Fruit of the Loom New Stay Tucked Crew (Video)

Fruit of the Loom is now promoting their new Stay Tucked Crew.

According to Fruit of the Loom, 60% of underwear consumers report that their undershirt shirts just didn’t stay tucked, sometimes even creating the dreaded “spare tire effect,” which has made “becoming untucked” a major factor in purchase decision.

Source: FastCompany

Fruit of the Loom Stay Tuck Crew Commercial

fruit-of-the-loom-stay-tuck-crew-neck-undershirtFruit of the Loom 6-Pack White Crew Neck Undershirts

  • Product Page
  • Price: $18.99 (On sale for $15.19)
  • Pack: 6-Pack (#2.66 each)
  • Color: White
  • Style: Crew Neck
  • Features: Stays Tucked, 100% Eversoft Cotton Fabric, Collar Lays Flat, Tag Free
  • Imported

I’ve reached out to my friends over at FotL to see if I can find out more details of this seemingly new offering.

Once I get more specifics, I’ll update this article!


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5/27/15 Update

Just read the official press release (link), and the company notes the following changes:

  • A perfected length so the shirt stays tucked all day
  • Reshaping of the sleeves to better contour to the body
  • Reengineered collar to provide added durability and a lay flat appearance
  • New EverSoft fabric for an even softer feel
  • A brighter white for a clean and crisp appearance.

More to come…


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6 thoughts on “Fruit of the Loom New Stay Tucked Crew (Video)”

  1. Hey Tug

    I hate when my undershirts don’t stay tucked in. I tried Jockey tall ones but found the sleeves too long when I wore polo shirts. Any recommendations that are long in the body but short/normal at the sleeve and won’t break the bank?


  2. I’m tall and these fit me perfect in large. I need the length and the sleeves are just how I like them, not loose. Are there other brands that fit like this? Thanks!

  3. Regarding the Fruit of the Loom Crew Men’s T-Shirt Redesign: I absolutely hate what they did to the sleeves.

    The manufacture made the arm openings smaller and therefor tighter which is incredibly uncomfortable. In addition, as a man, I sweat…that’s one of the reasons I wear t-shirts under a dress shirt. They arm openings are so tight that my sweat instantly sticks to the shirts making them stinky. Not cool.

    Any suggestions on other brands? After 20 years wearing Fruit of the Loom, I quit.
    EC in Denver

    • heya ec, thanks for stopping by and posting your thoughts about the fruit of the loom stay tucked crew.

      there are a ton of alternative undershirt options available today, so it’s hard to make a recommendation without more information about what’s important to you.

      if you want to provide some more details of what you’re looking for, i should be able to make a recommendation (:


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