bodysculpt All-in-One Review in the comments section of the article.

I’ve always wanted to try out the line of body shapers from Asda, but because they are only available in the UK, and does not ship to the U.S., I’ve never been able to.

I thought why not ask James if he’d be willing to be pick some up for me, and after a bit of back and forth, he kindly agreed to purchase a couple of the George-brand Bodysculpt products on my behalf and send it to me here in the U.S. so I could give the products a try!

He also was great enough to write an additional review, but this time he wrote about his personal experience wearing the George Bodysculpt Shape Enhancer T-shirt.

Here’s what James has to say about shaper t-shirt from Asda, and down below I threw in a few comments of my own.


Rules to wearing undershirts

Asda Shape Enhancer Review

By: James

Asda is a large supermarket chain in the UK (now owned by Walmart but retaining the Asda brand) they are a cheaper supermarket which has its own range of clothing called “George” for men, women and children.

Surprisingly over the last year they have introduced male shape wear to the range, they aren’t even pretending to call it a compression item. Labelled as “Body Shape Sculpt Enhancer” they are dripping with manly testosterone, you can’t help but say it and not want to crush a can with your bare hands! But these are shapewear pure and simple.

asda-body-sculpt-shirtAsda George Shapewear Selection

They have three items:

All three items are available on line (to UK residents only) but I have only ever been able to find the shirt actually in store, it is tucked away with the vests and underwear. There is no publicity for it, no displays, no signs advertising it – in fact I’m almost hesitant to review it as I feel I’m letting you all in on a secret!

The shirt is available in black or white and in two sizes, M/L and L/XL. I chose the M/L size to suit my body type (5″7 182lbs) and the first thing you will notice when it comes out of the packaging is just how bloody small it is! It genuinely looks like an accessory for a doll – but my goodness it stretches well.

Once you squeeze yourself into it you will instantly see the effects. It tightens the stomach area and smooths out the love handles as well. There is also some compression on the pectoral area but if I’m honest I would have liked a bit more. That’s a personal thing, as I feel I have bigger “moobs” since my weight loss. But there is still compression on top which is a good thing, it isn’t just focused on the tummy area.

George Bodysculpt items in-store

Once your top shirt is put on you will be amazed at how it is smoothing you down, I felt so much more confident at the Christmas party and received many compliments on my weight loss which boosted my ego like you wouldn’t believe.

Taking it off was a bit of a comedic struggle, I tried pulling the back over me but it ended up stretching over my head but actually not moving off me! It has taken me a couple of attempts now to take it off while still trying to maintain some level of dignity – but I didn’t buy it for the ease of [putting it on, or] taking off — I bought it for the slimming effect and that part works.

As soon as I bought one and saw how good they are I bought the other colour. I have since bought 2 more as I am now wearing them (almost) everyday as a general undershirt.

They have (so far) retained the shape and colour but please check the washing instructions for increased longevity.

I bought a shape wear vest a couple of years ago which was three times the price and was utter rubbish, I cannot reiterate enough just what good value I have found these. They are a budget-priced shirt with a result I would expect from a high end brand. They are at a price where you can conceivably wear them everyday and I would recommend them to anyone.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who has tried the large size and see how effective that one is, but for me and the M/L size I am extremely pleased and urge all your non-UK followers to befriend a Limey and get them to send you one.

Tug’s Thoughts of the George Bodyscuplt Products

I’ll keep it short and simple:

George Shaper T-Shirt

  • Size M/L, Black (I’m about 175lbs, 5’9″)
  • Great fabric, great fit. Very comfortable. The polyamide (nylon) / spandex blend fabric has a soft hand and feels a lot like at cotton / spandex blend. Frankly, one of the more comfortable synthetic shapers I’ve tried recently
  • Moderate chest flattening. If you’re pecs aren’t as tight as you’d like them to be, like me, you’ll be very pleased with comfortable chest compression you’ll get wearing this shaper
  • Moderate midsection/stomach compression. If you’ve got a little love-handle action, and have an average build like me, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the shaping this $16 Bodysculpt undershirt provides. Once I popped the t-shirt on (I’m wearing it now) my slightly protruding waistline smoothed out and I looked slightly more svelte.
  • Although the retail price tag is $16 USD, the fully-loaded cost for me to get the T-shirt and All-in-One was about $24 each.  If my cost was just a hair over $16, I’d say it’s one of the best values in Slimming/Shaping undershirts I’ve personally experienced. But, at $24 per, I’d have to take a closer look at the longer list of Men’s Shaping Shirts to know for sure.

George All-in-One Bodysculpt Shaper

  • Pretty much all of the above when it comes to fit and performance, with the following nuances
  • You have to step in the All-in-one and pull it up to get it on. Not good, or bad, just a fact
  • Since it’s one piece, you don’t have to worry about it coming untucked. The unified structure of the garment has it’s benefits
  • Not so great if you have to really “use” the restroom — do I have to spell it out? If you have to visit a toilet stall, and not just a urinal, you’re in for a bunch of work and inconvenience. You’d have to take off your shirt and pull the garment down to get your business done. Ugh.
  • While I like the concept of the All-in-one the preceding issue would really prevent me from wearing it more regularly


How to wear undershirts

12 thoughts on “George Bodyscuplt Shape Enhancer T-Shirt Review”

  1. I say I am a proud wearer of these tops, love them, but i’m quite gutted to find that Asda no longer stock them (I cannot find them in the shops any more, and they are no longer in stock on their website)

    Anyone know the manufacturer of them?

    • heya james, good to hear from you and thanks for stopping by my site and posting your question!

      companies as large as asda will either use 3rd party apparel manufacturers on a one-off basis to offer products like this, or in some cases with “house brands”, they have a set of suppliers they deal with on a regular basis to manufacture their apparel lines.

      the only way you can really tell is by looking at the rn# on the care label, but i would fully expect that the rn# on the bodysculpt would be assigned to asda or george (house brand). even if you did find out the mfg, you wouldn’t likely be able to order them directly from them, because it was likely a custom product for asda.

      i’ve seen a lot of copy-cat, low cost shapers popping up on and more recently on aliexpress, like i mentioned to this reader:

      i’ve thought for some time that this category is going to consolidate — and it looks like it’s slowing happening.

      good luck on your search and be sure to keep me posted if you find a suitable alternative that you really like!

      • Hi Tug

        Just noticed your reply while on another quest to get information out of Asda on these tee’s. I used to work with a sports clothes distributer and if I knew the manufacturer, I’m sure I could have worked a deal out on something like this. However after my first email to Asda, I failed to hear anything back from them, so i have sent them another email, even asking if they know of any stock they could recall from their shops for myself to buy.

        It’s been nearly a year since I last found them in Asda and I’m on my last tee, and all the others I have tried (tone-tee) and the likes, do not compare to the Asda design, look and feel.

        I’ve even looked on eBay, and aliexpress and the quality and looks of the tees on there do not look as good. I even checked another one you recommended and they are now out of stock too.

        God there must be a market for this kinda stuff or is it only us guys that like these products?

      • P.S for the people keeping an eye out. The Asda product number is: 4579049

        Made in Turkey with the following codes on the label:

        ANA 5054065615353
        860 1313 4284 200

        I did have a giggle though when it says made in Turkey but when flipping the label around it has Chinese on the back.

      • heya james! good to hear from you buddy!

        what other shapers have you tried?

        have you checked out ?

        men’s shapers aren’t as popular as they once were. there was a craze for a few years, then it all died away.

        if you’re looking for an undershirt that will give some smoothing, you may want to consider finding an undershirt with spandex/lycra/elastane, and sizing down for a tighter fit (:

        keep me posted on your search!

  2. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to find a site dedicated to reviewing undershirts, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a *good* one. Thanks!

    Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find the Asda/George shirts for sale anywhere. The Asda direct site only lists the trunks for men (,default,sc.html?q=bodysculpt), and reviews on those indicate that the top rolls down if you’re doing anything remotely physical. Nobody else seems to sell them (I checked Amazon and eBay’s US and UK sites,, and various Google searches). I would have loved a more affordable option like this.

    I just spent a stupid amount of money (even after their clearance pricing) on some Equmen shirts as they seem to be the cheapest “good ones” out there. Here’s hoping they actually ship (as it seems they’re going out of business) and that the shirts fit as I won’t be able to return them. :-/

    • @TUG: As a followup, if these ever become available again, could you drop a comment here so I could get a notification? I’d be very grateful. :-)

    • heya jason! good to hear from you buddy and thanks for stopping by my site and posting your thoughts and question!

      yeah, i think shaping/slimming undershirts will have a place in the men’s undershirt market for some time, but it won’t be a big enough opportunity to allow too many brands to stock them perpetually. there will likely only be a small handful of companies that stock regularly. or maybe some will do it seasonally. i guess we’ll see.

      i keep this master article of compression and slimming brands, and try to keep it updated as new brands emerge:

      note, for historical purposes, i don’t remove brands from the list if they go out of business or stop selling the items.

      in fact, i just heard from another long-time reader, and he said that hanes stopped selling their powerslim undershirt, which was a really good-priced, good value shaping undershirt. it didn’t have the greatest amount of compression, but it did it’s shaping job fairly well.

      i’m not sure i’ll remember to post a comment here if asda ever brings back the george shaping undershirt, so your best bet might be to subscribe to email list, or pop back by from time to time and search for george products (:

      you should be pretty pleased with equmen (assuming you will get them), though i feel those are more athletic-like and great for sporting activities. i tend to want to wear some other more daily-wear-like slimming undershirts over performance ones. they are closing down, due to the death of their founder back in july. though, they may reemerge sometime — you just never know.

      • Alright, I’m signed up for your newsletter. :-)

        I don’t typically wear undershirts, but figured it’d be nice to have some of these compression type ones for when I have to wear a dress shirt or when exercising to reduce “jiggle”. I’m 5’9″ 238 lbs (recently 250, making progress!) and anything more than a brisk walk makes the softer parts of me bounce around too much. I figure even if these are skin-tight (not a pretty site on me) they’ll work well as an undershirt.

        I saw a wife-beater that claimed to be slimming at a mall kiosk years ago (don’t know what brand), but wasn’t aware there were so many options available until I decided to try to find them and stumbled on your site.

      • heya jason, that’s great!

        i agree, slimming/shaping undershirts are great to wear in the situations you just mentioned. i wear a performance compression shirt/undershirt every time i go to the gym. and every once in a while, i’ll wear one as my base layer when i’m dressing up to smooth things out a little.

        i’m 5’9″ and float between 178 – 185lbs. i think i’m a little closer to 185 right now from working out (with a little more muscle tone), but i’ve always had a tough time around the midsection area — so i get what you mean about the jiggling thing. a compression shirt always makes me feel a little better when working out — minimizes the jiggle.

        i think that wife-beater/tank compression shirt you saw at the mall was either ardyss or leonisa, cause i saw one too a while back at the mall and i remembered that i already knew about them. i think it was ardyss actually, but not 100% sure.

        my recommendation would be to spend a little time on they have lots of options, and have lots of good info too.

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