Excessive Sweating & Smelly Butts

Wondering about heavy sweating and body odor? Or how to prevent sweating in certain parts of your body?

Great question from a reader wondering how to manage both.

Hi Tug,

My question to you is how does one deal with too much sweating and as a result of extensive sweating how does one deal with smelly bums/ass?


Sweat & Smelling

heya s,


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good to hear from you and thanks for your question!

sweat-block-and-kleinerts-dry-body-wipesfor your reference, you can read this article which describes how bacteria is the cause of the odor, not sweat:
The Chemistry of Body Odors

to manage (reduce/stop) sweating, not only in your underarm, but in other areas like chest, back, face, and butt, you can use:
1. sweatblock
2. kleinerts dry body wipes

for other antiperspirant solutions, check out the “antiperspirant options” section in this article:

no sweat, no odor (:

to further assist in minimizing or eliminating body odor, you can combine a natural deodorant, or an over-the-counter one.

here’s a pretty decent article about how to eliminate body odor that offers some pretty salient tips:

check out the video near the bottom too — pretty interesting tips of using something you may have in your refrigerator to help kill bacteria.

no bacteria, no smelling (:

lastly, there is a forum thread over at my friend’s site that also covers the topic of stopping or controlling body odor. it starts off as a thread about trying to find a “deodorant without aluminum” (which is actually just deodorant, since antiperspirant is what contains aluminum. deodorant does not – well it does, but just a small amount)

hope the above information helps you out. keep me posted and let me know if you wind up trying any of these recommendations, and let me know how it works for you.



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