8 Different Types of Men’s Shirt Collars & When To Wear Them

So many collars, so little time. Have you ever gone dress shirt shopping and been confused by the different types of men’s shirt collars? I know I have. What kind of collar should you wear to a wedding, conference, interview or big night out anyway? 

Today I’ll break down eight different types of collars on men’s shirts so you make the best choice for the occasion.

1. Classic Collar Shirts  

The classic collar (also called a straight or point collar) is a versatile collar used in most men’s shirts. The narrow spread of classic collar shirts is suitable for casual events or office wear.

How to wear a classic collar shirt: Multi-use, with or without a tie and jacket. Try it with jeans and a blazer for a casual look.

Van Heusen Men’s Point Collar Dress Shirt: Price varies by seller

2. Spread Collar Shirts

While classic collars point straight down, the points on spread shirt collars are at about a 45-degree angle, creating a space that puts your tie center stage. There are many variations of spread collar shirts, including:

  • Windsor: Traditional and conservative
  • English: Wider than a Windsor, suitable for thick Windsor tie knots
  • Varsity: Casual, with rounded points
  • Cutaway: Extra-wide, good for bold ties

How to wear a spread collar shirt: While traditionally thought of as an “after six” look, spread collars are refined but versatile. Try one with a jacket or casual blazer for a day or night look. Tie optional.

Tommy Hilfiger Spread Collar Dress Shirt: $70

3. Club Collar Shirts  

Club collars (also called Eton collars) have a unique preppy/collegiate look, with short, wide collars and rounded points. In addition, the collar and shirt are often in contrasting colors, like a white collar and a solid or striped shirt to emphasize the preppy vibe.

How to wear a club collar shirt: You can wear this versatile shirt for casual or dressy occasions, with or without a tie. If wearing a tie, choose a simple pattern and knot it tightly.  

Jack Martin Stripe Shirt with Club Collar: $39

4. Tab Collar Shirts

Tab collar shirts button under your tie, keeping the collar flat around your neck. Snaps bring the collar points closer together, creating a polished and professional look for dressy occasions.

How to wear a tab collar shirt: You must wear tab collar shirts with a tie – no exceptions!

Paul Fredrick Men’s Non-Iron Cotton Pinpoint Snap Tab Collar Dress Shirt: $118

5. Button-Down Collar Shirts

Button-down collars have buttons on both points, holding the collar down. Button-down shirts are considered “sporty” and are the least dressy choice in this roundup.

How to wear a button-down collar shirt: While mostly casual, add a tie and you’re good to go just about anywhere. 

Go big or go home: Brooks Brothers Button-Down Collar Shirt: $118

6. Hidden Button Collar Shirts

Like a button-down collar, hidden button collars hide their buttons on the underside of the collar, creating a clean, neat look and controlled points.

How to wear a hidden button collar shirt: You can wear these shirts with or without a tie, dressed up or down. 

Hart Schaffner Marx Classic Fit Hidden-Button Down Collar Shirt: $89.50

7. Band Collar Shirts 

Also called a Mandarin or Nehru collar, this “pointless” shirt’s collar is actually just a neckband. You can wear this modern look for a variety of occasions.   

How to wear a band collar shirt: You can’t wear these hip shirts with ties (duh), but you can wear them solo or under a blazer for a business casual look.

ZEROYAA Men’s Banded Collar Dress Shirt: $26

8. Tuxedo/Wing Collar Shirts

Last but not least, the tuxedo shirt is somewhat self-explanatory. Its wing-tip collar has stand-up points, enabling you to attach a bow tie.

How to wear a tuxedo/wing collar shirt: Wing collar shirts are best worn with a tux to formal events. Bowties are typically worn with these shirts, although grooms also wear them with ascot ties.

NEIL ALLYN Men’s Wing Collar Pleated Tuxedo Shirt: $20-$40

I hope this article helped you understand the different types of men’s dress shirt collars. Need more dress shirt styling tips? Check out my other blogs:

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