Deo-Go Completely Removed Deodorant & Antiperspirant Stains From My Undershirts

I didn’t expect it to work, but Deo-Go did not disappoint. Read on for the full story on this incredible pit stain remover.

Hard To Impress

I’ll be frank. Very few things really impress or surprise me any more.

When something does, it’s usually something very innovative or so damn practical, it’s hard to believe somebody hadn’t thought about it sooner.

Well, this new yellow armpit cleaning and deodorant build-up removing miracle formula, Deo Go, is a bit of both.

Before and after Deo Go.

How I Learned About Deo-Go

Back in early June, I received the following email:

Hi Tug

I was having a look at your site last night, and I think that our product may be of interest to you.

My husband and I have invented a product called Deo-Go, which is specifically formulated for the removal of antiperspirant and deodorant stains and hard marks on clothing.

My husband had ruined many expensive shirts through deodorant stains, and after trying pretty much all products available on the market today, not to mention a lot of home made concoctions, we realized that nothing was 100% effective, especially on those old tougher stains.

We decided to look at the science behind deodorant staining and came up with our new product at the beginning of this year.

Since this time we have applied for a patent which covers the UK and the USA, and have started selling Deo Go online.

Hundreds of Orders

We have had hundreds of orders without any form of advertising, from pretty much every country in the world.

We are now getting second orders from people who are delighted.

As you will no doubt know, staining is a serious problem, and clearly there are many people out there who had the same issues we did!

We have a website if you would like to visit us, which is we have actually paid a company to come up with a far nicer website which is much more professional, this should be up and running within the next two weeks.

You will also see that we have a YouTube clip, showing Deo-Go and how to use it.

At present we only sell online on our website and but shall soon consider launching an advertising campaign…

Should you be interested in our product then we would be happy to send you some samples. 

Our hope is that you would consider mentioning Deo Go on your website, or let us advertise on it (we would need costs for this)…

I hope that this is of some interest to you!  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards

Looking To The Internet for Deodorant Stain Removal Tips

If you took note of what Becky referred to in her email to me, people looking for ways to remove these hard and set-in pit stains would commonly look to the internet for a solution.

In fact, I have articles on this very site (viewed thousands of times) that provide a myriad of home remedy concoctions people could try to use to remove those stains.

Some of the proposed solutions include ammonia & water, aspirin & water paste, baking soda & water paste, lemon juice, white vinegar, etc.

But the innate problems with all of these methods are two-fold:

  1. They all seem very labor intensive to create. Or, if they’re not difficult to make, you have to make a special trip to a couple of stores. You know, for the right ingredients.
  2. They are not 100% effective. Although people claim to have cleaned stains using these methods, I still haven’t seen ANY before and after pictures yet.

Deo Go was specifically designed for that purpose and is said to be 100% effective.

The product sounded very intriguing. So I had several email exchanges with Becky and got some sample bottles. This let me put Deo-Go to the test!

I tested Deo-Go three separate times.

Testing Deo-Go

I tested Deo-Go two times on two separate permanently armpit-stained undershirts and once on one of Mrs. Tug’s stained white dresses (it kinda looked like a brown coffee stain).

My setup and steps:

  1. Living room tile floor. I put down plastic so I didn’t catch hell from Mrs. Tug.  (3 minute prep)
  2. Laid down armpit stained undershirt #1, sprayed both pits with Deo Go. I’m a guy, so I didn’t wear any gloves. (1-2 minutes)
  3. Followed advice on instructions, so did a little rub-a-dub-dub scrub in the seam area to make sure Deo Go covered affected area (1 minute)
  4. Let Deo Go set-in (25 minutes)
  5. I hand washed the undershirt so I didn’t have to wait through an entire laundry wash cycle. If you’re lazy, just throw it in the washer. (5 minutes)
  6. Put the wet shirt up to the light. Looked with shock, awe and amazement as the pits stains were totally gone!
  7. Was really surprised it worked so well, so I decided to do steps 1-5 again on a undershirt #2 to make sure Deo Go really works
  8. About 30 minutes later, I was looking at an undershirt that looked practically new again
  9. A few days later I tried Deo Go on Mrs. Tug’s dress, and it worked equally as well (I just don’t have before and after pictures)


Here’s the series of pictures I took to document everything.

You’ll see undershirt #1 before / after, then undershirt #2 before after, then both undershirts after drying:

Of course, Deo Go’s use is not just limited to undershirts.

Since it’s color-safe, you can pretty much use it on any type or color of garment (undershirt, shirt, blouse). In addition, since a single bottle will treat around 15 garments, it’s a great value too.

Where To Buy Deo-Go

Deo Go is now available from the following websites:

U.S. & Canadian Customers can purchase Deo Go ($10.50 USD + shipping) from the Get Deo Go website

The rest of the world can purchase Deo Go (£6.99 or € 7.69 + shipping) from the UK Deo Go website or

Meanwhile, stay tuned here. We’ll be putting together a Deo Go Giveaway contest in a couple of days!

Well suffice it to say, if I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I would have had a difficult time believing Deo-Go actually worked.

Now I’m totally convinced.


I had an email exchange with a reader who wondered if I had any recommendations on what would get out a “waxy/cakey” build-up in the armpit area of his t-shirts.

After a quick email exchange with the co-inventor of Deo-Go, I wound up recommending that he try it out on his stains.

This is what he had to say about it’s effectiveness, and he also sent in a before/after picture:

As far as the Deo-Go, it worked great!

Attached is a photo of a before and after comparison, and note that I did need to run some of the shirts through 3 times to get them fully clean (and some still have remnants of gunk, but I ran out of Deo Go).

First run I just sprayed the inside of the shirt, second time I did the inside and scrubbed, third time a scrub on the outside for the shirts with more stubborn gunk.

Have to say, wasn’t really expecting this to work, but I am now a Deo-Go believer!

The photo is of 2 different shirts. But they were equally gunked up and I wanted to keep a “control shirt” to compare.

– July 20, 2010 – 

Another photo showing the before and after effects of Deo Go.

7 thoughts on “Deo-Go Completely Removed Deodorant & Antiperspirant Stains From My Undershirts”

  1. What rubbish – all the Deo-Go rave reviews online are clearly self-promotional tools – the product DOESN’T WORK! And nor is it colour-fast!

    • hey stan, sorry to hear that deo-go didn’t work for you. i’m not sure how or why you are calling my review rubbish when these are actual photos of the shirts i cleaned with deo-go.

      also, i did a quick look on the deo-go amazon page and not everyone had success with it.

      there are two other products you might want to try out too – 1) an overnight soak in oxi-clean, 2) raise – available on

      good luck man!

      • Concur.
        My wife likes it more than I do but I have more white t-shirts and for the area of coverage, this is not a good cost to use ratio for me. For her, it is.
        If it were a lower price, I’d buy more often.

        However, it does work somewhat for me in getting out a decent amount of yellow, not magic but it does have some benefits.
        My wife is very happy using on her clothing and ‘kinda’ hounds me as to when am I going to order more….

        Sorry about your luck Stan – I know on my oldest t-shirts the results are not that great but on my newer ones, better results.

  2. Do you think this would work on perspiration stains on shoe soles? My cousin wore my Converse sneakers without socks (yuck!) and left nasty sweaty foot stains :( I have thrown them in the wash and scrubbed with soap & water with toothbrush. Both with no luck….

    • hi jennefer! well, it might work since it dissolves deodorant build-up, yellow stains, and odor from shirts.

      you might also want to try win eco friendly detergent. it’s designed to wash out odors from moisture wicking clothing.

      let me know what you try out and which one works! would love to hear back from you.

  3. My wife has been using this product since Jan. And it has delivered! She’s had to soak the shirts longer than suggested, but it worked.
    She was skeptical about letting it soak because you don’t want the fabric to be weakened or bleached. After several tries and a few months now, she’s likes the product. It has saved many of her favorite t-shirts and mine. I wouldn’t have tried it without your article. Thanks again for your site!


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