Wanna Participate in the Coolest Deodorant Innovation Study in the World?

Wow, this is the COOLEST thing I’ve seen in a long time!!!

I’ve been on the net for many, many years and have created and participated in a ton of surveys and studies, but I’ve never seen anything like this before.

deodorant innovation study

A few weeks back I was contacted by Innovation Research Lab, a Germany based company, who was working on putting together an innovation study on new deodorant ideas and they asked if I’d be willing to share the study with my readers.

Of course, I responded in kind (while thinking “Hell Yeah I will!”) and told them to send over a link to the study once it was complete.

Deodorant Innovation Study

Here’s the original email:

Dear Tug,

We are an innovation agency specialized in customer and user integration in the innovation process and are going to conduct an Online Innovation Research Study for one of the world’s leading brand companies in the field of cosmetic products and would like to integrate interested users from relevant communities or forums into new product development.

In order to do so, we would like to invite users from your forum/community to give their feedback on innovative deodorant ideas in an interactive online survey with visualizations of the ideas.

The ideas are future concepts which might be introduced to the market in a few years and should therefore be particularly intriguing to the expert users on your forum with an interest in innovative product concepts regarding antiperspirants.

I assume that the users’ needs and knowledge regarding antiperspirants in combination with undershirts and clothes would be very interesting for the enrichment of those early-stage ideas.

We would appreciate it if we could post a short announcement in your forum/community giving a brief outline of our Innovation Research Study and a link to that study?

Of course, we would send you the link to our Innovation Research Study beforehand so that you can get an idea of what it is all about.

We are looking forward to involving the members of your community in this innovation project.

Best regards,


Information About The Study

I just heard back from them yesterday and they sent me the link to the survey.

Before I share the link, I just have to tell you that there are a couple of OUTSTANDING ideas that deodorant companies are thinking about. Plus, there’s one that’s very near and dear to my heart.

If they come out with it, I’m buying a life-time supply of it and going to be their main distribution channel on the net!

After you take the survey, come back and tell me which one you think it is :)

Here’s a note from them:

Take a look at our new deodorant ideas and help us evaluate, improve and enrich them.

From our experience we know that users have great innovative power and therefore try to integrate users into the innovation process of companies at an early stage.

Thank you for your participation. We hope you’ll enjoy the study!

A small thank you for taking part in our survey, we are going to raffle 20 Amazon vouchers worth 25€/$ each.

The survey has some awesome drag and drop capability that I’ve never seen in a survey/study ever before — got to hand it German engineering, huh?

You have to check it out, and share it with all your friends, family, colleagues, and heck — even people you don’t like. Let’s get them tons of responses.

The survey takes about 15-20 minutes to fill out, but you can stop at any time.

I had so much fun with it, I took the time to complete it.

Take the Deodorant Innovation Study NOW!

Survey no longer active.

5 thoughts on “Wanna Participate in the Coolest Deodorant Innovation Study in the World?”

  1. Great! Still lots of great answers within our Innovation Study – and I’m only spotchecking right now. A big thank you to all of you. I’m really curious about the results of our analysis, however, with all the good comments and reasonable evaluations of you we decided to wait a bit longer…


  2. Thanks everyone for the participating in our study. Some really great additional ideas you added from what I have seen so far. Great! There are some really innovative people on this forum.

    There are quite a few ideas we wanted users to see so that we decided to randomly assign 3-10 of them to each session as it would simply take too long to do them all. Hope you still got to see some that were interesting for you.

    The study will be only for a few more days. Thanks Tug and all of you!


  3. Funny. I fond that since I started shaving my armpits, about 15 yrs ago, I have no need for deodorant… And my wife does the sniff test for me so it is not just me saying “I can live with that”… It makes a huge difference… I think also that diet makes a difference. Really, ruined t-shirts… that is what they are for… that way you don’t kill your dress shirts…

  4. I think the biggest issue I have (and probably most guys have) with deodorant is staining and ruining my T-Shirts. My wife has thrown out countless T-shirts not because they were worn out or dingy, but because of gross looking armpit stains. I have tried nearly every brand of deodorants and antiperspirant on the market, and never found one that was satisfactory AND did not ruin my T-shirts. Maybe the new ideas that these companies are working on will do the trick.



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