$17 Sweat Proof Undershirts and Underwear from FEELU

For those of you who sweat a little more than the average person, there’s been a relatively small selection of sweat-through resistant undergarments to choose from.

The players in this space include Tug advertisers Sutran and ADVADRI, plus Sweatshield Undershirts, Silverback, and of course long time player in this space Kleinerts.

If you narrow the list down a bit further and focus on more luxurious feeling sweat-absorbing undershirts, you’d only find two. Now try to find one under $20 – well that list, my friend, is empty. That is – until now.

Online retail newcomer FEELU is now selling their luxurious line of MicroModal based sweat-through resistant undershirts at a sub-20 dollar price point with a purchase of 4 or more items. Plus Free Shipping on all orders.

FEELU: MicroModal stretch undershirt with double-underarm and upper back protection.

It looks like many of my 2011 predictions are coming true.

Product Details


  • Styles: Crew Neck (710066002) & V-Neck (710066001)
  • Price: Single Item $25.90 (2pcs $23.90, 3pcs $21.90, 4-6pcs $19.90, 7-9pcs $17.90, 10+pcs $16.90)
  • Colors: White
  • Sizes: S – XL
  • Fabric: 96% micro modal, 4% spandex
  • Protection: Double layer underarm and in upper back region
  • Other features: Extra body length to stay tucked at lower body, no bunch up and ride up; slim look


  • Styles: Boxer Brief (710066011) & Traditional Brief (710066012)
  • Price: Boxer Brief $15.90 ($10.90 – $14.90 based on volume). Traditional Brief $14.90 ($9.90 – $13.90 based on volume)
  • Colors: White
  • Sizes: S – XL
  • Fabric: Fabric: 96% micro modal, 4% spandex


Sweat Proof Undershirts


Sweat Proof Undershirts

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