George £10 High Waisted Bodysculpt Trunks. Now Available at Asda Online

8/16/2011 Update: As of just before 11am today, it appears the web page for this George-brand Bodysculpt trunk has been removed. I sent asda a message via Twitter asking about it and this is how they responded:

@undershirtguy I’m afraid they sold out pretty quickly. Back in stock soon.

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Just came across an announcement for George-brand high waisted bodyscult trunks (£10.00, $16.28 USD) from UK Supermarket Asda.

I wrote about another Asda shapewear product back at the end of last year, when I ran across an article saying that the George-brand Shape Enhancer T-Shirt (£8.00, $13.02) beat out the leading brand slimming undershirts by UK Consumer Review site Which?. Now Asda has just launched an equally affordable line of body shaping trunks.

Product Details

  • Brand: George
  • Product: Bodysculpt Trunks (Product Code: 3590514)
  • Price: £10.00, $16.28 USD
  • Fabric: 85% Polyamide (Nylon), 15% Elastane
  • Colors: White, Black (Available September 5th)
  • Sizes: M-L, L-XL
  • Description: George Bodysculpt high waisted shape enhacer trunks, made of compression fabric for overall body shape improvement these trunks also feature ventilated panels for cooling and panels for improved waist line and stomach shape

Product Photos

Product Feedback

I did a little checking online, and here is some feedback from others about these new bodysculpting trunks from Asda:

Asda’s male corset: does it work?

So off I toddle to the toilet to try it on. Now, there’s a problem with men’s pants that I’d like to tactfully address. It’s all to do with male psychology and the nether regions. Men do not like to think they wear small pants. So the tiniest of briefs tend to be branded “unfeasibly large pants for the obscenely endowed”. Therefore this medium-to-large corset is actually so tiny and so tight that it’s cutting off my circulation. Every time I type a sentence I have to stop for deep breaths. And now I’m sweating. And feeling obese (which I didn’t before), because all my fat is elegantly rolled up and bunched under my nipples. The corset claims to have ventilated panels for cooling, but I am yet to find them. I’m beginning to feel like a cross between Bridget Jones and Simon Cowell. Without the money.

8 thoughts on “George £10 High Waisted Bodysculpt Trunks. Now Available at Asda Online”

  1. Compressiongears stuff is more supportive then Lumbarwear. If you are looking for a comparable item, look as Solidea man. I think their stuff is made by the same company(Italian) but a lot more expensive. be aware that both product leave wavey imprints on you skin. LOL

  2. totally agree with you pat. really glad i found those pics.

    i pretty much have the same problem as the guy in the photo in that the waistbands of some underwear fitting more tightly around my waist makes my love handles look even bigger than they are.

    this was and has been my biggest gripe with “compression underwear” and is why i won’t really wear them very often. the waistbands are small and more tight, so my love handles stick out. i feel a lot more comfortable in my tradition wider waisted stretch boxer briefs. i got an early pair of equmen compression underwear which had that problem, and couldn’t see myself wearing them in an everyday scenario.

    i tried something similar to these a long time ago when i ran across lumbarwear, but these george-brand shaping boxer briefs from asda look like their waistline isn’t as high a lumbarwear’s was. comparatively, i think these would be more comfortable to wear.

    these look a lot like the form shapewear from 2(x)ist, and is something i definitely want to try.

    the main issue for me is though, i don’t think i’d see myself wearing these daily. i’d likely only wear them on occasion when i wanted to wear a more form fitting dress shirt.

    what do you think?

    • Well it’s hard to tell because the shorts are in black. I do wish that retailers didn’t use black as the display model. You can’t see the details so it’s hard to tell what it really looks like on a monitor. Anyway, I have a pair of th form and Andrew Christian shorts.(very similar) They have a heavier, wide waist band. (6-8″) the top tends to flip down and I am not very bulgy at the waist and don’t have large love handles. This type of short does smooth things out but I think they would do just what you mentioned “Make the love handles look bigger.”

      I know that you mentioned Manshape shorts, those work pretty well. Also if you are looking for something that offer shaping without a heavy waistband look at good shaping w/o a heavy waistband.

      I agree that most of this stuff isn’t for daily wear. I might wear something like this once or twice a week. Whenever it’s important to look a little better.

      • thanks pat. fyi: if you look at asda’s website directly, you should be able to see a white version of the trunks.

        yeah, i’ve heard good things about manshape support briefs as well, but i am definitely not a briefs guy – if they made a support bottom in a boxer brief i would definitely give it a try.

        i’ve run across in the past as well, i just don’t have any of their products. in looking at the company’s website, their product line looks a lot like lumbarwear, but i’d have to see it up close to know for certain.

  3. Neat that the photos don’t show a rail thin, muscle man wearing the shorts. I think it give a more realistic impression of what the shorts will do.


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