First Briefs Sold in 1935. How Jockey Got It’s Name

UNDERGARMENT (JOCKEY). Inventor: Arthur B. Kneibler. Patent number: 2019140. Filing date: May 29, 1935. Issue date: Oct 1935

Here’s a fun factoid of information. Did you know that the underwear brief first made it’s debut in 1935?

On today’s date (1/19) back in 1935 men’s briefs were first sold at Marshall Fields and in the first 3 months of being on the market, over 30,000 of them were sold!

Came across this interesting article on the Daily TWiP that chronicled the introduction of men’s briefs. Here’s a quick snippet from the article:

Briefs were the brainchild of Arthur Kniebler, an apparel engineer at Coopers Inc., a company that manufactured hosiery and undergarments. Kniebler did away with the leg sections of the drawers and reworked the fly, creating the now-ubiquitous Y-front design. The result was a comfortable, supportive undergarment that allowed for less restricted movement and permitted easy access for necessary activities.

Coopers named the new style the “Jockey,” as the level of support it offered the wearer was comparable to that of a jockstrap, which had been used by bicyclists and other athletes since the 1870s. The briefs sold so well that Coopers changed their name to help consumers identify them with their new style. The company is known as Jockey International, Inc. to this day.


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4 thoughts on “First Briefs Sold in 1935. How Jockey Got It’s Name”

  1. This is awesome. I love briefs. They are Mens underwear. The only problem I have with Jockey is they don’t fit tight. They should be more like jockstraps so they can live up to their name. I know Jockey makes tighter briefs now in days but they just aren’t the same. They are low-rise and skimpy.

    • I’m in my late 30’s and I wear Jockey Classic Y-front briefs(full rise) every day. I’ve been wearing briefs all my life ever since I was about around 5 years old.

      I went through many different brands through out the years and I’m glad I settled with Jockey Y-front.

      I still own a few pairs of CK’s which are very comfortable but lack the amazing support like the Jockey Y-front has.

      I have absolutely no issues with Jockeys Classic Y-front briefs with the exception that I wish they would come out with some really wild and bold colors like florescent yellow, green, orange, intense blue, etc..

      Though I have no problems with white (which I’ve been wearing all my life), a few wild colors thrown into the mix would be nice.

      • hey kevin — thanks for popping by and joining the conversation!

        if you can’t find some wild color jockey classic y-front briefs at the store, you may want to consider doing some testing with rit dye at home (:

        thinking tie-dye might be fun!

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