EVO TENCEL Deep V-Neck Undershirt (Cooler Than Linen)

News just in about the EVO TENCEL Deep V-Neck Undershirt launch from RibbedTee.

Wow, that’s SOFT!

That’s exactly what you’ll be saying when you drape yourself in the wonder of our most luxurious EVO TENCEL® V-Neck Undershirt. White & Grey Colors available.

Softer than silk, cooler than linen & fitted, our EVO TENCEL deep v-neck undershirt will gently hug your torso and disappear underneath your shirt, as if you weren’t wearing an undershirt at all.

EVO TENCEL Deep V-Neck Undershirt Details

  • Website (link)
  • Price: $32 (Act fast – Get $5 Off each EVO. See below)
  • Style: Deep V-Neck
  • Colors: White, Grey
  • Fabric: 94% TENCEL / 6% Spandex
  • Weight: 130gsm
  • Features: Raglan sleeve, thin collar binding, slightly longer back tail. Softer, more absorbent & more eco-friendly than MicroModal
  • SALE: Get $5 OFF each EVO Undershirt! Offer ends 10/26/15 @ 11:59pm PT. No coupon required! Cannot be combined with other offers.

EVO TENCEL Deep V-Neck Undershirt Photos


4 thoughts on “EVO TENCEL Deep V-Neck Undershirt (Cooler Than Linen)”

  1. This should be very interesting for sure.

    I may wait until you do a review Tug to see what you think before I take the plunge, and again maybe not. I know the 5 dollars off ends tonight at midnight, but I will not be worried about the 5 if the shirt turns out to be as good as Ribbed Tees other shirts are.

    The tri blend they put out now is going to be hard to beat out for sure.

    • heya chris, great to hear from you buddy and thanks for those thoughts!

      as we discussed over email, i don’t believe evo is an alternative to tri-blend. each line is addressing a different consumer fit/feel preference.

      for those that like lightweight undershirts that are not close fitting, that’s where tri-blend will rock.

      for those that like lightweight fitted undershirts, of a more premium nature, than evo is probably the better choice.

      look forward to hearing what you think of them (:


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