G2 Men’s Boxer Brief Review

Jason, my resident Underwear aficionado, just got his hands on a pair of G2 Men’s Boxer Briefs from RibbedTee and decided to write-up this underwear product review.

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G2 Men’s Boxer Briefs Details

  • Website: ribbedtee.com
  • Price: $30 (Buy 3 or more, $28 each)
  • Colors: Black, Light Grey, Light Blue, Royal
  • Fabric: 86% CoolNylon / 14% Spandex, 4-way Stretch. 146gsm
  • Inseam(s): 4 inch
  • Other: Abrasion & odor resistant, hidden waistband
  • Description: Packed full of the latest innovations in design, fabric, and construction, our G2 Boxer Briefs will keep the boys happy and help you perform at your very best

G2 Men’s Boxer Briefs Photos

G2 Men’s Boxer Briefs Review

by: Jason

The RibbedTee trunks showed up this past weekend, and I was able to give them a test run.

“Someone finally just got rid of the waistband!”

That was my first thought when I saw the new G2 CoolNylon boxer briefs from RibbedTee.

It inevitably happens – no matter how many claims of “anti-roll waistband” you see, the first time you bend over to pick something up, it still pops over.

So, the guys at RibbedTee just removed it.

I had to try them out.

They are made from a nylon blend (86% CoolNylon / 14% Spandex, 4-way Stretch Interlock).

Think of something like you’d wear to play sports in (i.e. Under Armour Boxer Jock, Nike Pro, etc.)

They have a good, light stretch. Nothing too snug though.

I am usually a 32-33″ waist in pants/jeans, but opted for a Large (35-37) in these, which was the right call for me.

Their “hidden” waistband actually sat below my waist (bonus points for not pushing on the ol’ love handles!) which was interesting the first time you try them on with pants/shorts.

I’m usually one to steer toward more “natural” fibers in my day to day underclothes, but I’ll have to admit – I wore these out for work in an non air-conditioned building earlier this week, and the wicking was perfect.

I didn’t even notice them while the rest of me was covered in sweat.

(And honestly, I don’t really want to be thinking about my underwear during the day, so that was a bonus.)

The leg length is 4″, so it’s something between a trunk and a traditional boxer brief.

I did have a few times where they rode up my leg, but not enough to cause me grief about it.

(The only pair that I haven’t had any ride up with were the Tommy John’s, but they have an exceptionally long 8″ inseam.)

They come in 4 colors, and the optional contrast stitching is a nice touch.

The pouch was decent enough, without joining the “keep the package in a separate compartment” trend.

The Good:

  • Comfortable “hidden” waistband
  • Lightweight materials
  • Excellent wicking

The Not So Good:

  • Runs a bit small
  • Legs are slightly on the shorter side (personal preference)
  • Minor leg ride-up

Final Thoughts

All in all, I think RibbedTee has a potential winner with their new G2 series.

I’d like to see them expand their line with additional materials (maybe a cotton or modal blend, like their shirts?) and longer leg length (something in the 6-8″ inseam).

RibbedTee G3 Men’s Underwear Boxer Brief Review

Here’s a quick add-on write-up for the G3 Boxer Briefs that RibbedTee let me test out.

How does a company take something that is already pretty great, and make it even better?

That’s exactly what RibbedTee did with their newly released G3 Boxer Briefs!

As mentioned above, I was happy with the G2s, and only had a few tips on what I would recommend as possible updates. It looks like RibbedTee was able to take a few of those and incorporate them into the new version.

The G3s are the same signature CoolNylon fabric as the G2, and they still have the hidden waistband. But, the main differences/updates between G2 and G3 are:

  1. Longer leg length (perfect for no ride-up!)
  2. Redesigned pouch (provide a cleaner look, and more room)
  3. Moved lower pouch seam line lower inside gusset (for added comfort)

After trying these out, I was able to speak with Mike from RibbedTee in regards to future plans, and he mentioned that future options may include another longer leg length, as well as additional colors and fabrics.

I can’t wait to try them out.

2 thoughts on “G2 Men’s Boxer Brief Review”

  1. I’ve purchased several pairs of Gildan underwear and it seem to be a problem with the croche area. The underwear seems to wear fast and causes holes in that area.

    I love how they fit but that area wears fast. Any ideas why? Thanks concern consumer.


    • Hi Charles –

      It might depend on the fabric. Was it just a standard cotton boxer brief? Or a blend?

      Unfortunately, that spot is generally where most of our underwear, pants, etc. will wear first – due to the constant friction from moving & walking.

      You might try something that moves a bit.

      These G2’s (and the new G3’s) move pretty well, and/or the “Mr. Davis” boxer briefs have a panel built into the crotch area that helps it breathe and move easier.

      I’d say give them a shot and see how they wear.


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