Don’t Buy Your T-Shirt, Rent It

Here’s a service that flips subscription clothing services on it’s head.

Instead of buying your t-shirt, or opting in to a t-shirt subscription service where you receive X new t-shirts every couple of months, new brand For Days wants you to rent your t-shirts from them.

T-Shirt Rental

Here’s how the For Days T-shirt rental process works:

  1. Pick the style of t-shirt and color. They have styles for men & women
  2. Pick the number of t-shirts you want to rent (current options are 3, 6, 10)
  3. Rental prices are $12/month for 3 t-shirts, $24/month for 6 t-shirts, $36/month for 10 t-shirts
  4. With your subscription, you receive unlimited exchanges for each t-shirt you purchase
  5. Complete your t-shirt rental purchase (currently they have a wait-list option only)

After your purchase, you’ll receive your t-shirt order (one time) and be charged monthly based on the number of t-shirts you selected to rent.

Wear your t-shirts for one day, one month, or for any period of time, and when you’re ready, just send the t-shirt back for exchange, and get a brand new t-shirt for no cost.

The cost of the unlimited exchanges is embedded into your monthly rental.


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Exchanges are free, and your used t-shirts are upcycled.

Upcycled = T-shirts are chopped up, the fabric is purified & pulped into cotton, the upcycled cotton is mixed with new cotton to make new yarn (30% upcycled / 70% new yarn), and new fabric is made from the blended yarn.

T-Shirt Rental Example

For Days offers a wide selection of t-shirt styles & colors to choose from.

At the time of this writing, they have 10 different t-shirts style for men & women, each having 3-5 colors.

Let’s say, for example, you decided to rent 3 EveryDay t-shirts from For Days.

That’ll cost you $12/month, or $144 for the year.

If you didn’t exchange any of them during that year, that would equate to each t-shirt costing you $48.

If you exchanged them all twice, each t-shirt would have costed you $28.

The more you exchange them — remember unlimited exchanges — the less each new t-shirt will cost you.

As of now, you can only add your t-shirt rental subscription to their wait list, however, For Days plans to launch the service to the public in the coming months.

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