What Style of Underwear Should You Wear? Take the Freshpair Underwear Quiz Today!

Happy National Underwear Day!

The festivities in NYC kick off in just a few minutes and the folks over at Freshpair will be live tweeting during the event from both the @freshpair and @freshpairwomen handles. They’ll also be sharing photos and video from the event as early as tomorrow morning.

If you’re wondering what kind of underwear you should be wearing, you might just want to head over and take the new Freshpair Underwear Quiz.

I just took it, answering the questions as accurately as possible, and this is what Freshpair recommended:

Now, I can definitely tell you the I am NOT a briefs guys, but I just might take a closer look at the Rated M Cycle Short as an addition to my workout wardrobe.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

Head over and take the Freshpair Underwear Quiz then come back here and let me know what Freshpair recommended for you!

Post your thoughts in the comments section below.


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