Want Success & Happiness? Tuck In Your Undershirt

Did you know that tucking in your undershirt can make you more successful and happier?

the-tuck-effectThe folks over at Fruit of the Loom interviewed over 1,000 men and found:

  • Men who tuck in their undershirts are more outgoing and positive-minded
  • Over 60% of the tuckers say they are happier with their jobs
  • Active tuckers are 10% more likely to report they are socially outgoing
  • Committed tuckers are 22% more likely to report they have optimism about the future
  • Serious tuckers have a 19% higher income than the tuck-adverse

Man, I’m so tucking tired after wrapping my head around all those numbers.

Heck, my pals over at Fruit didn’t even stop there, they created a whole website dedicated to subject matter, called The Tuck Effect.

Here’s a couple of the videos they have on the site. They have more.

What I don’t know is, if you don’t tuck in your undershirt, what do you do with it?


8 thoughts on “Want Success & Happiness? Tuck In Your Undershirt”

  1. I can guarantee you if I am wearing an undershirt, it will be beneath an outer shirt and will be tucked in.

    Now if just a t shirt, that is a different story.And by the way, my outer shirt most likely will be tucked in also unless it is the straight hem design with the side slits.

    Although I have been known to even tuck in t shirts every now and then.

    • yeah, that’s what is leaving me a little confused.

      if you don’t tuck in your undershirt, do you leave it hanging out? that’s not possible of you tuck in your outer shirt.

      either this this is just some quirky public relations campaign, or they were thinking of tucking the context of a t-shirt, not an undershirt.

      i just don’t see many use-cases where you would want to wear your undershirt untucked, regardless if you keep your outer shirt tucked or untucked.

      i’m thinking these guys were just trying to have a little fun…and if so…good for them.

    • i really don’t think they’re trying to offend anyone robert.

      i think they’re just trying find a humorous way to promote their stay-tucked undershirts.

      lighten up buddy (:


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