7 Ethical & Sustainable Men’s Underwear Brands Changing the World

It is time to talk about ethical men’s underwear.

From boxers to briefs to…well um I guess boxer-briefs, we trust our underpants with some of our most precious goods to provide daily comfort and protection against chafing.

We’ve all been faced with the same dilemma. You wake up in the morning, open your underwear drawer and see all that is left are a pair of old flannel boxers with a torn-up waistband and holes from who knows what.

Isn’t it time for you and your boys to enjoy the comfort of soft-organic cotton, or maybe the gentle touch of bamboo?

And for all you Phish fans, there are boxers made from 100% hemp.

As you can imagine, there is no article of clothing more important to men than our underwear. Why skimp on the cheap stuff, when you can classy up your undergarments and protect the environment at the same time?

Right now, the average American throws away 80 pounds of clothing per year, with the fashion industry responsible for 4% of the Earth’s waste.

Despite that, underwear companies are doing their part to help lower greenhouse gas emissions by producing environmentally friendly & sustainable boxers and briefs.

What Does Ethical Mean?

What is ethical men’s underwear?

Ethical men’s underwear is any undergarment made from organic or recycled materials that is designed and produced with protecting the environment in mind.

Is sustainable men’s underwear the same as ethically made underwear?

Yes, generally speaking they can be used interchangeably. However, if a brand focuses on “sustainable” messaging, it’s more likely they are focused on using fabrics made from recycled components or raw materials that are pollutant-free and produce very little waste during production.

If the brand focuses on the “ethically made” messaging, they are likely more focused on ensuring that their entire supply chain is as holistic as possible (fair wages, safe working conditions, organic/recycled materials, clean production, etc.).

Here’s a list of the best ethical & sustainable men’s underwear options out there today.

iLoveBad Organics

All fabrics used by iLoveBad are all ECOCERT Certified by their Organic Content Standard. Additionally hemp is inherently organic because it doesn’t require any special nutrients to grow. The soil it’s grown in is already fertile.

As an added bonus, iLoveBad manufactures all of their items in Southern California, so you know they provide their partners a living wage. For a list of other underwear brands made in America, please check out my Made in USA Underwear brands article.


  • Material: 64% Organic Cotton, 28% Hemp, 8% Lycra
  • Price: $27

Where to buy: ilovebad.com

iLoveBad Hemp Boxer Brief Review
iLoveBad boxer briefs

Organic Basics

Organic Basics work with only those factories dedicated to lowering their carbon footprint, are child and forced-labor free, and maintain a safe work environment for all of their employees.

As part of the design process, the company makes sure to handpick every fabric to evaluate its durability, sustainability, and carbon footprint.

Every pair of underwear from Organic Basics represents company motto:

Eco-Friendly. Ethically made.

As Organic Basic says,

That means natural, renewable, recycled, biodegradable and or low-impact textiles only.

Utilizing organic cotton from the coast of the Aegean Sea, Organic Basics boasts that it’s one of the softest pieces of cotton available.


  • Material: 95% GOTS organic cotton, 5% elastane
  • Price: Between $25 and $60

Organic Basics offers baggy boxers, boxer briefs, and even long-johns in a variety of colors that have been certified PETA Vegan Approved.

Where to buy: organicbasics.com

Organic Basics - ethical men's underwear
Organic Basics white organic cotton boxer briefs


If you’re looking for ethical men’s underwear with a little spice, then take a look at Vatter.

Aiming to make sure the words “sexy” and “organic” aren’t mutually exclusive, Vatter designs their underwear so you’ll feel good while looking good.

Plus, portions of their revenue go towards supporting environmental projects around the world.

Ever wear a super-soft dress shirt and imagined, “Man, this shirt is so comfortable. I wish I could wear it as underwear.”

Well, Vatter heard you because all of their underwear is built from 100% organic cotton and high-quality fabrics.

Every product from Vatter must go through the rigorous GOTS (Global Organic Texture Standard) before making their way onto your body, which means if you’re buying from Vatter, you’re buying from a company that believes in ethical manufacturing and sustainable production.

Available in the boxer brief, and “Loose Larry” baggy boxer styles, Vatter offers a variety of designs and colors for their underwear.

Unfortunately, you won’t find any of their undergarments available on the shelves as Vatter is based out of Europe.

That means some hefty shipping fees if you’re planning on buying them in America.


  • Material: 95% GOTS organic cotton, 5% elastane
  • Price: Between €25.00 and €35.00 (shipping is nearly €35.00 to the United States)

Where to buy: vatter-fashion.com

Vatter boxer briefs
Vatter boxer briefs
Vatter organic cotton boxers


Sometimes you hop out of the shower, put on a freshly laundered pair of boxers, and feel like a man. Well, what if I told you that with Bluebuck underwear, you could feel that way all of the time.

Half-named after the sea and natural Earth, the other half is “the image of the antlered BUCK is one of raw masculinity.”

Only at Bluebuck can you find underwear that makes you feel like a part of the nature you’re preserving with every purchase. 

Dedicated to producing a completely green product, Bluebuck’s cotton is organically grown and picked by hand. That means no hazardous biochemicals or fertilizers went into the production of your underwear.

Over half of the electricity used in the company’s Austrian and Portuguese offices comes from renewable energy, and 100% of the energy used in their London office is from renewable energy.

Bluebuck offers a diverse selection of ethical men’s underwear: trunks, briefs, long johns, and even organically made jockstraps.

But the best news is that Bluebuck offers free worldwide shipping on all of their orders, which saves you a bit of money while protecting the environment.


  • Material: 95% GOTS organic cotton, 5% elastane
  • Price: Between $18 and $35.00 (free worldwide shipping)

Where to buy: bluebuck.net

Bluebuck GOTS organic cotton briefs
Bluebuck GOTS organic cotton boxer briefs

Pact: Ethically Made Men’s Underwear

Change isn’t easy, but Pact wants to make a difference in the way consumers buy their clothing. They believe that they can spark a movement by manufacturing the most ethical fashion products on the market.

Fair Trade Factory USA certified and made from GOTS organic cotton, Pact’s underwear is built not only for comfort but for sustainability as well.

They hope that every piece of clothing that touches your skin has been manufactured ethically and consciously.

Pact sells boxers, briefs, and of course, boxer briefs in a variety of colors and designs. Where Pact stands out is their low prices.

Each pair of underwear costs around $12. That is cheaper than what you’d pay for at Calvin Klein, plus you have the benefit of knowing that your undies are helping lower greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Material: 95% GOTS organic cotton, 5% elastane
  • Price: $12 a pair

From designing affordable organic clothing to caring about the way we treat our bodies, no underwear company dreams bigger than Pact.

Pact is the one-stop-shop where consumers can find organic alternatives that fit their lifestyle because doing good should be easy.

Where to buy: Amazon | wearpact.com

Wearpack GOTS organic cotton brief
Pact underwear briefs
Wearpack GOTS organic cotton black boxer brief
Pact underwear boxer briefs

Mighty Good Basics

Mighty Good Basics wants you to know who made your underwear.

With transparency in mind, the company illustrates on its website step by step how your boxers went from the organic and fairtrade cotton farmers in Mumbai to the Mighty Good Basics warehouses in Australia to finally covering up your most precious privates.

Mighty Good Basics cares about the manufacturing of their products, making sure that their factories all carry the “8000 social accountability standard certification…the gold standard in ethical production.”

Every pair of underwear with the Mighty Good Basics tag has been produced using high-quality organic cotton from mills with 84 years of experience.

The company also boasts that your pair of Mighty Good Basics underwear uses:

  • 46% less CO2 emissions
  • 65% less water from irrigated sources
  • 70% reduction in pollution that creates acid rain and
  • 70% less energy consumption.

With a simple color palette offering of blue, white, black, and grey, Mighty Good Basics sells trunks, boxers, and briefs for men who love the planet.

The company also offers free shipping on orders over $60.


  • Material: 95% GOTS organic cotton, 5% elastane
  • Price: Between $18 and $31

Where to buy: mightygoodbasics.com

Mighty Good 95% GOTS organic cotton boxer briefs, 5% elastane
Mighty Good basics boxer briefs
Might Good organic cotton briefs
Mighty Good basics briefs

WAMA: Sustainable Underwear

WAMA hopes to become pioneers in the ethical men’s underwear movement. They are the second brand on this list to sell hemp underwear.

WAMA is dedicated to partnering with factories that provide quality working environments and fair wages. As such, they makessure to have a team member oversee the entire production for better communication.

PETA approved, WAMA’s hemp underwear is “naturally anti-bacterial, super soft and breathable.”

The company wants to make sure your experience with their undies is perfect. They carefully look over every detail from the stitching to the colors and design.

Every purchase from WAMA saves 121.4 days of drinking water and 127.5 hours of LED Bulb energy.

Available in boxer, brief, and trunks, WAMA guarantees that their underwear will be bunch and wedgie free.

As an added bonus, the blend of hemp and organic cotton makes these underwear super-durable and sustainable.

WAMA has a great satisfaction guarantee too. Not happy with your first pair? WAMA will send out a new pair or issue a refund. No returns needed.


  • Material: 53% hemp / 44% organic cotton / 3% spandex
  • Price: $24 a pair

Where to buy: wamaunderwear.com

WAMA hemp briefs - sustainable underwear
Wama ethically-made underwear briefs
Wama Hemp & Organic cotton boxers - ethical men's underwear
Wama ethically-made underwear boxers


Each year, ethical men’s underwear brands release more products designed to protect the environment and your privates.

Now, it’s only a matter of time until companies create underwear from entirely recycled materials.

For more underwear-related articles, please be sure to check out the Underwear category.

Garrett Carlson. Founder of Dudefluencer.com

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Garrett Carlson is the founder of Dudefluencer.com, a men’s magazine that champions introspection and vulnerability in men. Garrett resides in suburban Virginia where he spends his days contemplating comedic timing, collecting refrigerator magnets, and recreating scenes from the Fast and Furious franchise.

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