2 thoughts on “Do’s and Don’ts of T-Shirt Wearing”

  1. This is the most ridiculous “do and don’t” pics and article on men’s grooming that I have ever seen. Telling men that they shouldn’t even wear regular V neck tees or show body hair (which to most exemplifies masculinity) or show their thighs!?? Insane. So women can show cleavage, thighs and drop their necklines to their waist, but men can’t? Sexist, ignorant and passé. Grow up.

    • heya elena,

      i think you’ve taken the “advice” from jessica a bit too seriously (:

      she’s not against v-neck t-shirts, or showing chest hair.

      she simply recommends not wearing deep v-neck t-shirts, and prefers the classic & timeless look of a crew neck white t-shirt.

      also, she was using ridiculous extremes to illustrate style selections to watch out for. (to infuse some levity into her recommendations)


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