Equmen Precision Underwear Line Now Provides Butt Support to the Men of America

equmen-precision-long-trunk-underwearMy friends over at Equmen emailed me recently to let me know that their new line of Precision Underwear just arrived in the U.S. and are now available for purchase from equmen.com. They were also nice enough to send me a pair of the long trunks to try out and they should be arriving any day now!  I’ll wear them for a day and let you know what I think.

The new underwear line comes in the following styles:

  • Briefs ($49)
  • Boxers/Trunks ($52)
  • Long Boxers/Long Trunks ($59)

In the meantime, check out what Times UK columnist Luke Leitch said about the precision underwear after wearing them for a few days:

Is it honest to wear these butt-shrinking, crotch-boosting pants, when the truth might prove an anti-climax?

Equmen Core Precision Underwear US Launch


Sweat Proof Undershirts


Rules to wearing undershirts

2 thoughts on “Equmen Precision Underwear Line Now Provides Butt Support to the Men of America”

  1. Tug, interesting article but for me (and I would add for most men), the rump isn’t the part where most men would want/need support or control! Has Equmen released sales figures of their Core Precision Shirts yet? Apparently they have been very successful in order to have launched this new line.


    • hey skip, we’ll see how the equmen long trunks fit me. i’m actually looking forward to see how they compress my thighs and glute. never hurts to have your pants fit a little better. i haven’t seen any official sales numbers for the equmen undershirts, but i saw an article a while back that showed some pretty impressive numbers – something like 700 undershirts in a few months which puts about $70k in Equmen’s pockets!


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