Collected Threads Update: Design Changes To jT Undershirt Improve Invisibility

Earlier this year I was reintroduced to the jT undershirt from Collected Threads and got the chance to try it out.

At the time, I had some constructive feedback about how the undershirt was not as “invisible” as I thought it should be, especially considering the company’s focus on marketing the jT as the Invisible Undershirt. I also thought the collar opening was a bit too wide.

Jesse, the founder of Collected Threads, embraced the suggestions and worked with his designers to further improve upon the design to address the items I pointed out.

He recently sent me two samples of the new jT undershirt: one in black, and one in a heather grey color, both 100% combed cotton.

In the latest release of the jT, the collar opening has been reduced a whopping 2″ (from 11″ to 9″) and the front drop has been increased approximately 2″ (from 6″ to 8″). Here’s a photo I took of the old jT (white) and the new jT (black) sitting next to each other. I put a dotted line on the collar line of the black jT so you could see it more clearly.

Click to Enlarge
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Compared to the original version, I do like the execution of the new jT undershirt more.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

With an 8″ front drop, there is no way this undershirt is going to be seen with 2 or even possibly 3 buttons undone on your outer shirt. Not that I’d ever walk around with 3 buttons undone, but if that’s your thing, your new jT won’t likely be showing through.

Though, if you are wearing a thin outer shirt, there’s still a chance of the colret (trim around the collar) showing through, since the collar trim hasn’t been changed.

Here’s a shot of me first wearing a typical crew neck undershirt, and then wearing the new jT undershirt.


Actually, I was joking. That’s not me pictured above, it’s actually of a visitor stopping by the Collected Threads booth at Project Las Vegas.

He came in wearing his standard crew neck undershirt, and walked out wearing his new invisible jT undershirt.

They had a little fun while at the trade show too by handing out “Undershirt Violation” tickets to anyone who had a visible undershirt.



Pictured above: Marcus Troy, the curator of The Blogger Project.

Michael Kleinmann, former president of, and currently Editor-in-Chief at The Underwear Expert, even stopped by to check out the new jT and to say hi.

Props to Jesse for the willingness to take my feedback as constructive, and for taking the initiative to further improve the jT undershirt.


Sweat Proof Undershirts

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