Faded Glory Undershirts. Discontinued By Walmart?

Question from a reader about the life expectancy of Faded Glory Undershirts from Walmart:

Is Faded Glory fading away?

Hello Tug, since you’re the undershirt guy, just wanted to know what the deal is with Faded Glory undershirts.

They have disappeared from Walmart site and the stores(in Houston,TX).

These are my absolute favorite, cheap and super comfortable (thin, soft sleeves, just the right length).

I cannot find them anywhere.


Rules to wearing undershirts

Please let me know the deal, or something comparable if you’ve ever reviewed them.

Thanks in advance.

faded glory undershirts: 3-pack crew neckWalmart’s Response About Faded Glory Undershirts

I reached out to Walmart Media Relations to see if they’d be willing to comment or provide an update on their plans for the Faded Glory Undershirts.

I was also curious of whether or not they were replacing Faded Glory with Gildan Undershirts.

Here’s what they had to say:

Hi Tug – So sorry for the delayed response.

I did want to let you know that Yes – We will continue to offer our Faded Glory t-shirts.

We also offer an assortment of t-shirts, socks and underwear from top brands such as Hanes, Fruit of the Loom and Russell at great prices.

Examples include:

  • Fruit of the Loom Basic T-shirt – $3.58 (currently on roll back from $4.47)
  • Hanes Crew Socks (6 pairs) – $7.96
  • Russell Men’s Short Sleeve Tee – $9.44

Not exactly sure why the Faded Glory Undershirts are not available for sale on Walmart.com.

Maybe they’re doing some seasonal rotation, or maybe they’re going to only offer them in certain locations of the country.

Maybe we’ll find out more soon.

Update: 4/16/14

Still slightly perplexed, I reached back out to my PR contact at Walmart. 

I asked for some clarification as to why the undershirts were no longer offered on the website. Additionally, I provided some product sku information to see if I could learn more.

After a bit of back and forth, got the following response:

We are always evaluating the needs and wants of our customers to ensure we are offering the right products.

We no longer carry the undershirts and tanks, but will continue to carry the Faded Glory t-shirts.

So, they’ve been discontinued — officially.

No word as to why. But, every time I’ve seen a product get discontinued, it simply because it either had bad sales numbers, or performed bad (high return/complaint rate).


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22 thoughts on “Faded Glory Undershirts. Discontinued By Walmart?”

  1. FG was the best quality undershirt on the market, not only for ‘that price’ but overall. I’ve bought $80 tanktop to compare to $6 FG I’ve had for 5 (FIVE!) years of weekly wear and had to return because the quality couldn’t compare. Such an awful decision by Walmart. It’s 2021 and they also discontinued Dri-more athletic cotton pants which were also of great quality. Those two brands were the only reason I ever went to Walmart.

  2. Since Walmart discontinued faded glory jeans, t shirts, etc and replace all mens shirts, t shirts, etc with George clothes, I will not shop Walmart, will move to Target or JC Penny. George clothes suck.

  3. Boo Walmart!! Faded Glory was my favorite!

    So now I will be going elsewhere to find them since you so discretely discarded one of your best items without letting your customers know!! And by the way, why are there no cashiers there after 11 p.m. and only self check outs then??!!

    I used to go around 2 a.m. to buy a large load of groceries because there were less people there and it was easier to shop then!! Now, you have made that impossible because I am not able to scan and load all those groceries on the self checking stalls!!!

    I have heart problems and need help for that!! So, now I do not go there as much to buy my groceries!!!

    Guess you only care about your abled bodied young customers after 11 p.m. I call that discrimination!!!

  4. Hey Tug, what is the best alternative for the FG undershirt? As mentioned by many, they fit perfectly and were very comfortable.

    • heya andrew — thanks for your question buddy!

      have you tried:
      1. gildan undershirts
      2. costco pima v-neck undershirts
      3. hanes comfortblend

      i don’t exactly recall the fit/feel of the faded glory undershirts, but overall, the above value-priced undershirts have been pretty decent performers for me, for the price.

  5. I miss them because I am very hot natured and live in the deep south. They provide protection for the outer shirt you have on, but are soooo light weight. Though light weight, they held up well. I was sad to open the last package I had squirreled away at home today. WHO MADE THESE, WHERE ELSE CAN THEY BE OBTAINED?

    • heya marco — faded glory is a “house” brand at walmart.

      this means that walmart controlled the production of this brand, and all if it’s products.

      you can’t get them anywhere else, with maybe one exception — ebay.

  6. I hear everyone talk about the longevity life of Faded Glory (FG) but here are 2 facts that no one has mentioned. I preferred FG A-shirts due to their covertness.

    When I wear a long-sleeve-button-up shirt with the top 2 buttons undone (not machismo, just stylish) I don’t like to have my undershirt showing. I’ve tried Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Target brands & many many more but every time the A-shirt is revealed like by an inch. I always see them popping out in pictures.

    FG A-shirts chest line was about an inch lower, hence you could wear an undershirt without it showing. Another reason FG was better than other A-shirts was their softness, they are lite and extremely comfortable on the skin.

    I’ve used every fabric softener on Hanes, Fruit-of-the-Loom, etc but those A-shirts always still feel harsh and dry.

    If you are lucky enough to still have a pair of FG A-shirts I challenge you to do the Pepsi challenge of what I just wrote & you will notice I am correct.

    • heya jc, thanks for your comments about the fg tank tops.

      i did a quick spot check on the depth of the collar (front drop) on my faded glory tank top, and it’s about 6″.

      i checked a few others, and noticed my munsingwear ribbed tank top has a much deeper/longer front drop than my faded glory ribbed tank top, almost 2″ deeper. my white fruit of the loom ribbed tank top has a deeper front drop as well, but maybe not so coincidentally, the black fruit of the loom tank top i have in the same size and style appears to have a shorter front drop.

      dunno of that is just a visual illusion or they are actually differently cut, but that’s what i noticed from my inventory.

      if you haven’t tried out the munsingwear ribbed tank top yet, and you’re looking for one with a deeper front drop, you might want to check it out. let me know if you do and what you think of it.

  7. Well Tug–I’m sure you’ve heard this saying before -that it don’t take much to make an ole man happy–and conversely it take a lot to tick him off–BUT Walmart has managed to do just that by discontinuing the Faded Glory tee Shirt!!!

    I have ones I’ve been wearing daily since 1998 and yes they are faded but still wearing great!!!! They so tuff they may wear out or someday tear up BUT not likely–I think they will just “fade away”!!!!

    Man, I hate it!!

    • yo richard — you know, it’s pretty funny. i thought about something similar pretty recently.

      some of my undershirts have lasted a good long while. and even though i’ve spent anywhere from $10 – $20 on some of them, because they last so long, i really could care less about how much they cost me.

      my guess is that either faded glory undershirts did not perform well for walmart from a sales point of view, or they were so durable the re-order rate was too low for the product line to be highly profitable for them.

      i mean think of it — you buy a 3-pack of undershirts for $10, and they last 10+ years! omg, what company would want to wait 10 years for customers to come back and purchase from them?

      no doubt these faded glory undershirts were a really good value, but maybe they were too good of a value.

      what do you think?

      • Great points, Tug!

        I’ve just stubbled upon your site in search of Faded Glory v-neck tees for my husband. He’s very hot natured, especially since we live in Texas, plus he’s a head sweater and an avid undershirt/white tee man.

        Thanks for your tip on the Pima’s at Costco. They actually no longer sell those but their Kirkland brand seems to have the ratings of a Faded Glory tee. The comments say the Kirkland Signature™ Mens V-Neck Tee 4-Pack-White are thin, larger in size, wider v-neck.

        Seems like the sleeves are longer than normal (sleeves are sticking out by 1/2 to 3/4 inches)… but my husband can cut the sleeves a bit so he can wear under his work shirts, polos, and hunting gear.

        If you happen to come across any light weight v-neck tees, please share the info. I’ve signed up for new posts from your site.

      • heya vivianna,

        good to hear from you and thanks for stopping by and posting your comment!

        actually, the “Kirkland Signature™ Mens V-Neck Tee 4-Pack-White” are the costco pima v-neck undershirts i wrote about.

        you should see on the package graphics the word “pima” in the description on the picture of the shirt: “men’s v-neck pima cotton 4 pack”. that said, sounds like the sleeves are too long to wear under your husband’s short sleeve shirts.

        since you live in texas, i’d recommend that you have him try some cool light weight undershirts.

        you may not be able to get the uniqlo airism undershirts right now online, but if you know someone in one of the uniqlo retail store location areas, then you may be able to charm them into checking out a store and sending you some if they have them.

        i know the uniqlo stores here in southern california are still stocking them.

        also, i know my pal chris h is a fan (as am i) of the ribbedtee retro fit tri-blend undershirts (link), which are also listed in that article above.

        hope the above info helps you find the perfect undershirt for your husband!

        keep me posted (:

  8. i liked the faded glory t_shirts not v necks with pockets.Faded glory had pockets and they were light weight. I ordered another brand in the same size I wear, and they were tootight and heavy. I liked the white ones only.

  9. agree with all. my fav. thing was the fit it was like they customized it just for me. Im so gonna complain to walmart, plus Hanes and fruit of the Loom SUCK!

  10. As any other Big business Walmart discontinued Faded Glory because it was to good of an undershirt. Now we are stuck with these other garbage brands that get ruined after one wash. Sad to see a good shirt go, but to them theirs no business it putting out a shirt that last a long time. They want us to spend our money constantly, that’s why I haven’t even tried getting anything else since they discontinued it. Sucks

    • i hear ya miami ink…at least for a few bucks more, there are some great undershirt options available.

      maybe you should check out the costco pima cotton v-neck undershirts — they’re pretty badass for the price. uniqlo is pretty decent too — especially for the price.

      hope that helps!

  11. I definitely share the concerns of the writer above. I like Faded glory shirts, and they last me a long time I am bitterly disappointed in WalMart and their cutback, reduction, elimination of Faded Glory shirts. Whether officially dropped or not, selection and WalMarts stock of these shirts is extremely limited. I have been looking for them at other places. But WalMart seems the only outlet for Faded Glory shirts. I like the fit, the fabric, styles and colors and durability of the Faded Glory products. I hope to find an alternate supply source for these, and perhaps other products.

    Thank you.


    • heya john — thanks for stopping by and posting your thoughts and comments!

      faded glory is a walmart owned house brand, so as far as i know, that brand would not be available at any other store other than walmart.

      it’s not the first house brand to be discontinued, and it definitely won’t be the last.

      it’s unfortunate though, that sometimes even good products can get discontinued.


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