Forearm Length Undershirts? Undershirt Sleeves That Reach Your Elbow

Reader curious if I’d ever come across a mid-arm length sleeved undershirt

Great site with lots of helpful information! I have a problem that I think a lot of people run into.

When I wear some light colored dress shirts, they tend to be a bit see-through. To counter this effect, I wear an undershirt.

South Florida weather can get very humid so I always like to unbutton the top few buttons and roll my sleeves up on my dress shirt.

This is where I run into an undershirt predicament.

A short sleeve/tank top undershirt is clearly visible underneath the dress shirt, and a long sleeve undershirt will be exposed once I roll my sleeves up to mid-forearm or elbow length.

As far as I can tell there are no undershirts in mass production that cut off at the elbow or forearm.

So now I turn to “the guy”.

In all of your infinite undershirt wisdom do you know about any undershirts that can satisfy this common need?

I thought I had some leads with undershirts for scrubs, but came up empty handed.

I am particularly interested a v-neck or deep v-neck that won’t be exposed with a few top buttons undone.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Regards, Ross

Are There Elbow-Length Undershirts?

My response to Ross:

heya ross, good to hear from you and thanks for stopping by my site and sending in your question!

interesting timing on your question. in fact, not too long ago i received a similar email wondering if i ever ran across a company making elbow-sleeve length.

the short answer is no, i haven’t yet come across any undershirts like this, but here something to consider.

on google, try and search for:

  1. “3/4 sleeve men’s undershirts”
  2. “elbow-sleeve men’s undershirts”
  3. “elbow-length undershirts” (maybe purchase a ladies elbow-length lightweight tee?)
  4. “elbow sleeve tee”
  5. “elbow length sleeves”

the only undershirt i know of off-hand that has elbow-length sleeves is funkybod, but that’s a padded undershirt designed to make you look more muscular. i think it would be too much work to buy that and remove the pads, but it’s an option.

another idea would be for you to purchase a long-sleeve undershirt and have the sleeves hemmed to your desired length.

companies like tommy john, c-in2, and calvin klein make lightweight long-sleeve undershirts.

so maybe just buy one of those and take it to a seamstress and have s/he modify as needed.

keep me posted on what you decided to do. i’d love to hear about what undershirt you wind up with!

Tug Plug: “How To Roll Up Shirt Sleeves” (Video)

My good buddy Antonio Centenno from RealMenRealStyle created a how-to video on the proper way to Roll Up Shirt Sleeves, so I thought I’d share it since it’s on topic.


Now, back to undershirts (:

No Show Undershirts?

It dawned on me that I forgot to address one important item in my response to Ross.

He was troubled with the fact that his undershirts would show through his lighter-colored dress shirts, and I failed to mention how he could avoid that.

My follow-up to Ross:

heya ross,

it just occurred to me that i left out one piece of valuable information.

if you don’t want your undershirt showing under a light-colored dress shirt, you should consider wearing one that is neutral in color, like heather grey or something more body-toned.

check out this article for more information:


Have You Ever Come Across An Elbow-length Sleeve Undershirt?

If so, let me know about it in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “Forearm Length Undershirts? Undershirt Sleeves That Reach Your Elbow”

  1. [Keep this comment at the top.]
    Just found some women’s tees at Amazon.
    Don’t skim this page and give up, guys.
    All of you need to call all the companies
    all the time. Be the squeaky wheel!

  2. this product came by way of miguel, a reader who recently stopped by my site and was looking for an elbow length undershirt.

    also know as:
    a. half-sleeve undershirt
    b. 1/2 sleeve undershirt
    c. half-sleeve compression top
    d. 1/2 sleeve compression top

    product name: men’s eastbay evapor core half sleeve compression top

    note: use the search function and search for “half sleeve”.

    thanks to miguel for offering up that great find!


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