Is This A Defective Undershirt?

Wondering if your undershirt or t-shirt is defective? This reader was:

I purchased 2 packs Lanesboro crew neck under shirts from BJs in Toms River, NJ.

The necks never stay straight and get all bunched up. Is this manufactures defect or what?

Thanks for your consideration. – Ron

Defect or Not a Defect?

Sagging (bacon) collar. Defect or not?
Sagging (bacon) collar. Defect or not?

My response to Ron:

thanks for stopping by my site and sending in your question!

the term “defect” is partially subjective, i believe.

when an undershirt/t-shirt has a hole in it — that’s clearly a defect. when the thread of the shirt is coming undone out of the package (or after a couple washes), or if the seams or collars are not joined flush, or if the fabric shows breakdown after one wash — those are all defects.

if the manufacture makes a guarantee or strong claim (not just a marketing message) and the undershirt or tee does not perform to the guarantee or strong claim within a reasonable amount of time, that’s also a defect.

i’m not sure how much your lanesboro undershirts cost, but i like to say, cheap things don’t come good and good things don’t come cheap. meaning, if you paid a couple bucks a piece for them, i wouldn’t expect for them to have a long life. see the cheaper the product, the less likely they are to use good quality materials and construction methods. they’ll cut corners where they have to in order to make a product for a real low cost.

that said, if the collars on those lanesboro undershirts break down and get all bunched up after a couple wears and washes (<30 days), i think you have every right to return them and either get a refund or free replacement.

another thing to keep in mind — bjs is a discount warehouse like costco and their return policy is probably pretty liberal. if you think you have a reasonable expectation and the product does not meet that expectation, bring them back and ask for refund.

hope that helps. keep me posted on what you decide to do and how it works out for you (:

What Do You Think?

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