Dude Wipes On Shark Tank

dude-wipes-on-shark-tankWhile watching the preview of this week’s Shark Tank in last week’s episode, I saw a quick glimpse of the guys from Dude Wipes.

If you’re not familiar, Dude Wipes are basically bathroom wipes (uh, butt wipes) packaged for men.

I just so happen to have a box of 30 Dude Wipes, and got the chance to try them out.

In the 30-pack, each Dude Wipe comes individually packaged. While not ideal for bathroom use, the convenient packaging allows you to easily take them with you, or keep a stash of them wherever you may need them. Note, they also have a “Crib Edition” 48-pack that is more traditionally packaged.

Each flushable Dude Wipe is 44 square inches, or rather 8″ wide x 5.5″ high, which seems about average. The wipes contain Vitamin E, Aloe, are Alcohol free, and quick drying.

The box states that Dude Wipes are 95% natural and biodegradable. I’m not sure if that means they are 95% biodegradable, but if so, that seems like a bit of a strange number to publish.

The smell is more fresh than it is masculine, though if I’m simply wiping my back side, I’m not sure the smell really matters all that much.

Though, if they were butt-scented, that would suck, so I’m glad they have a pleasant scent.

Pricing ranges from about $0.19/wipe to $0.30/wipe, depending on which package you purchase.

We normally purchase the Costco 600-pack Wipes for around $15 (about 2.5 cents per wipe) which is a lot more affordable and practical from my point of view.

So, while I won’t likely become a regular customer of Dude Wipes, I applaud founders Sean Riley, Brian Wilkin, Ryan Meegan, and Jeff Klimkowski for coming out with a man-focused care product and hope they get a deal with the Sharks tomorrow night.

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